Euthanasia of Pets

Does anyone recall any discussion by Seth about the euthanasia of pets? I recall Seth saying that they choose to live with us for the different sort of experience they will have. I am struggling with the likelihood of euthanasia right now. I have an 18 year old very loved cat who is blind, quite deaf, very confused wandering around the house lost, and in spite of having 3 litterboxes is now peeing on the hardwood floor.

Is it wrong? Who am I to hasten his dying process? It feels wrong in that if he were ready to die, maybe he would just do so. But then I consider that a blind and confused cat in the wild would no longer be able to hunt and would die of starvation or thirst. Am I helping him move on to a new stage of his ‘life’ by euthanizing him?

Am I prolonging his life for me because I hate the idea of him not being with me? What is his quality of life if he is confused most the time?

If anyone can recall anything Seth says on this matter I would certainly appreciate it.

Cindy, Your senior kitty will understand and not hold you guilty of putting her to sleep…ron

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Animals kill their young very frequently when their quality of life would not be very high. It’s a logical act of mercy. They understand that the flesh is merely a vessel and nothing is destroyed. Humans meddle due to misunderstanding.

My first sentence is indeed something Seth has said, but it would be tricky to track down the exact quotation at the moment.

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Thank you Ron and Chris. I will be euthanizing Spike when the time comes. The vet has diagnosed him with anemia due to kidney failure and some arthritis. The confusion is because of the anemia. He gave him some vitamin B shots, vitamin B drops for at home and the suggestion of a weekly liver dinner. All easy measures. He is using his litter box again. His confusion has not returned, he is more agile and some vision seems to have returned. Amazing with just a vitamin and liver! I know this is not a permanent fix, old age and kidney failure cannot be fixed but for now he is once again enjoying his little life and when those simple fixes no longer work then I will have him euthanized.

Chris, I vaguely recall the same advice from Seth, it’s murky but rings true. I feel a lot better about ending Spike’s life when the time comes. Or rather, helping him along to the next leg of his journey! Thanks so much for the reminder.


An unloved, unwanted pet will seek to leave physical reality - Seth…ron