Did Seth suggest that Jane quit smoking, and why?


Linda agreed, vaping was no valid substitute, so she resumed her “real” cigs…ron


An unfortunate experience to be sure, and valid points.

I don’t smoke (electronic or otherwise) but the harm reduction section of the e-cigarette Wikipedia article at least points to this journal article, which I fully admit I haven’t read other than skimming the conclusion. It seems to say while certainly not proven safe, it does seem to be safer than tobacco. (I’m going to add: at least safer than tobacco in excessive quantity.)

I however agree that a moderate amount of a natural substance would be preferable. When it comes to a serious addiction though I’m comfortable seeing a friend of mine vape regularly than smoke 1-2 packs a day… at least it’s easier on my ears not hearing him coughing all the time anymore. [I’m proudly self-interested, lol.]

(I can always split topics later. Vaping as a quitting aid actually seems on-topic enough for me though. I try to split topics conservatively, I wouldn’t want either to become too shallow.)


I’ve recently studied the harm element a lot. Someone would be better smoking some tobacco than vaping, instead. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the two inhalants used but when used with vaping, the daily dose is 1,000 what an asthma inhaler user, which has the same ingredients, would take into the body.

PG is cytotoxic. The skin is an organ of elimination, hence the 1 in 10 problem of total body rash. It still is affecting internal cells even though a skin reaction is not manifested.

Also, with vaping, flavours are now added (for the first time ever). No-one INHALED flavours before, taking these into the body through the lungs.

The information regarding real risk is only found in crevices on the net. Big money to be made and real concerns are not getting much traction as of yet, alas.


I have no need to debate the topic and feel others opinions and findings are as appropriate as my own. Any ideas I ‘adopt’ are usually first intensely researched, dissected and personally experienced. But no one would know this if they do not know me. I was not an early adopter of vaping, and I can only say that I it works for me and I have experienced positive results on many levels. Not attempting to convert anyone. Just sharing. :smile:


Same old, same old, it’s all about the $$$$$$$$, same old, same old…


it’s wine whenever I look Ü
see what I’ve come across today:
(9:48. Pausing in trance, Jane poured herself some wine)
sess.911, DEaVF II


What are you trying to insinuate.


Did I miss something?..ron


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The post confused me, also. Maybe it refers to a post that happened 20 posts earlier. If someone is going to be part of discussion, it would vastly help if it were made clear as to what the person is referring especially if they are taking umbrage.


It sounds like you have something to say about Jane and wine that I would like you to clarify.


I won’t debate the topic either, but I do know that if you believe something will harm you, then it will. I vape but haven’t been able to stop smoking completely because it has become a compulsion at this point. I’ve been smoking for 50 years, and quitting is easier said than done. When vaping I don’t use tobacco flavors, I prefer things like mocha. I get my juice from a reputable company that cares about quality. You can even have things like ginseng, herbs and vitamins added at no extra cost. I find vaping much more pleasurable than smoking, it tastes so much cleaner, and leaves no nasty taste behind, it’s just that damn compulsion for tobacco! I believe that moderation is the key to anything that we ingest. Too much of anything, even healthy foods, can be harmful. Just throwing my 2 cents in, but like I said, not gonna debate it. Got better things to do. :smiley_cat:


Would you share the same of the e-juice company that will add “ginseng, herbs and vitamins at no extra cost”?!! I vape tobacco favor (but it tastes good not nasty), but have been very interested in a good mocha, as well, and my source does not offer it. I get 15 ml btls. for $8, 30 ml for $15, and I haven’t purchased a 60 ml, so don’t know what the price is on that. They make juice for cloud-chasing, but I don’t do that. My source, is going to start offering their juices to other wholesalers and possibly on-line (?) retail.


Sure, check it out! You can completely customize your juice. They have hundreds of flavors, but I’d stay away from the bacon. It’s tastes like bacon that hasn’t been cooked, ew!


