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Hi all.

I am very interested in Seth’s concept of the “body of our experience” meaning that the actual world and events we perceive around us is manifested by our beliefs and we can change it according to our beliefs. I am trying to live this truth. However, there’s something worries me a bit. Of all the conversations I see on Seth, all the reviews of his books etc, I don’t see a lot where people actually give their accounts of things they manifested, which were more than small things. I mean the kind of things that wouldn’t have happened in their own way by normal effort, but are in the realm of that HAD to be manifestation!..kind of thing. I see minor examples…someone manifested a parking space of whatever. Can anyone here offer some reassurance that these larger things have actually happened to them? I realize it’s always difficult to draw the line. Still, just as an example, if someone contacted me out of the blue about a particular obscure opportunity which so far I had only processed in my mind and hadn’t even made a physical move on, and wasn’t in the applicants field even, that would definitely seem “a manifestation” to me. I have not experienced that, I am just using it as a dramatic example. Can/do these big things happen to people, or is it in practice always small things like car license plate coincidences etc.

I do believe that we create our own reality.


Yes. All my jobs, lovers, and homes were direct manifestation. You may not find details simply because the specifics are private.

Happens to me all the time, though for me I might say it’s much more often that I do make a sort of physical move following my intuition. However it’s with good frequency that the “move” doesn’t appear to have much to do with the goal on the surface.

To answer your question again, ALL of the large things in my life have been direct manifestation, for the past 10-11 years.

Another reason for not finding these accounts might be simply, who would they be trying to convince with their accounts? We’ve no need to convince anybody of anything save ourselves. :wink: But since you asked, answer has been given!

Also it’s probably always going to be the case that you need to experience the effects firsthand before really buying into them anyway, so writing up lists of manifestations seems a bit fruitless.

Also I think another major factor is the realization that we are always creating, in every moment. It’s not like nothing is happening until we sit down and meditate on a desire. Rather our beliefs are creating reality continuously, externally and internally. Creation is like breathing in this regard, writing about breathing (and thus creating) is almost too boring and obvious to write about.



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Hi Chris.

Thank your for your reply. That’s good to know. I fully understand the desire not to share private and there is certainly no need to do that. My curiosity in asking the original question really revolves in general around three properties of the manifestation, none of which require the filling in of particular private detail

  1. How specific were the manifestations relative to the desires or intents you had?
  2. How dramatic were they?
  3. How “synchronistic” or “fortuitous” (i.e. not realistically explainable by other means) were they?

If you imagine a scale of ten for each of these, that was really my query with respect to specific details, not private information. Sometimes, for example, I find it uncomfortable when people say that they changed their reality, for example, because they smiled at people more and so people treated them better in return. That’s wonderful, but I wouldn’t call that “direct manifestation.” I would call that kind of thing psychology, or something. I’m not at all saying that applies to your examples, which are certainly interesting, or to anyone else here. But when I’m talking about direct manifestation, I certainly me that inner beliefs or specifics outpictured to physical reality, where it would be difficult or pretty implausible for them to do so by other means, and preferably where the outcome wasn’t general but strongly tied to the specifics of whatever was envisioned or intended.


Before reading the below replies I will add that your question is so well out and a question I have often wondered about but never asked! So thank you :smile:

A couple of weeks ago I had an insightful urge to start a particular career, got so excited about it in my mind but never made any physical steps towards that goal except tell a friend about it, which is I guess a tiny physical step, but anyway. My friend then referred me to another friend and BAM my dream was all of a sudden a reality in progress. So yes! I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Chris.
I would like to know roughly how long it took for the beginnings of your manifestations to show after they were thought up in your mind? I understand that the time it took would be varied between each individual but your answer would help me. For me, according to my first big manifestation, it was in a matter of 1 day, in physical terms.

Also, in regards to following your intuitional ‘urges’, would you say your always in a move positive mood when perceiving these as opposed to being in a negative mood, or does it not matter? As the years go by so you find yourself in a more positive mood and are you finding it easier to be this way as opposed to before finding the Seth material, for example?
I am aware these questions are a bit personal so feel free to not answer me :slight_smile:

Thank you


I definitely understand your perspective here, because it is the same one I used to have. You sound like you are wanting to know if “magic” is real. The answer is yes, it is. What might be a little confusing is you are looking for it separate and apart from the conventional… evidence of magic within the conventional. Except this is inside-out. Magic isn’t here-and-there within conventional reality, all of conventional reality is inside of magic, it is born from it. The “kind of psychology” is indeed that, indeed physical, and indeed conventional, but it is only one small physical part of a much larger non-physical source. It is like the iceberg that in actuality is only a small bit above water.

