Did Seth suggest that Jane quit smoking, and why?

I’m asking this question on behalf of my friend. I will quote her:

Why did Seth suggest Jane quit smoking? He said natural drugs are fine didn’t he? And tobacco is natural. And if you don’t have beliefs that smoking is harmful to you wouldn’t it be safe?

Perhaps someone more familiar with the instances Seth has commented on her smoking can answer it.


He commented many times on her smoking, and even told her in the beginning of The Early Sessions that she would quit within the next 2 weeks! Jane was stubborn and never did quit. Seth said that he didn’t like the way her smoking made his voice sound so rough, haha! Your beliefs are what form your reality, so if you truly don’t believe that they are harming you then they won’t. Sometimes we have some very deep beliefs that we aren’t even aware of, and those could be a problem.


So he made the suggestion for his own vanity reasons and not for her health? HA!


I don’t think it was vanity, but comfort. When he was synched with Jane, he was capable of feeling her body’s condition. He may have been more sensitive to it than she was.


I think I remember him making demands about a certain type of alcohol jane was drinking. He didnt like it. He said he preferred Sherry, i think. Get your own body seth! LOL


That’s pretty much it. I don’t recall him ever saying that it was bad for her health, just bad for his voice, lmbo!

U funny Byron! I think that she drank beer mostly, in which case I agree with Seth, haha!

Just reading Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment and Jane wrote that her lungs were perfect - something that made her laugh out loud as they were assessed when she was in the hospital and many other organs were not in working order.


Ah! I remember that now. That was one of the more recent books I’ve finished.

Although Seth many times tried to get Jane to quit smoking, he revealed that Jane’s smoking would NOT harm her…ron

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As I recall it, he told her a small amount would not harm her.


anything in moderation :smiling_imp:


Jane’s idea of a small amount was different…ron


It was pretty obvious that smoking was not effecting Jane’s voice, When she would sing Sumari she could hit notes that were amazing.And of course Jane did not believe that smoking had any negative effects on her lungs.


Seth did encourage Jane to stop smoking according to the Early Sessions. I think the reasoning wasn’t so much about smoking and its effects per se but more about the beliefs that led someone to smoke compulsively and how those ideas in themselves weren’t healthy. Is that the case with all smoking? We need quotes!


Seth never demanded of Jane. He wanted a brandy and cigar but Jane said no.

He never said not to drink any type of alcohol.

Seth said smoking is a “dirty habit”, and so it is, and that she would be healthier without it. When she died her lungs were in good condition because of her beliefs, though. Seth said her beliefs about being a writer–the romantic smoking writer, pushing forward with work through cold coffee and cigarettes and a host of other personal reasons, no doubt–were too strongly connected for her to overcome.


I think it was Seth Material or Seth Speaks in which Seth relates a connection with Jane smoking to an ‘earlier’/another life in which she drowned as a child and a need to breath deeply which was related to that and other things, as well. He said she would overcome it, though; I never realized he prodded Jane about smoking so many times. I have wondered what Seth has had to say about these environmental damages to the physical organism, habits and diet, belief or not. [As a smoker, I cannot help but acknowledge shortness of breath, cancer or not. However…I have moved largely to vaping, which is resulting in “happy/at peace” feelings regarding concerns and noticed physical ramifications.] I suppose I want to know what Seth would say about spending an extended period, without personal knowledge, in a radioactive area. Wouldn’t this affect the human body, ‘per se’?


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wasn’t she into wine?

yes, he preferred sherry or something and cigar!