Education and The Natural Person

Hi All.
This is my first post. I am not sure how this board works in terms of posting and accessing possible responses. I did get an email with posts a few days ago. I hope to have responses from this post in the next email.

My question is about education, as a process. Seth talks about ideas in psychology that I relate to as an educator in The Magical Approach. The idea of discovering potential within aligns with progressive ideas I have been practicing for over a decade.

If anyone has a similar interest and/or passages from seth books specifically about education, I am interested in exploring the topic of the natural person and educational methods and philosophies.

You can use the Seth search engine:

Now: Dictation. In one way or another you are all travelers before you begin even your first reincarnational cycle. To make it as simple as I can, I will say that you do not have the same backgrounds, necessarily, when you enter the physical system of reality. As mentioned earlier, earthly existence is a training period; and yet as far as possible I would like you to forget your ordinary ideas of progression.
Ideas of good, better, best can lead you astray, for example. You are learning to be as completely as possible. In one way you are learning to create yourselves. In so doing during the reincarnational cycle, you are focusing your main abilities in physical life, developing human qualities and characteristics, opening new dimensions of activity. This does not mean that good does not exist, or that in your terms you do not “progress,” but your concepts of good and progression are extremely distorted.
—SS Chapter 11: Session 541, July 13, 1970