Since I was in your position I’m going to say this, you want evidence of the magic that isn’t easily explained by psychology, chance, and so forth. Well this does exist. So seek on, because you will find it. However a lot of manifestation operates through channels that will appear like conventional means to those that don’t recognize the inner source, because those aspects of psychology are real, but they are riding on the non-physical. You might run into somebody “by chance” or find yourself in a discussion “by chance” and it will not seem eventful. Except then you consult your dream notes from a few days earlier and you suddenly see all the correlations and that there was nothing happenstance about it at all. You might smile at someone and they smile back and suddenly a relationship is born, but have completely forgotten the dream that put you in such a good mood or aroused that impetus to go to the supermarket or smile at such a person.

So yes, manifestation that is just like “BAM! Gold coins from the sky!” Or whatever does exist and is a real thing. But perhaps more often it’s someone mentions your name to someone else and saw an interesting article or an interesting television show and got to talking about this-or-that and next thing you know you’re hired for something fun and interesting and there’s an enormous check incoming.

Point being, plain ol’ conventional reality really isn’t any of those things. There are multitudinous avenues for the inner self to work its magic, all of conventional reality is available to it, because it is born from inner reality, and still a (external-facing) part of it. And these are often the most direct routes, easy and in alignment with existing beliefs of the parties involved, and so forth.

Anyway I will get to your individual 1-3 questions soon.


Many of them 1 month. Some of them 3 months. You want to give something at least 30 days before even “looking” for a result.

I know for people just getting into this these questions are really relevant, they were to me. And you will want to gather your own evidence from personal experience before you’re able to take too much at face value, but I will say this anyway. The “exercises” of using imagination and emotion to create something are not “exercises” at all. They are not “tasks”. They are actual creation itself. It is not something you do so that hopefully “something happens”, it is the actual creation of that thing. It cannot not happen. You can’t build a bridge timber by timber and then one day you check and poof your construction is all gone and gosh you’ve wasted all your time. Each period of focus with imagination and emotion (and working out any beliefs that obstruct you) is the partial construction. Thoughts exist, they are real things with substance. You are building up their energy. Eventually your bridge is complete and, “ah hah!” now it can be driven across - it has a physical purpose. Same with your thoughts, eventually they will burst into the physical, it isn’t possible for this not to happen, it is what we all do, all day long, all the time, and cannot stop doing - like growth in nature.

So the answer to, “How long should I focus on such and such?” is of course, “Until it appears! And probably then some!” Because it is the actual work itself. But of course what we really want to know is how long until we at least see some evidence. Well I believe Seth said 1 month, and I’ve found that to be true. You will definitely see something then, but you need to keep with it until your idea construction is complete. :slight_smile:

Of course some things will manifest much much quicker (e.g. you already believe it to be highly possible so your expectations are strong!).


Answering these without specific is examples is actually rather boring, and I’m not sure why you would take my word (though by all means, I’m an honest and forthright person) but here you go:

How specific? Extremely. I described my dream job (at the time) and person (at the time) to the absolute letter. So, 10/10. My living situation as well (though I didn’t go into as much detail as the others).

How dramatic? Well, career, home, and relationship are pretty much the largest things, aren’t they? So 10/10 again.

How not realistically explained by other means? Well, I was hired for the job and given complete control over everything with no college degree or any other traditional means. The friend I met my boss through also hardly knew him and met him through a contractor. Met, connected, done. I will give this 9/10.

I was messaged completely out of the blue by the person regarding the relationship (on social media… but before Facebook’s time) having never seen or heard of them before. I’ll give this 10/10.

As for the living situation, well, that was actually very conventional (although it fitting the specifics I had outlined so precisely seems pretty damn rare). I’ll give this, I don’t know, 1/10? 3/10? in this category.

There is more to the story in each one. For instance regarding the living situation there were fortuitous circumstances that made me actually realize what it was that I wanted, and then once that was decided, I went and got it done conventionally - the whole thing took only a week, most of it research - but what I found almost immediately in the search was absolutely perfect.

