A SESSION WITH SETH by Helen Wambach Ph.D

A SESSION WITH SETH by Helen Wambach Ph.D. — link

Later Jane told me that Seth wished to speak to me. I thought that Seth would want to discuss my past life regression experiments, as I had talked to Jane in some detail about the work I was doing. Jane invited me to sit down with a cup of coffee and we began talking about hypnosis and reincarnation.

After about three minutes of conversation, Jane’s coffee cup came down on the saucer with a distinct clink, her glasses came off and Seth sat there opposite me. I felt a sense of awe - a feeling that I tended to reject intellectually on the grounds that I was properly sophisticated as a psychologist. Nevertheless, that primitive awe did come to me and could not be denied. Seth’s voice boomed out, and to my surprise, he began talking about the adolescent group home that I was running in Red Bank, New Jersey.

He began by supporting my basic principles, which were to allow these young people as much freedom as possible within the confines of the group home. “You are right in assuming that these young people cannot express `proper behavior’ until they have had an opportunity to allow the negative feelings in their expression.” I explained to Seth that it was quite difficult to get the proper authorities to go along with my plan of allowing the young people to set up their own rules. Seth was sympathetic to my point of view, and said that this was a good way to provide the psychological elbow room needed by these angry teenagers.

Seth had a twinkle in his eye when he said,“Remember, Helen, you are not saving anyone. You have the idea that these young people are victims and it is up to you to save them.”

It was quite true that at some level I did think of myself as a ministering angel to poor battered children, an illusion which Seth was now destroying. Seth continued, “Remember that each of these young people choose their own path.”

I felt like arguing with the great master. “But they were battered and abused as small children, surely they couldn’t be responsible for that and the effect it had on them.”

Seth responded, "Ah, but they chose their parents, they chose the lifestyles to experience in this incarnation. "Seth went on to give the names and backgrounds of several of the young people under my care. This was certainly astonishing, because Jane could not have known the names or the backgrounds of these girls. Seth made me understand that these young people had set problem lives for themselves in order to overcome past fears and resistances.

“In a sense, they need you and they need the group home right now. But so do you need them as a part of your development. Remember, when you feel that you are the doctor administering to the patients, we are all seekers and we all learn from each other.”

I had expressed a lot of concern about one of my girls. I had a need to keep all of these girls in the home with me, to avoid having them return to mental hospitals or jails. Seth seemed to know this, and broke into my thoughts.

“Diane will not come back to the home. She will be all right, but it is not necessary for you to devote so much concern to this one child. Focus your concern on the others.” Seth was right, it turned out later that Diane did not return to the group home.

Seth seemed so interested in the group home that he gave suggestions on how to arrange the physical layout. “You need to set aside one room - perhaps the dining room - as a place where physical exercise can be made available. These young people need to express bodily some of the anger, some of the powerful emotions that are charging through them. Give the man opportunity to do this through physical exercise.” How did Seth know that such a room was available in my group home? And how did Seth know that Diane would not be returning?

My experience with Seth was an eye opener in many ways. His knowledge of my work in Red Bank was definitely super normal; Jane could not have known the details. But beyond that, the sense of awe I had in Seth’s presence, and the way in which is voice seemed to lift and charge my thoughts - widen my horizons - was something outside all of my experiences. I felt that I had found a guru.

But Seth warns against gurus. As he had said that evening, “You will not find it in books, or concepts, or precepts; it does not come from others. It comes from the intimate experience of your own being.”

Was there a Seth level in me, in all of us, as there was in Jane? Jane’s Seth was such a marvelous teacher. Was this because Jane herself was an unusually bright, perceptive, and well educated woman? Surely this played a part in the richness of Seth’s vocabulary. No medium is merely a channel, but an active participant in the translation from the wider consciousness to the here-and-now world.


My insightful information here comes from two sources. The first of which is from my ET friend who contacted me in 1962, in Miami, to spend about a year answering my probing questions about how life is supposed to work on school house earth, and later in 1974, when I read Seth Speaks, and not long after, Seth taught me how to use my inner being gateway to grab a student desk in Seth University, Dream Campus, and begin learning from a whole faculty of no-name Seth teachers belonging to WE ARE SETH, the gestalt entity that sent Jane’s Seth to the earth plane to work with Jane while she was alive. I must say that both these sources taught me basically the same information but in somewhat different words, so, I can corroborate the Seth material and the Space material as having the same psychic source, as the endless material belongs to everyone.

…ron speaks…Birth and death of humans and of animals, ideally, balances the population and keeps it somewhat in check. A pause of death, even for one hour as Seth says here, The Way Toward Health, Chapter 3, for March 13, 1984, would throw the delicate balance off and create a drain, a depletion, on the food supply, for example, and life would be threatened.

