Seth Speaks . . . Quotes and Comments


Session 532

You have trained your consciousness

“You have trained your consciousness to follow certain patterns that are not
necessarily natural for it, and these patterns increase the sense of alienation between
the waking and dreaming self. To some extent you drug the body with suggestion, so
that it believes it must sleep away a certain amount of hours in one block. Animals
sleep when they are tired, and awaken in a much more natural fashion. “


Session 532

nite owls this is for you :slight_smile:

“At certain times during the night the negative ions in the air are much stronger, or
numerous, than in the daytime, for example; and activity during this time, particularly
a walk or outside activity, would be highly beneficial from a health standpoint. “


Session 532

Ah yes, caveman days, I remember them well :wink:

“In earlier periods of time, even though there were no electric lights for example, sleep
was not long and continuous at night, for sleeping quarters were not as secure. The
caveman, for example, while sleeping was on the alert for predators. The mysterious
aspects of the natural night in outside surroundings kept him partially alert. He
awakened often, and surveyed the nearby land and his own place of shelter.
He did not sleep in long blocks as you do. His sleeping periods were instead for two
or three hours, stretched through the nighttime from dusk to dawn, but alternated by
periods of high wakefulness and alert activity. He also crept out to seek food when he
hoped his predators were sleeping. “


Session 533

more active in our dreams . . . . interesting :slight_smile:

“It is well known that fluctuations of consciousness and alertness exist in the sleep
state. Some periods of dream activity do indeed supersede those of some waking states. “


Session 533

yup when I’m tired I definitely distort my perceptions

A clear, uncluttered, bright, and powerful consciousness needs frequent rest periods
if its efficiency is to be maintained, and if it is to correctly interpret reality. Otherwise it
distorts what is perceived.


Session 534

We flicker :slight_smile:

“If the stages of waking consciousness were examined as sleep stages are presently
being examined, for example, you would find a much greater range of activity than is
suspected. Certain transition stages are completely ignored. In many ways it can be
said that consciousness does indeed flicker, and varies in intensities. It is not like a
steady beam of light, for instance.”


Session 534

you are simply aware

“Now your consciousness is telepathic and clairvoyant, for example, even though you may not realize it.
In sleep when you often presume yourself to be unconscious you may
be far more conscious than you are now, but simply using abilities of consciousness
that you do not accept as real or valid in waking life. You therefore shut them out of
your conscious experience. Consciousness, yours and mine, is quite independent of
both time and space. And after death you are simply aware of the greater powers of
consciousness that exist within you all the time.”


Session 534


“You are, as I said earlier, a spirit now; and that spirit has a consciousness. The
consciousness belongs to the spirit then, but the two are not the same. The spirit may
turn its consciousness off and on. By its nature consciousness may flicker and
fluctuate, but the spirit does not.
I do not particularly like the word “spirit” because of several implications attached to
it, but it suits our purposes in that the word does imply an independence from physical