Any one else read all the seth books?


Here bloody here. Perfect description of an awesome mindset :heart_eyes:


I’ve read so far:

  • All the originally published Seth books
  • The Early Sessions
  • The Personal Sessions
  • The Early Class Sessions
  • Jane’s books (Adventures in Consciousness, Psychic Politics, God of Jane)
  • Sue Wakins’ Conversations with Seth vol. 1 and 2
  • The world view books (William James, Paul Cezanne and Rembrandt)
  • Speaking of Jane Roberts by Sue Watkins
  • Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
  • Oversoul 7 Trilogy

Not sure if that counts as all, as I haven’t read:

Jane’s original book How to Develop Your ESP Power
Jane’s poetry books
Emir’s Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers

I would also really like to see the unpublished sessions held at Yale to be published some day. There’s probably enough for a book or two there.

As you can see, if you’re just starting to read the material there’s plenty to keep you going :slight_smile:


So iv read all of seths own books, twice so far (because they are that kind of book, one read just doesn’t seem enough to assimilate the material), and will again no doubt. Iv read the oversoul7 books, and will again shortly. I’m on book 2 of the personal sessions but will be taking a break to check out a book that is fairly regularly mentioned therein (psycho cybernetics, quite the classic apparently, unheard of by me before the personal sessions). I began Jane’s original book on how to develop your esp but I really did not find it at all to my tastes so quickly let it be. Only book 1 of the early sessions so far, maybe I’ll pick that trail up again later.


I read this a few years before any of the Seth books, it’s a bit dated in its language and references but the concepts are excellent. It’s like a like a gentle introduction to what Seth expands on greatly.


Good, I’m glad to hear that. There’s nothing quite like going back to basics :wink: especially with three children to sort out and keep me very very present :blush: I shall enjoy it I believe. My gut says so anyway. Its interesting, as the years go on I see more and more clearly the paths that all the different learnings I have delved into have provided for me, and the links between them all too. It’s a beautiful thing, the human journey. Scary and bewildering at times, but no less beautiful for it.


If you’re interested in more Seth-related reading, you can also check out:

  • An Experiment with Time by JW Dunne - they reference this in the Early Sessions and Seth compares with his concepts

  • The Road to Elmira by Rich Kendall, one of the class members

  • Bridging Science & Sprit and The Hidden Domain by Norman Friedman - contrasting Seth’s ideas with science including quantum physics. It’s a proper attempt to do this with some difficult physics in there, not like the more wishy-wishy Deepak Chopra style of book.

  • Lynda Dahl’s books on Living in a Safe Universe - I’m not a particular fan of this as I feel like they overcomplicate things that don’t need to be, but I know some find them helpful.

The journey is endless really, reading the Seth material can increase your curiosity for learning of all kinds.


Oooh, a veritable treasure trove of possibilities!!! I thank you. I particularly interested in the quantum physics seth comparisons. The first non main stream book I ever read in terms of the beginning of changing my atheist of reality was the tao of physics 12 years ago. Part of me wishes I had discovered seth back then and part of me realises it would have done no good and I wouldn’t have had a clue of what he was speaking. A place for everything and everything in its place and all that :blush:. Again, thank you for the list, I know I’ll find it useful and hope others reading this can too.