Seth's exercises for changing your beliefs

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great day. I have been an Abraham Hicks follower for quite some time. I recently found Seth’s material and it really got my attention. I haven’t read a book yet, but I’m gonna order one soon. By reading some blogs online, i came to the conclusion, that you have to change your beliefs first in order to feel better and have positive thoughts about a certain subject in general. If it’s true, then would you please recommend me the tools that Seth has offered? According to Abraham Hicks material, your beliefs can be changed gradually by looking for thoughts that feel true to you yet better and so on. I was quite surprised that you can actually change your beliefs without finding better feeling thoughts etc. I’m gonna try the hypnosis exercise (the one where you think a certain statement for 5-10 mins only once a day). Also, would you please recommend me a book where i can find every single process that Seth has offered? Thank you.

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Hi @Dave1. I just noticed your post was “waiting for approval”. It’s here now.

I did a search within the Facebook group for you.

Here’s a PDF of Seth exercises:

There is also a list at Nirvikalpa but the above seems better.

Also, you can use my Seth search engine at

Seth usually gives a recommended time limit for his exercises, which makes them easy to find with a search (note I’ve limited this one to specific books):‘five+minutes’+OR+‘ten+minutes’+book:(ss+OR+nopr+OR+tma)/

You can then open your copy of the book to the relevant pages and read the full exercise.

This last method, using the search engine and then referencing the book, will obviously be the most accurate, although I think the first two sources are also accurate… I just haven’t personally checked them, whereas I did write the search engine code. :wink:


Wow. That is a handy compilation. Thank you!

This is extremely useful. I’ve just started reading all the Seth books recently and got completely mesmerised. All the methods in one place is just great. Thank you very much.