Seth App for depression


This is the world of “apps” - I was thinking someone would have the time, energy, and knowledge about the Seth philosophy (AKA - truth about the universe in general) to develop an “app” for people who are struggling with depression. Just knowing you create your own reality might pull some people out of depression, it did me, and the app could be used to apply some of the mental exercises that Seth suggests - (I will post that thought in more detail, I have one in mind that I marked in one of books), anyways I think these exercises can really help people move ahead with their issues. The app environment allows privacy and might be an interesting way to spread THE WORD, per say.


Love the idea, Doreen! Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical skill to develop it. I’m thinking you could contact the estate of Jane Roberts or the current publisher of the material to work with them to develop it, as you would probably need their permission on the copyrights anyway. I would think they would be very open to the idea.


Ok, of course to follow what ever protocol necessary - I certainly think something interactive would be interesting for young people especially, but anyone really. If there is anyone who has the contact information and wants to get involved, more heads the better! I found the reference I was alluding to - it is in The Way Towards Health, page 183 - the advice on getting out of difficult situations - 1) Live in the present 2) Refuse to worry and 3) Imagine the best possible outcome - my thinking is that this could be a starter app, like the FitBit meditation app, if you happen to have a Fit Bit.