Can this Forum learn, can we record on digital scrolls?

We are all at the beginning of the Seth awakening. We are here now.
This forum can bring together the ones who believe that Seth-Ruburt, or Jane Roberts, had something amazing to say to us all; All Who Exist Now.
Now, can this site learn as we learn? Can this site record our wisdom and understanding of Seth?
Digital scrolls.
We can poll our group and ask a wonderful question, and get many responses. Where does that poll get stored?
We find a written record, unpublished, from Seth. Where does it get stored, how do we access it?
A wonderful benefactor contributed something for us all to read. Where does it get stored, how do we access it? Who creates (and maintains) the Index?
A journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.
We could start a FAQ. [ie. Are animals reborn as humans? Seth, “NO”. Session4]
Do we link to other universes using IP addresses and HTML?
Understand this, I, like perhaps others of you, have no idea what this website can accomplish. So I posted.