Creating with our minds vs physical objects


I just want to clear something up that I have been pondering over ever since I began reading Seth books. So I understand we create our own reality but what about the table I’m sitting at and the chair I’m sitting on? How did I create that? Wasn’t it made in a factory? This has got me so confused and has me second guessing how I could possible materialize my deepest desires to me when everything has to be physically made in this physical reality, is there really a type of ‘magic’ going on? I understand their is many other procedures going on underneath what we are consciously aware of at any given time but I am looking for an answer to this question at the ‘level’ I am presently at which is a pretty basic one.


You may be forgetting about the existence of telepathy, and that thoughts, emotions, and beliefs travel through space and time - they leave the body. There is indeed magic going on. Matter you’ll recall isn’t truly solid at all, as physics teaches us. Just the same elementary particles arranged in a slightly different manner than those of our own body. Also if you are familiar with the double slit experiment in quantum mechanics you would find it very interesting to see how consciousness affects matter.

Imagination and emotion create invisible electromagnetic (and other) forms of incipient creation, composed of sound and light that, upon gaining enough energy (for lack of a better term) manifest as either matter in space or an event in time.

I can see how the dependence upon physical processes can lead to confusion, except you must remember that all of reality is created in the manner I detailed above. You are thinking too much about the “how”, but the how is the realm of the inner self, not the ego. And its resources far surpass what you can consciously imagine. You are in constant contact with all the consciousness that is behind all of those processes, and any physical barriers are essentially illusions, because that is not the origin of anything.

So the answer to that is, “Yes… and? So what.” If you desire and imagine and pour mental energy into the manifestation of something it will manifest. The how and form may not be as you expect, and in fact if there’s a particular way of it coming about that you specifically find hard to believe, then that might be an opportunity to change that belief. The result could also come about in a different manner however.

When someone asked Seth in an ESP class that if they believe with all of their deepest being that if they go up the mountain they will meet a girl with purple hair and she will be their soulmate, Seth said essentially if you truly believe that say, brown or blonde hair isn’t more likely, or more reasonable, or more practical, and if you truly believe that a different mountain, or region, isn’t equally or more likely a place to meet, and so forth, then go with my blessing. I think true belief can just about move mountains.

(Dammit! This post should have gone through last night but I guess the hotel internet failed. I’d like to write giving you some more concrete / physical related answers but don’t have time at the moment.)


You are doing an awesome job at replying! You have given me the exact reminder and insights I needed. Thank you Chris. I have read almost all the books that are able to be bought on a kindle (as you are likely aware the personal sessions and some others are not) and I find myself forgetting a whole bunch of all the information. It’s only when I get an intuitional urge to flip to a random page in any one if the books I have read so far, or in this case you answer one of my many questions that I’m like “well derr Sam, how did you forget that” and that I find the information rings much truer and is remembered with much ease. Is this a common thing? Or is it just me? I’m starting to realise that reading the books in a linear fashion is actually not always the best approach. But that could be a personal thing. (Going off topic)


I think it’s very common. I actually want to do something about it. I’ve been re-reading NoPR recently, but very quickly using just the introductory sentences of each paragraph to remind myself what it says, skipping the italicized portions, and yes… things can get lost. It’s really helped me get a broader overview and focus on the specifics of what to actually do. Seth has a lot of side-text about how things are, and why (talking about where psychology is at today, popular, though waning, views on the subconscious, etc.).


I am glad I am not the only one then. I have also started re-reading NoPR and I also skip the italicized parts but still read everything Seth has to say. Maybe I should take on your idea for myself and also just read the beginning sentence of each paragraph as long as I am confident I can fully understand the whole length of what he has to say from just those first few sentence/s. Also in NoPR I am finding chapters 15 through to 17 on natural hypnosis very helpful at this current time and have begun practicing religiously the 5-10 min exercise that involves repeating a specific statement that rings true to me once a day. I am looking forward to the results. Have you done this exercise at all?


I should also add that I have only just in the last 5 months gotten into the Seth books after spending many years trying to find the perfect ‘teacher’ and trying to really dig deep into my emotional reality. I feel I have made huge progress in many areas of my life just in these couple of months but I still find myself going for weeks all stressed and fixated way too much on the logical and physical side to my current reality. Would you say the more time you spend reading and applying the Seth material that it becomes more of a habit?


Yes, it’s a good one! I’m not quite that far in my re-reading but I do remember those chapters being significant. I will keep them in mind! I know there are several chapters of how things are between where I currently am and there.

Yes. :wink: Definitely.