Personal Feeling-tone

Hi all

I have been reading the Seth material for just over 3 years now and i always try to make time to do the exercises as described in the books.

One subject that I’m a little unsure of is regarding the feeling tone. I’ve recently started “hearing” some buzzing or vibrations in my head. These vibrations go something like vroom vroom following the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Whenever I sit quietly by myself I hear this tone, vroom - - vroom - - vroom - - vroom. I don’t know how to describe it.

Is this the feeling tone that Seth refers to in his books?

Looking forward to your responses…



Depending the loudness, it could be the blood pressure that’s a bit high at times.

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It seems a lot of us struggle with the idea of feeling tones. This type of question seems to come up again and again. In Oversoul 7, there is a ceremony of the Speakers described by Ma_ah. The use of sound and sound waves as described in this passage has been coming up a lot for me lately.
I think that a feeling tone is literally the frequency of the energy that produces a given emotion.
Therefore, if a human could understand the frequency of empathy, happiness, comfort, joy, etc. then he/she could respond to other humans or to themselves exactly as would be necessary in each moment.
I’m not sure there is an actual sound so much as a recognition of the feeling that is produced by the waves that create reality as you experience it.