The various unfortunate effects that SEEM to be caused by smoking are
not caused by the cigarettes so much, as by the psychic habits which
cause a personality to seek security within such habitual patterns that
become compulsive.

When the inner patterns are broken the effects cease, but the inner
patterns are associated by the personality with those outer habits.
Indeed the need for the habits creates the exteriour habit. This is
almost a mechanistic response that is confining, and indeed detrimental
to expansion.

Some personalities need a habit security, and will switch from one
habit to another.

Early Sessions book 3, session 148, page 337. - by Jane Roberts © L.Butts


one more on Jane’s smoking habit: the ‘reasoning’ behind it…

First, naturally, I have a few comments to make that will not only
tie in Ruburt’s smoking habits with his present personality, but also
to some extent tie in his present personality with past


His smoking represents the tail end of a characteristic greediness
that besieged him in past lives, with smoking this time as a remnant.
The greediness in the past involved many more areas. It included a
strong appetite toward stuffing himself with food and drink, and an
overall greediness of appetite, even of intellectual and emotional
greediness which he has largely overcome.


There is also here connected only with his present personality an
ego image of the writer with a cigarette. In this case the cigarette
represents independance and even individuality, and even female
emancipation. So it is all bound up together in a rather mazelike
web. I hope that when Ruburt understands this it will make it easier
for him.

As I said it also has to do with a panicky gobbling of air as if he
could never get enough. As a child at one time he died from
suffocation, and this also has its bearings here in the present, the
panicky gulping of air being a mechanism of subconscious memory. I do
hope that this helps him.


The habit for various reasons then is deeply rooted, and seemed to
be a harmless answer to a number of past and present needs and

It aggravates a certain amount of nervousness however and it is not
beneficial. In this also a definate but not bullying attitude is


This “gluttony”, and you may put that in qoutes, actually
represented a terrific capacity for all kinds of consumption, and the
consumption of knowledge was no exception. An impatience was also
important, and the capacity also showed itself in an ability for
psychic knowledge and a thirst in all matters pertaining to the
intellect, emotions and the physical.


There has here been a willingness to experience, to experiment and
to give as well as a ferocious capacitty to take in. The trouble in
the past has been a lack of discretion and self-discipline. He was
always a pleasure loving personality however and avoided anything
unpleasent. His early circumstances in this life were chosen by him
as a needed experience. In other lives he was able to exist without
too much adversity and this time he chose troublesome and truly
tragic circumstances as a needed challenge.

Early Sessions book 1, session 32, pages 243-245 - by Jane Roberts © L.Butts



(As Deena started to state her question, Seth reached forJane’s glass and interrupted Deena quite good naturedly.)

“I am drinking Ruburt’s wine. It is not as good as brandy, but I am drinking it because beggars cannot be choosers!”


Perfect @Rachel! Let me also add, from TES, session 31 pg 241:

" I would also like to really bawl Ruburt out in strongest terms about his smoking habits. This time of year in particular too much smoking is not good; and he knows I was going to say this and blocked me nicely since the beginning of this session."

This comes a couple of pages before your quote in which Seth went into more detail.


If we were “immune” to radiation that would mean that we could become invisible, since we are visible due to our bodies reacting with radiation in the optical band. Maybe if we were X-Men lol.

Radiation has various effects. Microwave radiation excites water molecules causing them to boil (and our bodies are about 60% water…). Ultraviolet radiation destroys cells by breaking molecular bonds. Higher energy radiation (x-ray and gamma) tends to be ionizing (it causes atoms and molecules to lose electrons), and can destroy DNA.

While you may be able to affect your body’s healing process, as well as avoid dangerous radiation exposure with the aid of your intuition, once exposed I don’t think that your beliefs would make you “immune.”


TES1 Session 15
"I will not sound like a hoarse horse. It isn’t good for my moral"
Yes Seth wanted Jane to quit smoking
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