Astral projection technique

I’ve come across Seth’s technique on astral projection. Has anyone had success with the technique ?
I tried it once and with no success. I guess it would be my fear.
And what kind of people do you meet in astral worlds?
Some of my fears would be that I would attract negative entities.

Hi Anon,
Could you post the reference of the Seth material you are talking about, what book, chapter for the astral projection?
I have had some success with astral projection from a waking place, say rather than just from a dream place. For whatever reason I do not fear it. I have met other people and what seems like non people. Sometimes I feel fear and immediately find myself back in my body, seems like a built in safety mechanism.
I think it might help for you to realize that you astral project every time you sleep. It is something you are already doing, just not always wakingly conscious of. Trust that you are fine now and always will be, weather you remember it or not. Maybe that notion will help?
I have also noticed we are not alone, we have friends that go with us. Kinda like the concept of guardian angels, we are never alone.

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From my understanding I have been gifted with the ability to astral project somewhat naturally.
Although I have been clouded up for sometime. I am slowly beggining to understand more of what it is that is taking place and how it reveals itself.

Without any preparation or meditation. I can simply close my eyes and from I understand, astral project.
I am able to see… things. Some which I cannot explain nor do I understand yet.

However. I have recently come across Quantum Cold Lasers. Which is simply a Quantum magnetic energy pulsing thru specific colour light thru specific type of crystals. Upon this experience I was able to amplify my experience in such a way where I was able to actually see what was happening and take in a much deeper view on what I was seeing and where I was going.
Not that I actually know “where” any of it is.
Just that it’s beautiful beyond what words can describe. And things, people and creatures which many have not yet seen here on earth (or so in my opinion based on my own experiences)

I have opened up greatly to channeled sources. And have only heard of Seth. But never ventured into the material. Until now.
This seems to be the only source of information which relates to my experiences.

Would love to hear more about this though.
And thank you for being here and having me here. :sparkling_heart::pray: