Faith, Framework 2, Overcontrol and Intuition

Faith and Framework 2

My mother is a woman of amazing faith. She manifests that faith via the christian religion but in a spiritual way. This faith causes her to believe in abundance in a way that is absolutely MAGICAL! She lives an abundant life, that on paper you would go, “How is this possible?” I’ve seen this in motion and there is something weird in me, some belief, that’s almost scared of it. Something in me goes, “That’s too much, better slow down, that’s too abundant, that’s too greedy.” Part of this manifestation expresses itself in the form of people coming into her life that provide these opportunities.

One small example. She’s getting her house re-modeled almost for free! She just happened to meet someone in her community who just happens to be an excellent contractor, who happens to want to provide this type of service for tax write off purposes!! If I sat here and tried to think of this with my conscious mind I wouldnt be able to do it. And I guess that’s the point. These connections were obviously made in F2.

I had a conversation with her yesterday and she was correcting me in the way I was speaking. I was using words like “I hope” and “maybe, i don’t know” and she said, “You have to think positive thoughts.” Then she said, “You have to KNOW that the lord is going to make a way” and then, "I’ve been in too many situations in the past where he has helped me."
Every time I said, “yeah, but…” she would cut me off with one of those sentences. Now, she wasn’t cutting me off on purposes and had no idea I was trying interject because the connection wasnt the greatest, but the timing was perfect… After the 3rd time I had to absolutely laugh because I couldn’t even get the negative thought out of my mouth. I finally had to say to “whoever” was sending me this message, “ok, I understand.” LOL

This obviously ties DIRECTLY into Seth. 1. Speaking negative thoughts will attract negative results 2. Expectation is key to conscious reality creation and 3. Have faith.

I’ve never thought of myself as a person who says negative things, but after being checked like this I have to admit I absolutely do this. I also think like this in my head. I think its sort of a “hedging my bets” protective measure so if things turn out badly I can at least say, “I knew this was a possibility, so it’s not so bad.” Sort of like a consolation prize that I’ve set up for myself to comfort myself and feel like I have a handle on reality and how things work. It also serves to reinforce my belief in my own intelligence, like, “I don’t get what I want, but I knew it was a possibility so at least I’m not a total loser.” A belief that has both negative and positive purposes. Maybe not even in terms of negative or positive, just a belief that served me at one point, but no longer does.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, trying to figure out why conscious reality creation hasnt worked out the best for me.

There are also a couple of things I’ve been aware of in my past that I haven’t really addressed, but I guess its time. Also a couple of new thoughts relating to them as well. I had an abundant childhood. I never wanted for anything; the latest toys, video games, or food. All was provided to me by my single mother who was raising 2 kids and worked very hard. I always felt guilty. I felt as if my existence, my desires and her providing for me was adding to her suffering. I guess I kind of over-identified with her, being a mama’s boy, so somewhere that guilt led me along the lines of trying to pull in my reality. Don’t want too much, don’t be greedy, don’t expect too much, only want what you need, because in my child’s eye, my desires caused suffering for someone else. If I was getting something that meant someone else had to go without. This idea is then obviously re-inforced by normal lessons you try to teach your child; sharing is good.

Sorry if this isnt well put together but several realizations just came to me as a result of something and are coming to me as I type this and I just had to get it out.

Overcontrol & Intuition

I’ve been trying to overcontrol my reality. I’ve been trying to bring things that SHOULD be handled by other parts of me and in framework 2 into my conscious mind and trying to control things from here. (overcontrol) There are many reasons for this, more reasons than what I typed out above. I’ve been trying to get a sense of my intuition since its a way your innerself communicates, in order to help myself, but I haven’t been able to figure out what that feels like. Is it that monkey mind part of yourself? I don’t think it is because that comes up, for me, when I’m fearful and it comes along with a whole lot of anxiety. I don’t think your intuition comes with that, lol.

I’m starting to become aware that there are multiple reasons not just 1 big one. I’ve been trying to find “negative” beliefs but not all of them are charged like that in my mind so I’m missing them.

More to come, and I might edit this some to make it more readable.

Things are stirring…


Enjoyable read! I will reply with my thoughts on recognizing intuition so forth later on. I’ve had some experience. I’m on my phone at the moment.


THANKS @chris! Looking forward.

Something I wrote previously, with some editing improvements, because why not:

Recognizing Intuition

So I’ve come to a conclusion. The feeling of knowing something I’ve received intuitively, is the exact same feeling of knowing something that I’ve learned through physical means. It’s the same feeling.

