Understanding simultaneous time


Man that’s a good example!


The CONCEPT of time has been a hard one for all of us I’m sure. After 30 + years ,of reading. Even Seth himself many times. would us the term (time) as a reference point, with no other course to are understanding. So I understand and describe time as this, INTENSITY : Time flys, time drags,long time , short time. The coolest thing about time is that it can be bent and it is CAN BE CHANGED because it does not exist, it is a mere concept~


Hello All -
Here is a visceral experience that I related to simultaneous time. Go to a drive thru car wash. Chose the kind where the car is stationary and the brushes and sprays move past you. Stare through the windshield also being aware of the motion in your peripheral vision. Now think about the simultaneous NOW moment of creation…I don’t know it made something ‘click’ for me, but I am a visual person. It is fun anyway, and I have a very clean car!

  • In the spirit of play -


Hi Liza !

  • playing with time - Not a bad concept at all ! Obviously we re all doing it (when thinking it all over again).
    Thank you very much, as I am looking though as many of the “old” emails as possible nowadays…
    You are all very good with the questions & answers indeed and I am appreciating all of it !