Seth on The Art of Co-Creation with Non-Physical


“To pursue certain goals, you pretend that they did not exist. Now, however, your global situation as a race requires the new acquisition of some ancient arts. These can help you become aware again of those inner idealizations that form your private reality and your mass world. These arts are useless if they are not practiced, useless in that they lie ever latent, that they are not brought out into the exterior framework of your world. To use these arts requires first of all the knowledge that beneath the world that you know is another; that alongside the focus of consciousness with which you are familiar there are other focuses quite as legitimate.”


Hi, What is this an excerpt from?


hi, I’m not really sure, I’ve been collecting Seth Quotes from all over, but I don’t track which books they came from.
Maybe I should start :slight_smile:


According to the search engine, it’s from UR1 Section 3: Session 698 May 20, 1974