Seth Speaks . . . Quotes and Comments


These points impinge upon what you call time, as well as space. There are certain points in time and space, therefore, (again in your terms), that are more conducive than others, where both ideas and matter will be more highly charged. Practically speaking, this means that buildings will last longer; in your context, that ideas wedded to form will be relatively eternal. The pyramids, for example, are a case in point.


Session 524

They are felt :slight_smile:

“These are points, therefore, of concentrated energy. The subordinate points are far
more common, and practically speaking, affect your daily concerns. There are better
places than others to build houses or structures - points where health and vitality are
strengthened, where, other things being equal, plants will grow and flourish and where
all beneficial conditions seem to meet.
Some people can sense such neighborhoods instinctively. They occur within certain
angles made by coordinate points. The points obviously are not themselves physical -
that is, they are not visible, though they may be mathematically deduced. They are felt,
however, as intensified energy. “


Session 524

Intensity :slight_smile:

“The concentrated energy points are activated by emotional intensities that are well
within your normal range. Your own emotions or feelings will activate these coordinates
whether you know of them or not. Greater energy will therefore be added to the original
thought or feeling, and its projection into physical matter accelerated. Now this applies
regardless of the nature of the feeling; only its intensity is involved here. “


Session 524

Molecules would appear as large as planets

“Those electromagnetic units of high enough intensity automatically activate the
subordinate coordinate points of which I have spoken. They are, therefore, accelerated
and propelled into matter far more quickly, in your terms, than units of lesser
intensity. Molecules would appear as large as planets to these units. Atoms and
molecules and planets and these electromagnetic energy units are simply different
manifestations of the same principles that bring the units themselves into being. It is
only your relative position, your focus within an apparent space and time, that makes
this seem so unlikely.”


Session 525

Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

“The intensity of a feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important
element in determining its subsequent physical materialization.
The intensity is the core about which the electromagnetic energy units form. In your
terms, the more intense the core, the sooner the physical materialization. This would
apply whether the mental image was a fearful one or a joyful one. Now there is a very
important problem here: If your turn of mind is highly intense and you think in vivid
mental emotional images, these will be swiftly formed into physical events. If you are
also of a highly pessimistic nature, given to thoughts and feelings of potential disaster,
then these thoughts will be quite faithfully reproduced in experience.
The more intense your imagination and inner experience, therefore, the more
important it is that you realize the methods by which this inner experience becomes
physically real.”


Session 525

Seth makes the unknown, known :slight_smile:

The coordinate points magnify or intensify the behavior, the latent spontaneity
inherent within the properties of physical matter. They act as psychic generators,
propelling what is not yet physical into physical form.
Now, this is not to be a technical book, so this is not the time nor place to discuss
thoroughly the action, behavior or effects of these coordinate points; nor of the
electromagnetic energy units - those natural emanations of consciousness of which I
spoke. I want it known, however, that thoughts and emotions are formed into physical
matter by very definite methods and through laws quite valid, though they may be
presently unknown.


Session 525

Seth always likes to tie it all together :slight_smile:

“Before I leave the subject, however, let me remind you that these emanations in varying degrees rise from all consciousness, not simply your own. This includes cellular consciousnessas well, so that an invisible network of electromagnetic units pervades your entire atmosphere; and upon this webwork and from it, the particles of physical matter are then formed.”


Session 525

superstitious debris :slight_smile:

“While the psychic reality behind physical matter is ignored, then you cannot use those methods
effectively that do exist, nor can you take advantage of them. You cannot understand
the psychic reality that is the true impetus for your physical existence unless you first
realize your own psychic reality, and independence from physical laws.

My first purpose, therefore, is to make you aware of the inner identity of which you
are part, and to clear away some of the intellectual and superstitious debris that
prevents you from recognizing your own potentialities and freedom. Then perhaps you
can begin to learn the many ways in which that freedom can be used.”


Session 526




Session 526

It is what you are.

“With the little background given so far, we can at least begin to discuss the subject
of this book: The eternal validity of the soul. Even when we are exploring other issues,
we will be trying to illustrate the multidimensional aspect of this inner self. There are
many misconceptions connected with it, and first of all we shall try to dismiss these.

First of all, a soul is not something that you have. It is what you are. I usually use
the term “entity” in preference to the term “soul,” simply because those particular
misconceptions are not so connected with the word “entity,” and its connotations are
less religious in an organizational sense.”


Session 526

until it feels able to utilize the information in physical terms.

“The soul or entity is always in a state of flux, or learning, and of developments that
have to do with subjective experience rather than with time or space. This is not nearly
as mysterious as it might sound. Each of my readers plays a game in which the
egotistical conscious self pretends not to know what the whole self definitely does know.
Since the ego is definitely a part of the whole self, then it must necessarily be basically
aware of such knowledge. In its intense focus in physical reality, however, it pretends
not to know, until it feels able to utilize the information in physical terms.”


Session 526

The ego prefers to consider itself the captain at the helm

“You do have access to the inner self, therefore. You are hardly cut off from your own
soul or entity. The ego prefers to consider itself the captain at the helm, so to speak,
since it is the ego who most directly deals with the sometimes tumultuous seas of
physical reality, and it does not want to be distracted from this task.”


