Creating One's Own Reality

How many people here have had success in applying the knowledge that the Seth Material presents to us?
That material is a gift, to be sure, and all of us have been attracted to it for one reason or another.
And I wonder, how many people here have taken the theory and put it to the test, what seemingly unchangeable situation (by, say, traditional mass belief standards), have you moved or manipulated, in a way that seems impossible by those standard reality beliefs we were all raised by?

A few things quickly come to my mind:

  • Asking, before going to sleep, for True Dreams from the Gates of Horns to harmonize the parts of my whole self.

  • Reminding myself to look from my whole self’s perspective.

  • Learned to distinguish and handle differently my outer senses and my inner senses.

  • I got several confirmations of the knowledge I acquired directly in altered states of consciousness. There are several concepts introduced by Seth, widely quoted, that I consider that people misunderstand. Unfortunately, there can’t be a conversation on them, because most fans treat the Seth material like a kind of Bible.

  • I experienced the past probable re-alignment to serve a present need.

  • I experienced creating reality in smaller ways, and got a glimpse of how it works.

I believe that “The Early Sessions Book 1” is the book everybody should read.

What is your experience?


Before I had ever read any Seth Material, strange and peculiar things happened to me, things that I can now explain with Seth’s teachings and a greater understanding of the malleable universe we live in. And things, since the readings, that make me feel I am now on a well marked trail and can find my way easily.

One example that comes to mind right now, is when I was learning Rachmaninoff’s Concerto in C Sharp Minor, there was a passage that had such complex chords and I couldn’t play them as my hands were too small or my finger reach was too short, by about 2 inches, however you want to look at it.

So I sat at the keyboard, thinking, if anything is possible, it is possible for me to play these chords, since we are all just atoms and the space in between. And as I had often meditated with questions and got answers from requests to Seth, so I thought, why not talk to another dead guy, and asked Rachmaninoff if he would put his hands in mind and help me play that passage. Seth taught me to be that unafraid and open minded about things like that. So, after the meditation, and asking for help, I played that piece in its entirety, easily.

It was a lesson in how anything can be manipulated or altered, if one allows oneself to believe. The trick seems to be believing in a bold and confident way, without any fear or anxiety. There is a Feeling-Tone to this stuff.

So, when some people say this stuff doesn’t work, I am thinking they are being held back by fear or some emotion not compatible with the experience they are wanting to create.

I am intrigued by your comment:
“I got several confirmations of the knowledge I acquired directly in altered states of consciousness. There are several concepts introduced by Seth, widely quoted, that I consider that people misunderstand. Unfortunately, there can’t be a conversation on them, because most fans treat the Seth material like a kind of Bible.”

I do not worship Seth like a god or his teachings like a bible, and would love to hear more if you care to share. I think it is just fear that holds most people back from looking at the Seth material as a good place to start, rather than a defined closed container of ideas.


Many things. So many things, I don’t even tell others because it would not be believed. When I have said specifics on forums or whatever, the doubters rallied their cry of “no, not possible, you are wrong.”

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Hi The Tide,
I guess I am in the same boat, so to speak. I have also experienced things that no one would believe and am often hesitant to talk about such things. I guess I thought here, on the Seth discussion forum, it would be interesting to give people a chance to put it out there, thought it might encourage others to think, “well, yes if this person could do that, so could I,” as well as help people to believe in or trust their own, seemingly, unbelievable experiences.
So, on a double dare basis, my most outrageous experience, if I had to choose just one, would be healing my son who was born with a palsy arm. After I was told by my doctor, that it was never going to heal, he was two weeks old at this time, it just got steadily worse from the time he was born. I spent most of the day, just meditating the image of putting my arm into his and moving it around, while moving his actual arm about out of the palsy shape. I never doubted it for a moment, it took about 3 to 5 ish days, and it was healed and has never given him any bother since. Healed as if it had never happened.
But like you, there are so many experiences to choose from, and other than a hard core student of Sethian teachings, not sure anyone would believe any of em.

Of course I believe that. It “should” be normal, being ill is really the abnormal, but I am guessing Jesus said to the (blind guy? leprosy guy?) to go and tell no one, because of the doubters. We absolutely can heal ourselves and others. I do it all the time to help others, and I just don’t tell them. People feel better with surgery and medicine, which are really both just placebos. The real healing is mental. Guess I’m one of those hardcore “Seth” students!