What I mean is a lot of those feelings you have throughout your day, opinions about subject matter and so on, knowing your friend likes rock music because he told you, knowing Hg is the chemical symbol for mercury because you learned it in school, are exactly how it is with things you’ve received intuitively. They are just there, next to the other things you know, except upon examination you can’t see how you’d know it (and so you often say, “and thus I don’t know it”, and go on to find out with your physical senses).

It’s not so much that it “comes to you”, but almost always that it already came to you. The intuitive message is how you already feel about it. Is there a reason you feel that way? No? Probably intuitive. Trust that if that’s how you feel it is, then it’s because that’s how it will be if you go forth and try it physically. You should be able to distinguish what you know for a reason from what what you know without.

Other times you will catch a thought with information you couldn’t know physically. You will wonder if it’s your imagination or intuition at work. There is a simple test for this. Examine your immediate preceding thoughts and you will find that ordinary thought works through association. If you can’t find a line of association between the thought that interests you and what you were thinking immediately previous, there’s a good chance that you’ve caught your inner knowing. Pay attention to these and you will find them easier and easier to recognize.

Much of my own inquiry (and thus knowing) is practical daily information about people, especially unchangeable events. For example I will “know” that my friends aren’t home, and that I shouldn’t bother driving to their house. If I were to drive there, I would physically discover that my feeling was correct and couldn’t go otherwise.

It’s also possible to sense probabilities, as certain events are more probable than others, though we are free to change these at any moment. However, the fluctuating odds of a specific result may not be valuable information to the ego and we thus ignore them. We don’t have precise knowledge about the future because of free will.

If you randomly pick a subject matter to determine something intuitive about, the specific information you seek may be too indeterminable. It may not yet have occurred within your own reality, or the participants may have yet to decide on a course of action. Less specific knowledge may be easier to pick up. I (almost exclusively?) pick up on feelings and inclinations rather than specific actions, but these are of course the sources of action. The more the knowing pertains to my own future and interest, and the higher its probability the more likely I am to know without having any reason to know, and that’s intuition!

In my practical daily experience I can tell if my friends are available or if they aren’t, if I’d enjoy a movie or not, and so on. There’s a difference between these intuitions and believing something for other circumstances. “Well I saw the previews and this is the type of movie I generally like.” With intuition it’s a more definite knowing: “I will like this.” One excellent example is that I can tell every time my employer is about to call me even though they are sporadic and months apart because I will catch myself thinking about a call from him that doesn’t follow thought association, and since the calls are highly important to me my ego is on high watch.

Pay attention to what you know and you will find that you know things without rational explanation all the time, and when so, agree that you know it - without your physical senses, but know it all the same. You may test them mercilessly to start, but you will eventually become satisfied enough to trust your intuitions and reap the true benefit, after all it would be much less useful if you had to experience a situation your intuition would assist you in avoiding just so that you can validate the guidance.

And a quotation from Seth on predicting the future:

(Janice S. commented that Seth did not give many predictions.)

I am not cautious, I am simply realistic. When you understand the nature of reality, then you realize that predictions of future events are basically meaningless. You can predict some events and they can occur, but your create the future in every moment.

Time, in your terms, is plastic. Most predictions are made in a highly distorted fashion; they can lead the public astray. Not only that, but when the predictors fall flat on their faces it does not help “the Cause.” Reality does not exist in that fashion. You can tune in to certain probabilities and predict “that they will occur,” but free will always operates. No god in a giant ivory tower says, "This will happen February 5 at 8:05. And if no god predicts, then I do not see the point of doing so myself.

Citation from Ron: ESP Class Session: Tuesday, January 5, 1971


I can tell already I’m going to love Seth Talks! This is a great post, Byron. Remember, your mother believes in the all powerful LORD, and the LORD gets all the credit, and her ego doesn’t have to worry about any of it.

You, on the other hand, have taken the leap into the abyss of knowing YOU are the creator. No pressure there!

I love how Chris has given practical moment by moment ways of focusing on your intuition. Just keep focusing on your reality in F2.

I had a family background in the Catholic faith, and I found it fairly easy to transition from belief in GOD to belief in the ideas of Seth. But, my manifesting ability has taken some time to get to a really excellent place. And, even now, it’s not without challenges. Having the learning curve, IMO, is what helps the information to be truly integrated into your being, and the positivity comes from a truly natural spring rather than having to be from a thought-controlling place.


Byron, I have one other persistent thought I MUST share! Think about what your abilities are, what your REAL abilities are. Energies really get released more easily in my experience when you are coming from your known real strengths. It feels like the whole universe is behind you then, because IT IS!