Session 526

its seeming command :wink:

“Channels, psychological and psychic, always exist, sending communications back
and forth through the various levels of the self, and the ego accepts necessary
information and data from inner portions of the personality without question. Its
position in fact depends in a large manner upon this unquestioning acceptance of inner
data. The ego, in other words, the “exterior” self that you think of as your self - that
portion of you maintains its safety and its seeming command precisely because inner
layers of your own personality constantly uphold it, keep the physical body operating,
and maintain communications with the multitudinous stimuli that come both from
outside conditions and inside conditions. The soul or entity is not diminished but
expanded through reincarnations, through existence and experience in probable
realities - something that I will explain later.”


Session 526

each smallest particle has its own living consciousness.

“It is only because you have a highly limited conception of your own entity that you
insist upon its being almost sterile in its singularity. There are millions of cells within
your body, but you call your body a unit, and consider it your own. You do form it, from
the inside out, and yet you form it from living substance, and each smallest particle has
its own living consciousness. There are clumps of matter, and in that respect there are
clumps of consciousness, each individual, with their own destiny and abilities and
potentials. There are no limitations to your own entity: therefore, how can your entity or
soul have boundaries, for boundaries would enclose it and deny it freedom.”


Session 526

in any universe

“The soul is, however, first of all creative. It can be discussed from many
viewpoints. Its characteristics can be given to some degree, and indeed most of my
readers could find out these characteristics for themselves if they were highly enough
motivated, and if this was their main concern. The soul or entity is itself the most highly
motivated, most highly energized, and most potent consciousness-unit known in any


Session 526

interesting question :wink:

“How many of you would want to limit your reality, your entire reality, to the experience you now know?
You do this when you imagine that your present self is your entire personality, or insist
that your identity be maintained unchanged through an endless eternity.
Such an eternity would be dead indeed. In many ways the soul is an incipient god,
and later in this book we will discuss the “god concept.” For now, however, we will
simply be concerned with the entity or soul, the larger self that whispers even now in
the hidden recesses of each reader’s experience. I hope in this book not only to assure
you of the eternal validity of your soul or entity, but to help you sense its vital reality
within yourself. First of all, however, you must have some idea of your own
psychological and psychic structure. When you understand to some extent who and
what you are, then I can explain more clearly who and what I am. I hope to acquaint
you with those deeply creative aspects of your own being, so that you can use these to
extend and expand your entire experience.”


Session 526

The mortal self :slight_smile:

“Even the mortal self, you see, is far more miraculous and wondrous than you
perceive, and possesses far more abilities than you ascribe to it. You do not understand
as yet the true nature of perception, even as far as the mortal self is concerned, and
therefore you can hardly understand the perceptions of the soul. For the soul, above all,
perceives and creates. Remember again that you are a soul now. The soul within you,
therefore, is now perceiving. Its methods of perception are the same now as they were
before your physical birth, and as they will be after your physical death. So basically
the inner portion of you, the soul-stuff, will not suddenly change its methods of
perception nor its characteristics after physical death.”


Session 526

indeed you did :slight_smile:

“You can find out what the soul is now, therefore. It is not something waiting for you
at your death, nor is it something you must save or redeem, and it is also something
that you cannot lose. The term, “to lose or save your soul”, has been grossly
misinterpreted and distorted, for it is the part of you that is indeed indestructible. We
will go into this particular matter in a portion of the book dealing with religion and the
god concept.”


Session 527

you are forever you :wink:

“Your own personality as you know it, that portion of you that you consider most
precious, most uniquely you, will also never be destroyed or lost. It is a portion of the
soul. It will not be gobbled by the soul, nor erased by it, nor subjugated by it; nor on the
other hand can it ever be separated. It is, nevertheless, only one aspect of your soul.
Your individuality, in whatever way you want to think of it, continues to exist in your


Session 527

It is all in there :wink:

“It continues to grow and develop, but its growth and development is highly
dependent upon its realization that while it is distinct and individual, it is also but one
manifestation of the soul. To the extent that it realizes this, it learns to unfold in creativity,
and to use those abilities that lie inherent within it.
Now unfortunately, it would be much easier simply to tell you that your individuality
continues to exist, and let it go at that. While this would make a fairly reasonable
parable, it has been told in that particular way before, and there are dangers in the very
simplicity of the tale. The truth is that the personality you are now and the personality
that you have been and will be - in the terms in which you understand time - all of
these personalities are manifestations of the soul, of your soul.
Your soul therefore - the soul that you are - the soul that you are part of - that soul
is a far more creative and miraculous phenomenon than you previously supposed. And
when this is not clearly understood, and when the concept is watered down for
simplicity’s sake, as mentioned earlier, then the intense vitality of the soul can never be
understood. Your soul, therefore, possesses the wisdom, information, and knowledge
that is part of the experience of all these other personalities; and you have within
yourselves access to this information, but only if you realize the true nature of your
reality. Let me emphasize again that these personalities exist independently within and
are a part of the soul, and each of them are free to create and develop.”