Any one else read all the seth books?


I’m curious as to who got so engrossed that they just kept reading… (I have had to move on to the personal sessions at this stage, but they are VERY heavy going, I believe due to the emotional connection I have built up with Jane and Rob through their ‘official’ books with seth)


I have only read three, but I found that I identified much more with Jane, and for good reason, since we are still at the human 3D level, while Seth is at the 4 or 5D level. I really got a lot of emotional and intellectual connection out of the Oversoul 7 Trilogy.


Aye, same here Brian. I plan to reread the whole trilogy very soon. I’ve just read book one of the personal sessions. Now I’m quite down to earth but I had absolutely no idea of the difficulties this valiant woman dealt with during her lifetime. She struggled so, they both did, with personal issues which makes the whole affair so much more ‘real’ and earthly and accessible, at least to my way of thinking. Which did you enjoy best in terms of the seth books? On my third reading of nature of personal reality I find I have digested the information well over the years and am feeling a real sense of personal power in my life. Quite magical really. :blush:


Agreed. The first time I read the Seth Material, it was so new and mind-boggling that I don’t think any emotional reaction could compare with that. Since then, I will pick up Nature of Personal Reality and just read a few pages - which always seems to be just what I needed. Glad to find others who find such magic in the pages.


Same, I looked for this forum just so I could find others who accepted the premises of the work. I have one ‘real life’ friend who is really into the whole idea of beliefs creating reality. She’s not read the seth books. I’m trying to locate an Italian version for her. No easy feat, apparently. But it’s very comforting to know there are yet more folks out there who’s minds are turning in this direction. :blush:


I spent the last year reading everything. I’ve found The Early Sessions to be most enlightening. Also rereading much of it all. Except not the Personal Sessions. I agree with you - they became upsetting.


I’ve read nearly all of the books in the last few months. Working on the Early Sessions now and I’m loving the material. It’s Seth’s very personal introductory course. He’s hilarious, arrogant, informal, so human for what he is! It’s so good. Can’t wait to read them all.


I found The Early Sessions explained the concept of thoughts creating reality in a manner nothing else ever has. I’ve heard that idea for years and it never made sense. As someone who loves making things with my hands, and writing, making anything from my thoughts alone felt too absurd and abstract. Trying to figure out how that could possibly work on a practical level made no sense. It just made me think about how flimsy and air-like are my thoughts. And I couldn’t accept it just cuz people said it. But the way Seth describes it in book 1 (or/and 2) made sense. It was like finally getting notes to the class I’d missed all these years.


Quite, but for some reason I feel its important to me to get through it. It’s a quiet and unobtrusive need to see what Jane went through, in part to bring us this information. But going much slower than I did the other books.


Totally, I think that’s what makes it all so easy to get ones head round! :blush:


I think inevitably I’ll go on to the early sessions after iv worked my way through the personals. Gives me a bit more time with dynamic entity if nothing else. :wink:


The Seth books have been a part of my life since the early 70’s when I was drawn to my first book “ Seth Speaks” , and from the first chapter, something kept ringing truth.
Those were the days of the earliest “ New age “ thinking, and somewhat scandalous in my small town, but nonetheless I had a Guru, I learned to meditate, and started to experience amazing changes.
From there on Seth was like a life line so I read most all the books I could find.
I am now 80 yrs old, and beside me now is “ Seth Speaks” and not one room away is my collection of the other publications.
Out of body experiences were a common part of my life, but I learned my experiences are not accepted by most people, particularly in my age group, so these days I remain quiet about my beliefs.
For me Seth has been my lifeline all these years.


Joannie that’s a really inspiring story. I totally appreciate that feeling that one needs to keep their beliefs to themselves. I always have a desire to help others by letting them know how much of a role their beliefs play, but actually sometimes (or most times actually) it’s much more powerful to live it from the inside quietly. And anyhow, every being alive knows deep down what’s what, and learning is learning. Which was your favorite book Joannie? (glad I checked the spelling there, auto correct wants you to be Joanne :roll_eyes:)


My favorite will always be Seth Speaks, but I visit most of the books on a regular basis.
The advantage of the earlier editions is the index reference is kept, so for any given subject I can check the chapters quickly.
Seth Speaks, being my first book helps in understanding Religion, in the 585 session “ The Meaning Of Religion” .
I am new to this sight, so I am wondering how much has been discussed about the Christ story?
I do understand wanting to help others, however I finally learned, every single one of us has our path, each of us encounters others that teach what is needed, and I try not to interfere, I am not always successful :blush:.


Absolutely agree. I guess when we’re compelled to ‘interfere’ it’s part of everyone’s learning. I’m finding the balance between being my truest self and remaining open to other people’s realities. And not thinking I have truth and they don’t. Finally got that one down (I hope!!!)


I have a hard time with being open about these beliefs - or explorations. I’m afraid people will think I’ve gone off the deep end. Plus I’m afraid of that for myself too, sometimes. That I’ve just fallen prey to wishful thinking or etc.
That’s one if the reasons The Personal Sessions were hard: because Seth’s instructions don’t work for Jane. Which either means she - for many complicated personal reasons - couldn’t put them to use or that they are not true.
I’m always searching for proof. Tho I know that even when I get it, it doesn’t satisfy. I’ve had many experiences of ‘magic’ and yet am often filled with doubts.


I hear all that, it mirrors my own experience. To get me over the dichotomy of feeling like I’m not being true to my own self when I don’t share my beliefs I just tell myself that by truly living my own beliefs and fully owning my ‘shit’, I AM being true to myself. Building up a sense of trust and deep love and respect for my own inner being has helped immensely. I really feel quite over my doubts now. And interestingly it’s reading the personal session for Jane and Rob that does it. It seems to me that they were constantly looking for improvements on the moment rather than living the moment, that’s more evident of Rob, but mostly because he’s the one who notes down his thoughts as they go. And one can’t discount the distortions that would occur from translating from non verbal to the English language through a woman who has trouble trusting herself. It’s an exercise in reading quite broadly between the lines, as all life seems to be. Much more is NOT said than is, if you get my meaning. But I’m having a break from reading just now to digest. I’m all too ready to read my way through life rather than live it. :wink:


Back in the days when I found Seth, I was involved with a group who were of like mind, so we could openly share. It was so helpful.
Self doubt was always a part of this, but it helped me spot beliefs that I had to change, but look for the proof in how you feel first. Jane was also a skeptic, and lived with doubt from what I have read, and I can relate to the period of time she was doing her work, people were very closed minded, and this kind of information was considered at best skeptical, at worst “ evil, ( ie , my favorite uncle called me a witch at a family gathering).
I was not aware of the books that are mentioned here “ The Early Sessions, or Personal Sessions, it has peaked my interest so I will go looking for them.


I’ve not read the early sessions in full yet, just part of the first book. As the name suggests it’s a collection of the first couple hundred session before they began seth speaks. The personal sessions are a bit harrowing but very VERY eye and mind opening in terms of Jane and Robs struggles. It’s opening my mind in a new way. Mostly to do with perception. We PERCIEVE people who give us pivotal information which changes our life in a rather rosy hue, as a rule. Their reality is likely far divorced from the one we give them in our imagination. We’re all on a rather perilous feeling journey, and we all struggle. It’s harrowing, but strangely comforting.


I’d be surprised if most if not all Seth readers experience these checks on their thinking. My approach has been based on the fact that my world view will always be a choice - for me it is a conscious choice to accept the possible existence of a fabric of reality that is not only far more interesting than standard models, but also -importantly- makes plenty of room for the strange and wonderful experiences I’ve had. So it’s not so much about believing as exploration.