I foolishly went for a “well woman” checkup and supposedly had _________ at “stage x”, which I REFUSED to believe and just ignored it. I won’t even say it or give it a name as it is non-existent as far as I am concerned. While I did end up going to have minor surgery to appease my family, the doctors said by the time I had the minor day surgery, it was almost less than nothing. I’ll never ever again go to the doctor any for any kind of “check up”, i.e. looking for a problem. How dumb is that, once you know Truth?

Hurricane Florence was a direct hit on our city, spun over it for 4 solid days. We did leave, but I absolutely refused to believe our house would be wiped out. We are surrounded by massive pines and only 3 miles from the ocean, and less than 1/2 a mile from a major marsh. Floods were over car roofs. But we had zero damage, I mean nothing, other than moldy cheese and duct tape residue on the windows. The huge pine trees all fell away from the house!

My boyfriend broke his toe, I refused to believe that and only saw it being a non-issue. The next day, it was working perfectly. I healed my cat when no veterinarian could, I simply whispered over and over that he was super healthy, invincible, Mr Peak Physical Condition.

I did observe how people can see the same thing differently, my boyfriend and I both saw a car swerve on the road in front of us – I saw that car hit a mailbox and that mailbox flew across the road and shattered in front of us. He saw that car totally miss that mailbox. We were both right :slight_smile:

Hi The Tide,
Healing and any mind bending of reality is interesting stuff, once you break free of limited thinking of any kind.
The mailbox thing is particularly fascinating though. That at the same moment in time, you both saw different things. That really makes me question something I have been thinking about lately, and that is that everyones reality is different. We just assume that we are all seeing the same thing, having the same interaction that everyone is having. I think some people who are rigid in a belief that there is only one way to achieve anything, are very wrong, in that there are many ways to achieve anything.
It just all harkens back to what exactly is reality.
Hope I am making sense, it is 2:30 am here, can’t sleep.

Consider perhaps a Venn diagram, we each “see” what we perceive individually and then there is the overlapping area where our combined view creates group perception. Like eyewitnesses to a crime in a detective story, every witness having a slightly different version of what happened. Or a mailbox that absolutely shattered to the driver of a car, yet it didn’t shatter according to the passenger in the same car :slight_smile:

We were once arguing about something silly and both being stubborn, I mentally threw out “I love you” as he walked past me and he literally, instantly stopped, turned around and looked back and said “I love you”. Had a bit of a confused look on his face but I could see my mental action do something to create a result.

The Tide,
Clearly you can’t sleep either.
I just had to look up venn diagram. And yes, that makes sense. Maybe we actually need many different points of view to collectively experience anything and we just don’t realize, as a group, that a long with differing points of view we are having differing points of experience. But all are needed or maybe just a natural part of the organism. As in, we are all part of a much larger organism. Which we are really. Same as a group of consciousness.
I also, have experienced mentally projecting thought. Don’t seem to be able to control it though. We are fascinating creatures.

Nah, sleep not an issue, my partner is a professional scuba diver so we are up at dawn drinking Cuban con leches.

I’ll throw this at you also: I healed my cat of a MRSA infection after 4 vets couldn’t using conventional medicine, but haven’t yet gotten the diabetes aspect dissolved. However, the insulin pen never runs out of insulin, the level stays constant. If I were to say this to the vet, they would think I was either nuts or doing something like not really pulling out the liquid. But I can safely say I am indeed administering properly unless the last 60 needles are “broken” lol.

Hi The Tide,
Yeah, this is the sort of thing I am talking about. Anything that would make someone think you are crazy for saying it outloud, is interesting.
So the cat won’t let you heal its need for insulin, have you thought about having a chat with the cat, to ask why?
I twice, on two separate occasions, two different houses, asked hornets/wasps to move their nest building to, a safer for me and them, place, and they did. Point being, why not ask the cat? Even people have reasons they choose to be sick sometimes. With a stubborn healing, maybe the cat has a reason?

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Well, heck, no I haven’t, but I do know why now that you put it that way – he doesn’t like the nearly starved to death, homeless kitty we rescued and brought home last year. I talked to him and got the UTI issue / MRSA dissolved, but I guess I haven’t really talked to him on the diabetes situation. Sick = more attention, even if that means needles. I’m talking to him about it now. Great insight! Thank you!!

There was a book I read called, “Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can” by Caroline Myss. Interesting thing she points out is that people often get emotionally rewarded by being sick, center of attention, that sort of thing. Interesting twist on the subject of healing. Caroline Myss was a hands on and long distance healer, who decided to empower people to heal themselves with, according to her, a more permanent healing than if she healed them understanding the emotional elements behind illness. And we sometimes forget that animals are jealous etc. and just as emotionally complicated as people.
Please follow up on this conversation at some point, I would love to hear how this turns out.