Conscious Reality Creation

I found this quote to be full of information:

Conscious Reality Creation


> At one time, there was what we may call a federation of consciousness, though that is not the best term. But consciously, a group of people upon this earth managed to remember old truths. They remembered that they formed physical reality from the vitality of their own thoughts and feelings and images. They knew how to do this consciously. They knew how to speak the body. They knew how to speak the wind. They knew how to send their thoughts and feelings out into a universe to make the kind of universe that they wanted. Many times the knowledge has been forgotten and many times it has been reclaimed and so hopefully you will reclaim it once again.

> There are methods that you barely understand by which you give your bodies vitality and strength. There are ways and methods by which you daily send forth your image out into the universe. There are ways and methods by which you form each organism within you and those organisms that you perceive as outside of you. Hopefully you will reclaim these methods consciously and use them. This is the endeavor that we are presently engaged in. It will lead us into the heart of perception as you understand it and as you do not, as yet, understand it. It will lead you into the understanding that your hopes, as you think of them in the present, exist not only in what you think of as the present, but in the past and future as well. That you form the universe as you know it en masse and individually from the focal point of this moment, from the focus of this moment that all of your selves exist now and are not done and finished anymore than you are done and finished. And anymore than I am done and finished. Anymore than my reality is no more than it appears to you in this room, for your reality is far more than it seems to be to you as you sit within this room. En masse and individually, as you know, your form the room, the furniture, the time, the setting in which it now seems to you, you exist. It seems to you that there is no other existence for you personally but this room and this time and this moment and yet, of course, you create it. You create the selves, who in turn create the images that you know. Within you this knowledge is apparent and speaks to you if you would listen. You think that there is something very esoteric, mysterious and strange often in what I say and there is not. What I say is as intimate to you as your own breath is if you would but feel your breath. If you would but once give up the defenses that you have set between what you think of as your intellect and what you think of as the rest of the self.

> Where, from without, can truths come to you? They must come from within you. I can only encourage you to open yourselves to them, to listen; to be, to experience your own being. Not to experience your being second-hand through the experiences of others or through the opinions of others, but through your own experience and so I hopefully expect that you will learn these methods as you get them here and as you receive them for yourselves in your own ways. After all this time you still do not personally accept the fact that you are, in your terms at this moment, the sum of your own thoughts and emotions about yourselves and that whatever you want to fix you can fix, and that whatever you want to change you can change. If you do not change it is because you do not want to change badly enough. No results are forced upon you from the outside. You form the outside.