Applying The Law Of Attraction To Finances

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Seth Early Sessions, Vol 8, Session 404
Applying The Law Of Attraction To Finances

Now Joseph, a few remarks. These may sound simple to you. Ruburt has learned, the hard way, that the physical image is a direct materialization of the inner state of mind.

He knows this now through direct personal experience. If he had believed me in the beginning, and followed the precepts in the material, he would not have had such an experience.

Now. I recommend Maltz because his exercises are based on truths, even though he does not fully understand what lies beneath. Do you want me to tell you how to better your financial circumstances or do you want to learn the hard way?

(“No. Tell me.” See Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.)

You have been told but you have not taken the information seriously because you were not ready, as earlier Ruburt was not ready to. First of all, all negative attitudes must be removed from your consciousness. You are attracting further financial problems in your desperation. You are focusing upon poverty rather than wealth.

It may seem to you highly impractical, unrealistic and downright foolish to ignore the physical circumstances of debts and expenses. To focus upon them, I tell you, is to bring more upon yourself. The rule of expectation applies.

When you receive a bill do not automatically react as you have, instead as if you were contemplating a new painting. Form in your mind the image of a check to that amount. See yourself celebrating as you pay the final amount on your car. See in your mind’s eye a surplus of money in your folder when the month’s expenses are paid.

Now your financial situation will not change no matter how you push yourself, unless you apply such simple exercises. You do not do this naturally, which is why they are required. You must indeed think consciously in terms of plenty rather than of want. On several occasions Ruburt has followed these and your wants have been fulfilled.

You have been fighting him in this regard, and this has impeded the efforts he has lately been making. Now these exercises will prove themselves out in practical terms, but you must give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

Your subjective life has been somewhat permeated by thoughts of want, and literally poverty, until you have indeed exaggerated your own situation. The exaggerated situation could come to pass however if you persist in projecting those images outward.

They would not help you get a raise but act to the contrary, and they have done so in the past. I am giving you advice in very practical terms. What you do with it is up to you. But you have severely limited yourself in this respect.

In the past Ruburt helped you generate such negative ideas, but he has been making an attempt to combat them. His own experience has proven to him that I was right in other regards. As long as you believe that others are taking advantage of you, they will do so. The origin is in yourself, and this is what you have not so far understood.

(“I think I have been aware of that.”)

The origin is not in others.

For fifteen minutes a day agree to suspend critical judgment, and following the Maltz method imagine yourself vividly in the position you would like to be. The rest of the time consciously make an effort to control your attitude when you find yourself thinking in terms of want or poverty. Then switch your thoughts to ideas of plenty. This need not involve hypocrisy, indeed must not. You must feel that this is legitimate and practical, because the thoughts of plenty will automatically begin to attract plenty. This is sufficient. There should not be an overemphasis on material possessions or security however.

Now this program if faithfully followed will bring results. It will initiate intuitive concepts, ideas in your work which will automatically attract others to possess them. It will initiate other actions that will result in financial betterment.

Do you have any questions pertaining to this particular material?

(“I have a lot of them. It’s hard to ask them all at once on short notice though.”) …

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…ron speaks…As Seth states many times, that all time is simultaneous, that is, the past, the present and the future, the infinite probable futures, all exist now, in the present, separated by perception, also meaning that the personal point of power for the individual is now, in the present, it is always now.

Seth also referred to the future year, 2075, as major changes in store for earth revolving around the return of Paul, or Saul, a portion of the greater Christ entity, having an important impact upon religion and world history, as other associated changes will also occur by 2075. Paul will appear wearing a guise and a persona and using a different name and different approach to his work, and team members of his entity, or aspect–counterparts will also participate in the changes, but the details are still being worked out…in simultaneous time…no future events are predestined, they can and cannot manifest as previously planned as there is always change.

The following is what I’ve been getting in my dream state about the future and year 2075, bits and pieces over the past two to three years, and the dream is jelling and taking cohesive shape, but is still not finished, due to the possibilities of change.


Renaissance II, the coming of SmartPeople

The operating system of the mid to distant future, which will be fully operational and in place by year 2075, or possibly sooner, will consist of a vast, mental platform, a psychological medium, encompassing global paranormal access ability right from birth, and used by, “SmartPeople,” who will fully mature by age ten, and who will all communicate, inter-communicate via ESP, thus obsoleting all then current forms of human physical communication, including cyber–internet, social media, print, phone and TV-radio systems. As result, the human inner database “veil” will be individually psychically lifted, thus allowing the new human species of SmartPeople self-access to their vast, inner being storehouse–reservoir of knowledge and wisdom that has always resided within each and every person, although mostly unacknowledged or ignored due to negative programming and restrictive belief systems. Leading up to that time frame, religion and government will be in shambles and will no longer exert any power or influence over people, SmartPeople.

Other global changes will also be jelling that will contribute, setting the stage, so to speak, for the coming of SmartPeople, and that is that the world population will have dropped significantly due to the combined mental–psychic agreement of women on a worldwide basis to voluntarily becoming sterile for several years while the natural attrition of death takes its toll on population.

When world population has stabilized to a few billion, then women, on a global basis, will once again become fertile and give birth to the new species of SmartPeople and they will welcome the new religious approach of Paul, and company, but it will have nothing to do with Christianity.

Woman, the world’s creators, psychically understand that world population reduction need not be accomplished as done before for centuries and millennia, under the severe rule of egotistical men, hellbent on greed, gain, power and control, who have done much to destroy the planet and its ecosystem, by, for example, starting wars, building nuclear arsenals and armies and enforcing oppressive restrictive governments that subjugate and kill their people.

2075 is here and now, available for psychic perception, and the events are forming and being worked out in the psychological state and the dream state. The future is unfolding as it should and everything is on time. You create your own reality. Be there.