Lives on other timelines

My oversoul has a personality that is performing tonight in L.A. I do not exist on her timeline, however, I am sending her energy for her performance.
I am interested in talking more about this with anyone who has a base knowledge of Seth and Jane’s/Rubert’s works.

Your take on different timelines is humorous, Brian. I’m always happy to see a Seth philosopher take himself lightly while still pursuing a greater understanding of the work. I consider myself a member of this subgroup of “Sethians” although in reading over my past posts I am guilty of sounding ponderous and seemingly all-knowing!

In response to your superstar self performing in LA, I delight in sending positive energy to her, as I do everyday for every seeker of dreams on the planet and beyond. Now that I think of it, I believe all beings are seekers of dreams in one way or another.

I have a different way of experiencing my myriad possible selves. It derives from a Seth quote having to do with dreams, and “his” assertion that we take for granted the fact that in dreams, we believe that anything is possible and so often we experience a reality freed of the familiar strictures imposed by us on ourselves in our “physical” realm.

I am many things in my dreams, a sage, an explorer, a lover, a world traveler, an innocent and especially an unlimited being enveloped in loving support always. So far, these nightly excursions into my endless probabilities is enough for me. I do also, however, often give a thought to these manifestations of “me” in conscious thought as well.

In other words, I feel connected to the infinite manifestions of my being in the past, present and future happening all at once, as it were. These conscious thoughts are rarely as definitive as your LA rock star, for which I applaud you, but rather take the form of multiple awarenesses of self in a variety of forms connected in a huge spider web of being enveloping the universe.

There I go again, sounding like someone who takes herself seriously. Beneath all this serious thought, lies a being who sees this all as a glorious joke, a challenging game that is ultimately delightful and often makes me laugh out loud and smiles at herself all the time - in good times and bad. So, I joyfully enjoy smiling with you as your LA star performs and invite you to smile with me as we cavort through this playful trick we call being.

Thanks for your words Mirajane. My primary relationship is with my higher self/oversoul. He is the one who let me know about the other personality. I suppose he wanted to expand my ideas of simultaneous time as they apply to ‘me’ as well as ‘him’.
Along those lines, I also discovered that I had met another of my ‘simultaneous personality counterparts’ in a dream many months ago. We played basketball together. Some of Jane’s words in ‘Oversoul 7’ were so similar to the emotions I felt in that dream, that I sought out some internal information and was surprised but thrilled at the realization that I had interacted with another projection of my oversoul.
I am thankful that I was able to discover the words of Seth, Jane, and Rob and have been able to use that knowledge to explore amazing realms of existence beyond what I thought ‘reality’ was.

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My severely handicapped son asked me when he was five “if there was more than one of him?” Unthinkingly I replied no and certainly didn’t want to confuse him, still…