Contacting the deceased

I tried to find something in the Seth books about contacting those who have passed. Can anyone tell me what book it’s in, and what chapter?

Use the Seth search engine; you may get some ideas:

There is also a mention in “Seth Speaks” that might help:

“A-5 opens up a dimension in which the vital consciousness of any personality can at least theoretically be contacted. This involves communicating not only with past personalities in your terms, but future ones. It is a level of consciousness very seldom reached. It is not, for example, the layer used by most mediums. It is a meeting ground in which personalities from any time or place or probable system can communicate with each other in clear terms understood by all.
Since past, present, and future do not exist, this is a level of crystal clear communication of consciousness. Those involved have an excellent knowledge of their own backgrounds and histories, of course, but in this state possess also a much larger perspective, in which private and historical backgrounds are seen as a portion of a greater perceivable whole.
(9:35.) At this level, messages literally flash through the centuries from one great man or woman to another. The future speaks to the past. The great artists have always been able to communicate at this level and while living literally operated at this level of consciousness a good deal of the time. Only the most exterior portions of their personalities bowed to the dictates of historical period.”
—SS Chapter 19: Session 575, March 24, 1971

Hi Yellowblue,
I came across an interesting documentary and watched it yesterday, it was about contacting another consciousness giving examples and methods. It is on a very unusual topic, but soon into the documentary it veers off on quantum physics and how thought is projected and received and it is very interesting and may be applicable to what you are wanting to achieve. It may be helpful to see others doing this and see the experiments in physics.

I personally think those in our group, family and friends that are not occupying physical form right now, contact us all the time, through dreams and messages.
One suggestion I would make is to examine your beliefs on the topic, much easier to do anything that you believe is possible.

I have had multiple contacts of loved ones who have passed, meetings and conversations in dream state. It is a very easy to access way to go about it as you are pretty much out of body yourself in that state and more open minded to the strange and unusual.

The documentary if you are interested in on Amazon Prime, and there is usually a free trial period if you want to watch it and cancel the membership without incurring cost. Dr Greer is the main speaker.