Regarding the job, as I described it was a spontaneous almost somewhat random meeting with my future employer, that had almost nothing to do with me being hired or seeking a job. Spoke to him over the course of a few days before the deal was verbally “closed”. This occurred almost exactly 30 days after focusing on the manifestation. Then he went back to his work. I slacked off a bit but soon went back to focusing on it and 2-months later phone call out of the blue, bought me a plane ticket and I flew out that weekend and that’s when it was of course “official”. No contact with him in-between.

Also I get a very strong sensation, that I don’t know how to explain, but I call it “swimming in probabilities” at the crux of these events. When my future-boss offered me the position (and shortly beforehand, probably around when he mentally decided he would be offering me the position) it was almost overwhelming, one of the strongest I’ve felt so far. I really don’t know how to describe it, but it’s unique, highly noticeable, and always seems to come on strongest during big life decisions. My head feels all swimmy, in a way like being drunk, but while sober and focused.


Hello Chris and Others.

Yes Chris, I agree with a lot of what you say. Just to be clear, I do take the view that the manifestation could appear by any means, and indeed even the most radical manifestation imaginable could show up by a string of things which, if one was determined to do so, could be interpreted as a concatenation of “ordinary” events. And I don’t have a problem with that.

I also don’t have a problem with the concept at an intellectual or emotional level. If I have a problem, it’s doubt. My intentions are large and the key one “seems” difficult and unlikely. I realize that is a hurdle and somehow I have to get past it, but I am not sure how. I have high moments when I think “yes…Yes!” and then low moments when I get depressed and think “come on…this isn’t going to happen.” Most sources, including Seth, will say that you are counteracting yourself with such oscillation, and that can become an additional stress, a bit like “whatever you do next don’t think of a blue…pineapple!” (which of course is the very thing you then think of).

My intents tend to be specific. Seth doesn’t seem to have a lot to say about specific intentions whereas other sources, such as Neville Goddard or Thomas Troward, imply that specificity is beneficial, because it gives a stronger imaginal focus to universal creative power. I find it difficult to intend “generally”…the emotional investment just isn’t there. The down side of high specificity though, especially when it really matters (and it usually does) is that the stakes seem high. Thus the fear of disappointment rears its head.


To help with my understanding and application, can you tell me what you used to describe your dream reality. Was it using your mind and the exercises alone or did you also write your expectations down?


Person: wrote down a list.
Job: a mental list I went over every time I imagined it, became a memorized thing pretty quickly, wasn’t very challenging to keep all the points in mind.


While Seth talks about manifesting/creating your own reality many times in many of his books I can only find one quote. I think it was in ‘The Magical Approach’
"In other words, the magical approach and the so-called rational one are to be combined in a certain fashion for best results. People sometimes smite you, telling of their intent to make money - or rather, to have it. They concentrate upon money, so they say, and await for it in full faith that it will be attracted to them because of their belief and concentration. They might do the point of power exercise, for example. They may also, however, have quit their jobs, ignored impulses to find other work, or to take any rational approaches, and rely upon, say, the magical approach alone. This does not work either, of course."
Session Five, Page 55

I wish I could find other quotes but my understanding based on having read all his dictated books is that while trust, faith and high expectations of manifesting are necessary we also have to make certain efforts toward our goal. Intent isn’t enough. When we have formed our intent here in Framework 1 we are to allow Framework 2 orchestrate and bring all the people and events that will bring our wishes to fruition. It’s up to us then to act on those people and opportunities that are placed in front of us to help us toward our goal. I don’t recall anywhere where Seth says we can just sit back and wait for some big dramatic event to occur that signals the manifesting of our desire. That would be lovely though :).

In Jane’s book ‘The God of Jane’ she talks about impulses which I think are something that is part of Framework 2. Impulses help us meet those people and events who help us with our goals.

One would think that manifesting should be easy but behind our goals lie our frequently hidden beliefs which sometimes slows down or prevents our goals.

In terms of health and limiting beliefs it’s a bit different because thinking alone CAN sometimes do the job but even then the thinking/feeling has a certain way that it must be done. Again you must work around your beliefs and that can take some real work. Seth does mention some physical exercises for Jane’s arthritis throughout the books so even then there are times when thought requires some help.

