A charming thread I saw on Fans

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 15-55-37 (7) Fans of the Seth Material (Jane Roberts) Facebook

My response to this:

If You Or Someone You Know Has Been A Victim Of Failed Chanelling Please Call Our Hotline. We’re Here To Help!

What I find enormously amusing is the victory lap / endorphin rush energy of the many on Fans Of The Seth Material who are of the Seth Good / Elias Bad persuasion, most of whom are unaware that the guy who wrote that is schizophrenic and have likely never sampled the cray cray he has posted on certain net sites over many years (I’ve got the receipts). Comedy gold!

:^ I gave it my prized comedy award:

“… maybe someone could offer some encouraging thoughts which could aid in furthering the distance between me and the Elias-information.”

(He might consider not posting under the username Andreas Butler as Butler is his Elias provided Essence / Entity name. LOL!)

Anecdote from the Yahoo Groups days:

In early 2006 on the Yahoo Soft list _____ and _____ were organizing one of the Soft Orientation themed chip-in sessions with contributions pledged in posts til the cost was covered then with _____ to speak to Elias asking questions from a compilation of those sent in by group members then voted on by the group.

Andreas had pledged a surprising 50 bucks when the usual amount was twentyish. His question as I recall was - Ask Elias to tell me why I can’t have all of the beautiful women attracted to me. - Needless to say that didn’t do too well in the voting. He expressed annoyance that he got zero votes and casualy said he’d no longer pay the fifty bucks. So that set things back fifty but it was recovered quickly and on things went. That was session 1934.

Personally I thought, ok this guy ain’t right, lol. Knowing of this and other bizarro things he’s posted over the years made me chuckle as I’d consider him the last person I’d ever heed a referral from on any subject.

His actual last name is Suchanek.