Energy Time Cycles

Hi everyone!
In reading The Nature Of Personal Reality it mentions points in time <Chapter 19; Session 668>
“These cycles merge at several points, so that you do have major changes in all areas in any span of two thousand years. For other reasons and in a smaller context, the month of August is highly significant in a twenty-five year sequence. Within this, a seven-year period is important individually. These are simply rhythms depicting the greatest impact of spirit as it intersects flesh and time.”
I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on this or any knowledge of these time periods mentioned more specifically.

That idea seems pretty mind bending…that there is a pattern to time. I never thought of time as an object possessing specific traits.
I gotta read that book again.

I definitely agree about the mind bending part. If time doesn’t really exist, as we know it, the idea that there are specific cycles of time was very interesting yet hard to wrap my mind around…

In my opinion, “time” is one of the misunderstood Seth concepts. In physical, no action is really simultaneous, there is time. There is something resembling time in non-physical too.

These are some relevant quotes (I believe I have already posted them somewhere):

"On your plane no action is really simultaneous and so time instantly enters in ."
—TES1 Session 14 January 8, 1964

" While I am not affected by time on your plane I am affected by something resembling time on my plane . Time has no meaning without barriers. To put it another way, time has no meaning without the necessity to counteract against other actions."
—TES1 Session 14 January 8, 1964

“The study of time will teach you much about fifth dimension also . Our imaginary wires composed of solidified vitality are fluid, I hope you understand this, even while they are solidified. For solidity is only illusion.”
—TES1 Session 14 January 8, 1964

"The motion of the apparently solidified vitality gives the illusion of time . The counteraction involved in this case is counteraction within the core of vitality itself, in much the same manner that we spoke of a closed mental enclosure, multiplying and setting up motion within itself.

The action and counteraction is the time trigger . To you this will be almost unbelievable, but on some other planes motion is simultaneous and time unknown. To me time can be manipulated , used at leisure and examined. To me your time is a vehicle, one of the several vehicles by which I can enter your awareness. It is therefore still a reality of some kind to me . Otherwise I could not utilize it in any manner whatsoever."

—TES1 Session 14 January 8, 1964

This is another relevant quote about time:

"Space , again, is a psychological property. So is time. The universe did not, then, begin at some specified point in time, or at any particular location in space - for it is true to say that all of space and all of time appeared simultaneously, and appear simultaneously.

You cannot pinpoint the location of consciousness.

When you are dreaming you cannot pinpoint your dream location in the same way that you can determine, say, the chair or the bureau that may sit on the floor by the bed in which you dream. The inner location is real, however, and meaningful activity can take place within it. Physical space exists in the same manner, except that it is a mass psychologically shared property-but at one “ time ” in the beginning this was not so.

In the beginning, physical space had the qualities that dream space has to you now. It seemed to have a more private nature, and only gradually, in those terms, did it become publicly shared.”

Source: Dreams, “Evolution”, and Value Fulfillment pg.164-165

When I think about the physical plane, I think about a virtual blueprint, which for an easy visualization I imagine as a rectangular sandbox. One section of the sandbox (a 2D rectangle) is the “3D space”, while the other dimension of the sandbox is “time”.

When you incarnate, you project into one of the points of this sandbox: a time coordinate, and a space coordinate. Then as you go through your life you move on the positive time axis.

In this model, you can imagine that the sand in the box isn’t completely homogeneous, and there can be some periodicity, some cycles, with which some time / space properties exhibit some variation.

You can also imagine how an event happening in any point of the sandbox sends ripples in all time / space directions, and to a certain degree can be sensed in any point of the sandbox.

Another important aspect of the model, is that each one of us has his own sandbox (the parallel universes), created by our own individual subconscious, based on the common blueprint. Those sandboxes aren’t identical, reflecting our individual characteristics and beliefs.

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Hi Elyse,
Lately I have been trying to out of body into another time. I believe it is possible, as my consciousness was “present” in a very long ago time and place more than a few times during lucid dreaming. And why not?

Not sure that there are fixed rules about much of anything, when it comes to the consciousness that is free from physical form, in lucid or out of body experiences.

And then back to that quote regarding the patterns of time, I have to wonder how many more facets of time that we have yet to understand or that Seth might not have even spoken about.

Hi @Whirled_Peas!
I am so interested to see how that goes for you! I am semi-new to all of the Seth books but felt really aligned with them as soon as I started reading. The importance of dream states is so fascinating and I’m practicing playing around with those at the moment. Out-of-body time travel sounds incredible and I’d love to hear more!
Thanks for your replies, I’m loving all the information.

This is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. So interesting, I’m definitely going to have to ponder this for awhile. Thank you for this!

Hi Elyse,
Have you been able to do lucid dreaming or out of body? A great technique that a friend told me about, so simple and it worked, was to, before you go to sleep, tell yourself, you are going to remember in your dream, to reach down and touch the ground. Vaguely remember it taking about 2 to 3 weeks or there abouts. But once you let that Genie out of the bottle, wow!

At some point, you do remember to touch the ground and when you do, you will have created a bridge from the unconscious to the conscious.

Or maybe you already have lucid dreaming down? How is that going? Any interesting revelations?

Hey @Whirled_Peas :slight_smile:
I’ve had lucid dreams in my past, unintentionally and now that I’m trying to I haven’t, really. I co-sleep with my toddler so I wake up a lot at night but am determined to work on it and am optimistic of success. I really appreciate the touch the floor trick, I am definitely going to try that!
Any (and all) tips and tricks are greatly appreciated! I feel like a sponge soaking up all this information and I feel so grateful to have this resource (and people like you!).
Happy dreaming…