I’m NO expert. Lynda Madden Dahl has studied and knows the Seth material very well, knew Robert Butts and could give you better information than I can. Friend her here and ask her the same question. I’d be interested in hearing her answer if you want to share it.

I believe we create our own reality too Panthersgold and I hope everything you want is just what you get!


Excellent reply.

Yes as per that Seth quote, I think this is quite right. And following those impulses, even if they seem “ordinary” at first aren’t necessarily so. For instance, say you have been focusing on having much more money for an extended period of time, but then you are offered a job that does not pay as much as you are hoping. Well, if you have the impulse to take it, you could very quickly find yourself with a raise, etc. or that it somehow leads very rapidly into a second job, and such. So the choices you feel the impulse for may not connect rationally with the desire and yet they could still be the route to it. Trusting yourself and your impulses is important.


That was also put so well Chris! It feels so delicious when all this stuff finally starts to sink in and all of a sudden im experiencing the reality within the words and I start to see the results within my reality!


Hi there, I am new here, but not new to Seth (I am 41 and got my first Seth book at 19). I have had many “miraculous” big and small manifestations in my life. So many that it is tiring to even think of writing them all out, but they are so fascinating and amazing i am tempted to do so! I’ll start with one and see if I feel inspired to do more…One of them was a fantasy/daydream I cultivated with great love and care, and much detail, when I was a teenager before I even knew about Seth. I dreamed of meeting my future boyfriend. I wanted him to be in med school (I was a high school drop out, and my family was not stable, always sort of poor, and no one went to college) and to be from a stable, loving, rich family. I wanted to live with this boyfriend and his father, who would himself be educated, french speaking and rich. We would live by the sea, all together in a big beautiful house. We would travel to europe often, and the father would pay for everything, and I would be incorporated seamlessly and lovingly into the family… almost as if i were my boyfriends little sister… one of the family. I am not going into every tiny detail because its just too much to write, and is besides the point. The details Ive listed are quite enough … When you find out that ALL OF WHAT I LISTED ABOVE CAME TRUE TO THE LETTER (and more). It all unfolded pretty quickly after I left home to go live on my own at the age of 20. The relationship lasted for 5 years. There were times while i was living that reality where the incredible joy and high of creating my dream in the real world was enchanting,… magical… to say the least. I barely had to lift a finger, and certainly did not consciously lift a finger in this direction, save visualizing and relishing in the visualization.
One example that, for whatever reason, really fascinates me is this one:
Years ago I was smoking a cigarette, waiting for my bus to arrive. As I saw my bus approaching, I dropped the cigarette, put it out with my foot, leaned over to pick it back up, and then threw the butt in the trash can near me. I boarded the bus just seconds later. As I sat on a bus seat a thought process was running its course through my mind: “Oh shit! I hope that cigarette was put out all the way! What if it wasnt?” I felt a quick stab of deep shame and fear…and then, those feelings passed and I became curious and objective: “Thats really odd, come to think of it, that I have never in all my years in SF, seen a garbage can on fire. I cannot be the only one who may have tossed a burning cigarette into a trash can here in SF. You would think it would be a more common sight”. Then a quick, precise clear image of a garbage can billowing smoke came to mind. (I may have had this image also occur when i was FEELING deep fear and shame… probably I did) I saw it clearly in my head, by sort of default (not with any intention except to imagine and “see” what I had never seen, in that moment. I certainly had no intention of CREATING it, quite the opposite in fact, but there WAS some curiosity there). I then dropped it (like a pebble)… thinking of other things… observing people in my view… looking out the window… etc. I forgot all about the whole thing. About 15 minutes later, the bus came to my stop. I walked off the bus immediately into a dark grey cloud of billowing smoke… Huge, obscuring my vision… dramatic…and I saw that four feet away from me was a garbage can on fire, EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED IT. Now, I believe this happened especially because at that time in my life I was asking for evidence of LOA, asking my higher self how to make it work, etc. But it was a very stunning event, to say the least.
In all circumstances of manifestation in my life, DROPPING IT LIKE A PEBBLE seems to be one of the most important parts of the process (and sometimes the most difficult for me). There also seems to be the connection of deep feelings of the event … How it would actually feel if it was happening, if you know what I mean.


