'Consciousness is Every(where)ness, Expressed Locally: Bashar and Seth'

Please find below a link to a paper with the title: ‘Consciousness is Every(where)ness, Expressed Locally - Bashar and Seth’.
The paper (17 pages) provides an overview of the cosmologies of Bashar and Seth. Both describe a hologram from the inside. They use different terminology and come from different angles but they basically describe the same structure of existence. There may be an illlustrated version in the future.
The paper provides 150 references, but only material from Bashar and Seth was used. In the case of Seth mainly UR 1 and 2.

Please find below a link to an illustrated version of the text. The text remained unchanged but the following quote has been added on page 14:

Seth: ‘You think of one I-self as a primary and ultimate end of evolution. Yet there are, of course, other identities with many such I-selves, each as aware and independent as your own, while also being aware of the existence of a greater identity in which they have their being. Consciousness fulfills itself by knowing itself. The knowledge changes it, in your terms, into a greater gestalt that then tries to fulfill and know itself, and so forth’.

This is a description/circumscription of the self-organising principle or paradigm.

Names are meaningless. It is the message that is paramount, and not so much the messenger. ALL Speaker-Teachers, my term, use a variety of clever chosen “GUISES” and “PERSONAS” in their work as they package and organize information for your benefit geared to your level of understanding in the historical time period of your existence, The same message changes for different audiences and different comprehensions in different time periods, you see, and, if the particular teachers message happens to resonate with you, then you will gravitate towards that voice and benefit. It is best that you “sample” several such teachers to determine which one you will listen to for all teachers have different abilities, talents and skills, and different psychic spiritual “IQ’s” you understand as there are beginner teachers, intermediate teachers and also highly gifted knowledgeable teachers with deep databases from which they draw their information, all out there teaching, and you can quickly determine which is which by listening to their messages. I suggest sticking with the teacher that does the most complete, fulfilling job of taking you gently by the hand and depositing you in the loving nest of your own vast inner being and putting you in direct touch with your own inner self-being and your own inner teachers and guides, and then their job is done and you both move on to greater vistas of reality. – ron.