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By suggesting before sleep that solutions to problems be given you, you automatically being to utilize your dream knowledge to a greater extent, and to open the doors to your own greater creativity.


Seth & Jane ROBERTS Dream Reality and Out of Body Experiences


Henry Tenenbaum interviews Robert Moss about THE THREE “ONLY” THINGS: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination (New World Library)


Dreamland: Robert Moss On Dreams As The Gateway Into Other Worlds


Author Robert Waggoner and philosopher Rory Mac Sweeney discuss the nature of reality, with a penetrating view into the the elusive state of non dualistic awareness. Both offer insight into the world of lucid dreaming and ponder the notion of being able to connect with other people in the dream world.


How-to Improve Dream Recall [ one of the best exercises out there]

[Bellas comments Reece is one of the best DAS on youtube in my experience]

I would suggest that you tell yourselves that you will henceforth be able to remember dreams from the deeper levels of your personality, and you should find that you will be able to do so. You can also tell yourselves when you wish that you will give special attention to the nature of time and space, as these appear within your dreams. You will discover then upon awakening that many perceptions concerning time and space within the dream state will remain within you.

TES4 Session 174


``There is something that I would like you to do. During the week, before you sleep, tell yourself, if you want to, that you will have a true dream that will come from the Gates of Horn. Now that is an ancient suggestion given by the Egyptians.
The Gates of Horn.
I do not want to tell you what it means yet, simply to ask you to give yourselves the suggestion – those of you who want to – a true dream that will help harmonize the portions of your being. Now that is part of the suggestion. Ask for a true dream that comes from the Gates of Horn, that will help harmonize the portions of your being.
Now such dreams will help you recognize some of your beliefs and will charge your being with energy. The class is quickening. I am giving you assignments. Some of you will follow them, and some will not.
But the means will be here for those of you to follow who want to badly enough – I should say, goodly enough – but those of you who are willing to take the time and the energy, those assignments that you have not as yet discussed in class are important.
It is important that you do them, whether or not they are discussed in class, though many of them will be. The time of quickening is here for many of you, so take advantage of it.
I return you, therefore, to yourselves. And those of you who will trust…give the suggestion that I have told you…will find some excellent and even astonishing results.
It is very important that you read the undersides of class…that you read the undersides of class…and not skim along what you think of as the surface.
I return you therefore to the integrity that is your self, and I challenge you joyfully to recognize it!’'
ESP Class, May 28, 1974. © R. Butts 2010

Jeff: ``Exactly what are the Gates of Horn, or is that unimportant? ''
"It is, to a certain extent, important, and you will discover the answers for yourselves. For those of you who remember the dreams and interpret them, will for yourselves, answer that question. And those of you who answer that question will then go on from there, using the Gates of Horn as simply one field of reference.
Both the Gates of Ivory, and the Gates of Horn, historically, in your terms only, were used by the Egyptians. Their idea…their idea was that dreams from The Gates of Horn were true, and dreams from the Gates of Ivory were not. But we are dealing with different definitions. ''
ESP Class, June 04, 1974. © R. Butts 2010

``Now, the suggestion that I gave you, was given, of course, for a reason,’‘
Seth told us of the Gates of Horn dreams.
"Those dreams will involve you with beliefs behind your daily reality; and, in certain form, you will see how you form that reality, and your most intimate living relationships. There will be, therefore, a correlation between those dreams, your beliefs, and your daily experience.
I want you to continue the suggestion as given, and then to interpret the dreams in the light of your beliefs and your daily private experience. Later there will be other suggestions, dealing with other levels of reality, as you will interpret them in the dream state.
Each of you must do this work – this play! – for yourself. It will teach you invaluable information if you allow it to. We are beginning a new series of exercises that will involve the dream state and your waking reality. And those of you who are able to follow will later be able to make appointments and keep them in the dream state. But the work – or play – however you consider it, must be done. You must therefore become intimately acquainted with the particular dreams that come to you from what we refer to as the Gates of Horn. Both the Gates of ivory and the Gates of Horn, historically, in your terms only, were used by the Egyptians. Their idea was that dreams from the Gates of Horn were true,' and dreams from the Gates of ivory werenot.’ But we [in class] are dealing with different definitions!.."
Chapter Fifteen – Further Expeditions: Out-of-Bodies and the Gates of Horn
Conversations With Seth, Vol. 2 by Susan Watkins.


‘…The gates of horn and ivory are a literary image used to distinguish true dreams (corresponding to factual occurrences) from false. The phrase originated in the Greek language, in which the word for “horn” is similar to that for “fulfil” and the word for “ivory” is similar to that for “deceive”. On the basis of that play on words, true dreams are spoken of as coming through the gates of horn, false dreams as coming through those of ivory…’

Two gates the silent house of Sleep adorn;
Of polish’d ivory this, that of transparent horn:
True visions thro’ transparent horn arise;
Thro’ polish’d ivory pass deluding lies.
Of various things discoursing as he pass’d,
Anchises hither bends his steps at last.
Then, thro’ the gate of iv’ry, he dismiss’d

His valiant offspring and divining guest.


By North / South is that head to the north? Seem like all my bed rooms end up south/east or east/south. interesting. But I was thinking about moving my bed to a north/south position. I want to explore my dreams more. I do a lot of traveling/living in the dream state and many of them lucidly.