On the other hand, Seth says that over-population is a violation. In order to control over-population without resorting to war and disease, genocide, and geological upheaval and accidental death, for example, as has occurred in the past.

What if, just what if, the world female psyche joined forces in the dream state to implement the only logical, viable solution, formed a psychological gestalt that resulted in women voluntarily becoming sterile, for, say, a period of one year, or perhaps two, whereby world population would plummet to half of what it was, and then, becoming fertile again on a global scale, and the new generation of children would mature by age ten, and they would begin using their innate psychic paranormal abilities of direct mass mental communication, thus obsoleting all existing exterior high tech methods of communication, this way, the internet and social media and phone companies, for example, would become obsolete and useless when people bypass technology in favor of psychic broadband that no one controls nor affects nor censors.

This new age, or Renaissance Two, the shift in consciousness, my characterization, is now in the works, and will come to fruition by year 2075, or sooner, depending on the spontaneity and unfolding of events. By that time, organized fundamental religion will be in shambles, as well as oppressive governments. World peace will emerge.

The discussions about overpopulation ignore Seth’s statements about both deaths and viable births being decided at another level of the personality, and that all efforts to extend a life that was meant to end can’t succeed.

At some point, most people fail to check all the boxes of Seth’s teachings, and start inventing. I believe that this often mentioned overpopulation problem is one of those cases.

Also, people keep talking about simultaneous time, parallel and probable lives, creating our own reality, but at the same time talk about what’s happening now like this is the only physical reality, like it is a purpose in itself, a world that we need to save, fighting our worse side of ourselves, civilization that could end up disastrously if we didn’t step up.

Some people hope for and believe into a miraculous “shift” that would come upon us.

Most of Seth’s readers I know of, including those who personally attended some of Jane’s channeling sessions, seem not to have a working understanding of the Seth’s material. In my opinion, the reason for this is that all look at the material like at a Bible, and not like a mean, a tool to facilitate their individual access to their own inner knowledge.

…ron speaks…Our present earth occupies the same location that previous earth’s have occupied, earth’s that have destroyed themselves due to the misdirection of energy for one thing. My space friend told me the same thing in 1962, so such information, such knowledge, transcends time as we know it, and is available from a number of Speaker sources, both alive in the earth plane, and non-physical Speakers who work with earth psychic mediums, as in the case of Jane’s Seth, and also information comes in the door from ET sources, as we understand it, who contact people of earth, all for the purpose of education and enlightenment. All such information is basically the same, only the times and places and personalities change. All Speakers have their own unique approach to teaching their prepared curriculum, and all are personalities with a message, one being no better than another, although their abilities and experience varies according to their own development. The earth creates its own reality en masse, and if it returns to the old ways, the earth can, once again, destroy itself and begin anew getting it right the next time around. The future is quite plastic and spontaneity rules the day, so future events are not ever set in stone, but are subject to change due to changes in the world mind. Now with that said, Highly developed entities, energy gestalts beyond our conscious perception and understanding, that is, inconceivable and incomprehensible to our level of development, very ancient entities, have their finger on the pulse and trajectory of things to come on planet earth, or, better yet, school house earth, and they see into the future and ca observe the various future probabilities of realities that have the greatest potential for actualization, and their teaching is geared accordingly. And future earth destruction, again, is not a viable future, so that is why the Speakers have their jobs cut out for them as our technological development allows for mass nuclear destruction. This is why Renaissance Two, the shift in consciousness WILL take place when future generations will be born devoid of the technical world we now know and are ADDICTED to and enslaved to. The internet and social media, TV and phone communication, are but children playing with building blocks, good and useful for a while, but, like training wheels on a child’s bicycle, once the child learns to ride the bike, the training wheels come off and the child is on their own. It will usher in, by year 2075, a new breed of people who, right from the start, use their natural, innate psychic means of paranormal communication, again, obsoleting government and religion and all forms of mental tyranny, as people will get their substance from within, their direct connection to ALL THAT IS, or the God Energy that pervades all existence. We were never externalized from the God Energy. For me, a 77-year old personality with an educator background in photojournalism since 1967, I received this information from both an ET source in 1962,and from reading the Seth material in 1974, as channeled by Jane Roberts, and they both complement each other beautifully. Understand that there is NO one source of wisdom and enlightenment and the most profound teachers will lead you back to your own inner source and connection to ALL THAT IS. As a side note, my space friend told me that there was once a thriving small, peopled planet between Mars and Jupiter, and many millions of years ago, in our terms, experienced intergalactic war and was destroyed and all that remains is the asteriod belt, the origin of which has confounded astronomers. Enough for now.

