Searchable Seth database & automated citations


Hi Chris,

The project you have in mind would be a labor of love ! Still,I do not kow how one can by-pass at some point needing to buy some of the books or even if one ought to. No serious seth student can live by quotes alone :-). Its true with kindle one can only search on book at a time but what a difference it makes from using that stone age thing called an ‘index’ :-(. Its all new to me so yes the kindle thingy would be on PC too

The context aware feature would help, though that is somewhat adressed by having the kindle quote in its context and being able to read backwards and forward.

The only down side of Kindle is that one has to have the device, the app, and the money.If you can do what you have in mind without triggering a ‘wailing and a gnashing of teeth’ over copyright you shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.

My next trick is to see how if I can find an app to turn a kindle book into an audio file, cos ain’t nobody reading TES on youtube yet and some of those TES books are dense, esp 8 & 9.

The stuff I found on the brain last night kept me awake, the brain awakening like a leviathan


The search engine is only for finding content in the books, not actually delivering that content. The book is still needed, but you can find which book and where and search them all simultaneously. It would link to the relevant section within the Kindle book.

You may find the video I posted in the main thread interesting, I’m fairly knowledgeable about copyright given licensing is something all software developers have to deal with. I actually consider this bit the very least challenging.


what! No Cookies in the Cookie Jar! then what is the point of the search engine if it doesn’t give me what I want :slight_smile:



Excerpts would be limited so as not to dissuade purchase of the actual book

Rachel: If the excerpt is at least one paragraph, then I think you’ve come up with the ‘perfect’ search engine. I have almost all the books, and sometimes wonder where I saw what, :-)) … plus my interests change…


just came across this posting. I very much like and would support this endeavor. Do you have any update on where you stand regarding these plans? Are you working on implementing this idea or have you given up on it?


Last time I began this I had a very specific question about how to layout the content for indexing in Haystack that no one seemed very able to answer. It was something I could have definitely figured out myself but I was annoyed that it would require the extra effort.

I was also very new to Django at the time.

Now I’m not only much more experienced with Django but I’ve also learned a fair bit of Ruby which is the language this discussion forum is written in, and also very well suited for web applications. I’ve also written Ruby code to specifically work with the database these forums use.

I will definitely be creating this database, on my life!

I am wrapping up some projects and then I will approach this again. Instead of Django and Haystack I should look at what text search solutions are available for Ruby on Rails. Either way I’m much more prepared for this project now.


Sounds good. I personally don’t have programming experience but like the idea of creating a searchable database of Seth material very much. I would be happy if I can support the effort in other ways or at least encourage you to follow through on the idea.



And so it was! Seth search engine.