I’m new here, too. I have used manifestation many times in my life, with success. One of the most powerful was when I wanted to move to the country and rent a home. I wrote down my “must haves” list and reviewed it almost every day. I also drew a picture of my ideal home. I told everyone I knew that I was looking for a place in the country but I didn’t share any specifics. A casual friend told me that a farmer she knew had a home coming for rent. I called and the farmer’s wife said she didn’t think her husband had told anyone that their tenant was moving out! I was told it was a certain house by the casual friend, drove by it and it wasn’t at all what I wanted but decided to meet with the farmer as a way to get the energy moving. After 1/2 hour he didn’t show up so I went to their home and his wife got in the car and came with me. When I went to pull in the driveway of the home I thought it was, she said it was the one further down the road. I laughed so hard when I pulled into the correct driveway - the home was every single thing I had wanted. The Universe has a sense of humour. I loved that place and lived there for 6 years. It looked exactly like my drawing - except for the chickens running around the yard - it turns out chickens scare me lol. That is one specific example of many things I have manifested using lists and positive emotions.


I often read that people think they can’t manifest their desires, or they do a lousy job at ycyor and so on - which, in my opinion, is very black/white approach. Everyone is already creating their own reality, so no one is better than another, and those who easily manifest something they desire, simply don’t have conflicting beliefs which can get in the way. There are several ‘pitfalls’ and learning about them can take a load off. My favourite expression, since I think people try too hard, and /or - are too hard on themselves…

One reason can be…

Seth session 81.

“Conscious desire to achieve a given end may represent only a
superficial, culturally-adopted wish, that may even be directly
opposed to the emotionally-charged desires and expectation of the inner
self. If this is the case then the seemingly desired end is not really
either desired or expected, and the subsequent manipulation of matter
will fall short of success.”


I have had success, though sometimes it works a little differently than I envisage. For instance, I fantasize about living in London, a city that I feel attuned to (I live in Australia). I see a london house in my mind and enjoying life in the city. Well, suddenly out of the blue I inherit a house in Ireland. Not quite London, but having a base in Ireland gives me access to London which I visit every year.
I have always fantasized, since I was little. I guess I live in a dream world. I was, however exposed to esoteric teachings very early so I was kind of familiar with creative visualization.
Another fantasy was to join my sister in England when she left for an overseas adventure when I was fourteen. I missed her dreadfully and fantasized that I could join her. Within six months I was flying into Heathrow to stay with my mother’s family. My sister met me at the airport. I had the most wonderful time with her sightseeing and reconnecting.
Over the years it’s been favourable jobs, securing property, having loving relationships. I add that most of these were unintentional. I realize now what I was conjuring up.
It’s a lesson on be careful what you wish for!


On actually manifesting, you would need to realize that you are “actually manifesting” right now. Everything you experience is a direct result of your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Question is, to get a grip on conscious manifestation, which you then would need to get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas about what is real and what is story that is just passed down from society.

Personal example, in practicing a “Go General, Go Happy” exercise given by Abraham (very similar to Seth, kinda like ‘Seth light’) I started every day with a happy thought meditation, picked the image of me holding my son when he was born. It always puts a smile on my face. It is my happy ‘go to meditation’ to find a state of bliss.

Anyway, after doing this meditation every morning for about a year, my son, who is a grown up at this point, calls out of the blue and asks me to help him move up to the area I live in. 1500 miles away from where he was living. Heck of a coincidence. He lives across town now with his girlfriend. I love it, having them so close and nearby. Get to see them often for dinner and hanging out. It’s wonderful!

That was not intentionally done to have him move here, but does seem to be related to the meditation, which, looking back on it, was a kind of desire fulfilled…a manifestation.

An object, as one example, that I also manifested was a white toyota pickup truck. I used to have a 1985 white toyota pickup truck and my ex-husband sold it without my permission. When I moved up north after my divorce, I wanted my truck back. Within 2 months I found a 1991 white toyota pickup truck with only 150,000 miles on it, about the same mileage as my previous truck. It was in great shape and I have had it for about 4 years now. It looks just like it, my son laughed when he saw what I was driving when he moved up here. I mean, what are the odds of finding an old white toyota pickup truck, like the one I had, with such low mileage on it???

Point being, we do not need to learn how to manifest, we need to learn how to control what we manifest.

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