Hi Everyone,

In case anyone is interested, I would like to address my beliefs about Seth being either godlike–or his words being taken as Gospel, dogma, or some sort of Bible: I don’t feel those ways at all. I shall explain why:

As you may know, I attended Seth class. I saw Seth speak thru Jane. That does NOT deify Seth & his words in any way–it HUMANIZES Seth & his words. I never thought of Seth as a God when he sat in the chair using Jane’s body & talked, listened and answered questions.

If anyone knows the humanness of Seth/Jane—and finds the idea of Seth speaking some sort of gospel as humorous–it is someone who attended class.

Maybe reading his words a person can drift into deification, but you can’t unpickle a cucumber. Once you see Seth/Jane speak, you cannot think of Seth/Jane as a God or as speaking gospel.

And for anyone who had this notion—and I never did–Seth has repeatedly refuted this idea:

Seth (ESP Class, 7-2-74): “Now, my words will hopefully, not be used to begin a new DOGMA. My DOGMA is the freedom of the individual. My DOGMA is the sacrilegious – that each of you is a good individual. There is nothing wrong with your emotions, or feeling, or being. When you know yourself, then you are joyfully – joyfully – responsive, and, being joyfully responsive, you can carry your society to the furthest reaches of its creativity. What we are speaking of here are your private feelings, and your private reality – not mine. Your private feelings are natural and good.”

Seth (ESP Class, 11-26-74): “For if there are people who will make our work into a DOGMA, we will stop them. And if there are people who will use our work to separate themselves from themselves and substitute another authority, then you will tell them better. And then, if they want to do it anyway, they will go ahead.”

Seth (ESP Class, 6-16-78): “Now, Seth does not dig worship. For one thing, Seth understands worshippers. And, when one understands worshippers, one does not dig worship! If you will think that sentence over, then you will realize that those who worship do no honor to the object of their worship. For upon that object, they place all of their hopes, all of their dreams, all of their inadequacies, and all of the responsibilities of their lives, and even a god – a sane god – would refuse to accept such a worship. The god – the god – would understand also the nature of the universe, and the nature of playful creativity, and would know that such worship is, at its base, now, at its base, a denial of the very vitality of life.”

Barrie Continues: Seth also said in class: “Seth Speaks” could have been called “You Speak and You Speak and You Speak and You Speak” – giving any perceived power in Seth back to class members and Seth readers.

And, Seth has often said, that the vitality and energy of his voice is but a DIM ECHO of the vitality & energy of our own selves & voices—once again, deflecting even the birth of the concept of deifying Seth. The LOUD voice of Seth is a “dim echo” of our own true voices.

And, he has also said that when you ask a question it means that you already have the answers
somewhere inside you–so go find it. If you ask me you will think you have the whole answer and stop looking—but you will only have half the answer.

So, Seth doesn’t try to pass himself off as a guru, god or anything like it…and he refutes those who do.

After about a year in class–I voluntarily CHOSE to leave Seth class–because the message I ultimately kept hearing from Seth was to look for the answers yourself, within yourselves–DON’T look to Seth. Trust YOURSELVES and take those brave inner journeys of self-awareness.

In short, I eventually kept walking down the stairs after each class, thinking the same thing: Find The Answers To Your Questions On Your Own…"

And that is why I stopped going to class–so I could do just that: Find the answers myself–which I HAD been doing BEFORE I ever heard of Seth—continued during class—and then continued AFTER I left class. And Seth calling me “our poet” in my second class—was always encouraging anyway.

I chose, I volunteered, to NOT see Seth; to NOT ask Seth questions; etc etc. That is not the action or choice of someone who sees Seth as gospel, dogma or some sort of Bible.

Why did I do this? Because I KNEW, or I should say, BELIEVED, I had the answers within me–and they would only have the true, DEEPEST value to me–if I discovered them on my own.

And I believed that if I CONTINUED going to class, on some levels I would NOT fully use MYSELF to discover the answers I sought.

And additionally, thru-out my whole class experience–I never saw Seth as a “superior” to me–let alone a God or someone speaking the Gospel. He certainly knew much more than I consciously did—but we were equally worthy and deserving of happiness.

I’m guessing, but again, perhaps solely reading his words you can somehow mistake them for “gospel” – or even just COME UP with that idea–but NOT when you experience watching Seth speak thru Jane—and then watching Jane come out of it—and listening to her speak on her own, and in her own voice.

Nothing makes Seth more human and more peer-like than having him sit there and join in a conversation…or directly answer your questions put to him. And, on top of all that, I never even thought of myself as a student altho I was there to learn from what Seth had to say—along with what each class member had so say—when they spoke. I believe the term “class” was more metaphorical—because I think of a “class” as having a much more formal setting and separation between teacher and student. But that’s just me.

Also, just to clarify, when I do use Seth quotes–it is AFTER I have come up with my answers–and then
I see what Seth directly had to say on the subject. IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Be well,

PS: And if anyone has any comments or questions, please ask.

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