Children choose their parents

What does Seth say about souls choosing their parents befitting incarnating on Earth?

You could search through the whole Seth material. For example:

One of the results of the second query led to " The Way Toward Health" chapter 12, which I found quite interesting, but it doesn’t focus on choosing the parents.

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I am positive from reading the Seth Materials long ago, that it spoke directly on this point and that it did firmly say we choose everything about our life and situation we are born into and also experience from then on. Reasons may be more complicated than we perhaps can understand while in our physical bodies and with our physical brains to process information, but that we do indeed choose.

I often wondered why I chose the family I was born into as they were all pretty abusive and negative people of small minds and hearts. Why would anyone “choose” that? But, it was all those questions and ponderings that lead me to a different way of thinking and what I often refer to as “waking up” to the bigger picture energies that govern our world and our lives.

Maybe it is not helpful to look at things as a Negative experience that was chosen, but rather an expanding experience that was chosen.