Ashley-Create Your own happiness/Reality

These two workbooks are reissued on kindle. i recall them from way back when. I could ony find the paper version of create your own dreams. Nacy Ashley- i wonder what happened to her.

Nancy Ashley spoke at the 2014 California Seth Conference, I’ll betcha that Lawrence Davidson knows how to contact her.

I correspond with Nancy. She still lives in Hawaii and is 84ish. These are not reissues; they are the first ebook versions. I wrote to her and asked she do that and she did shortly thereafter. :slight_smile: The 3rd book on dreams remains to be digitized. I imagine Rick Stack is working on that as he is handling the business end. I read a transcript of a talk she did at an L.A. Seth conference. She is worth hearing and will likely be at future conferences to speak.


Thanks for the info, although I have a hard copy of create your own dreams, I am very much a kindle convert. I hope someone somewhere has a full record of the seth conference transcripts and that they will be available at some point for purchase or distribution.