True about the Lord part. That isnt easy either but I will say that we, as Seth people have our own version of “the lord” which would be our entity. Seth does refer to it as our personal god.


I have found if I make ALL my inner voices OK, even the guilty ones, I get to intuition quicker. If you make your ego right, exactly where it is, it seems to calm it down and the control starts to lessen. The ego really wants approval, and if you approve of yourself right now, right where you are, it is very affirming and calming.

If I stood in a church and said I AM GOD, well, I don’t know what would happen, but not everyone would say AMEN, sister! I might get accused of witchcraft or tried for heresy! Hahah. I know it wouldn’t be that bad, but there are large chunks of life which most people feel are entirely out of their control, and if we are saying it is all self created, that sort of makes us outliers.

Another response to saying you are a god is “Prove it”. And since the space-time medium still does exist for us, and subjective understanding can be hard to explain, it’s kind of hard to definitively prove. So we go along believing what we believe, and noticing more and more, but also seeing ways we can change what we experience.

I think this is a lot different than the type of god my family worships, and probably the one your mother worships. Her god sounds fabulous though! Almost free home reno? How about believing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, that should help you a lot! LOL


She would definitely say that she worships the standard god that all other christians worship (shes baptist) but she doesnt fall into the dogma/organizational trap, though she is, literally, now a preachers wife, since she re-married. Lol.

Very good advice. Accept your characteristics, all of your characteristics, as your own. Yeah, I think Seth has mentioned that several times, ha! I too find that before you can change a quality about yourself you first have to accept it. At least for me anyway. Only then, I’ve found, can you change it. It’s soo counter-intuitive though because you WANT to change it and part of you goes, “NOO!!!” What probably gets in the way is guilt and shame.


Very good thread. I know my intuitions are just under the surface waiting to be acknowledged. I know that because when I was working, running a library, I’d have urges to do certain things. When I just did them as a matter of course, life (library life) went pretty smoothly. If I had an urge and suppressed it, there’d come a time when I’d wish I had followed up on the urge, as it would have saved me much work later, much work that was not foreseeable earlier. You’ve reminded me that I really need to pay more attention. And follow up.


I added a quote from Seth that Ron posted on Fans to my long response above about predicting the future.

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Bit of an old thread, but still relevant, and as Seth says, all time is simultaneous.

My grandmother was the same way as your mother. She prayed frequently and always seemed to receive an answer to her prayers. In the context of her beliefs (as I understood them), if you live righteously and forgive others, then whatever you ask for will be personally heard by God and He will provide.

Though dressed in different clothes, this is very similar to what Seth says. Essentially, know that you are connected to All That Is and that ATI’s (as well as your own Entity’s) abundant resources are available to you. Focus or state your intent. Clear all obstacles (like “negative” or opposed beliefs). Then you get whatever you desire.

“Living righteously” helps you believe that you DESERVE to receive, especially if you believe that “righteous” behavior is rewarded. Otherwise if you’re acting in a way that contradicts your morals, it’s easy to conclude that you don’t deserve anything good.

“Forgiving others” helps relieve you of unnatural guilt. Otherwise if you are angry at a person, deep down you are projecting your own anger at yourself for whatever quality it is. If you forgive yourself you will naturally forgive others, but if you don’t, you will feel guilty and again feel that you don’t deserve what you are asking for.

To RECEIVE, you have to WANT or desire something, believe that it is POSSIBLE (ie. through a “higher power” or your own entity) to receive it, and know that you are WORTHY of it.

Now it looks like you have some good insight into what beliefs and thoughts are affecting you. For one, like you said, you believe that when you receive something it is at the expense of another, so that causes you unnatural guilt.

Instead, it’s good to think of abundance like rain. It is available to everyone, and rain that falls on one flower does not take away rain from another. Instead it rains on all, and it’s up to you to be receptive to it.

Like the rain, your source of abundance is freely available.

If you cover up one flower so that it doesn’t receive any rain, it does not help the other flowers grow. Each flower grows of its own volition. They don’t reject water in the hopes that other flowers will bloom by their “noble” sacrifice. Flowers are not martyrs so why should we be?


Stardreams, you have just reminded me of something I lost touch with several years ago. The idea that if I am doing something against my morals, then I might engender a hidden belief that I am not worthy of reward. Also, the forgiveness thing. How often I have forgiven past hurts only to find them rear their ugly, resentful heads way down the line. Thank you for giving my belief readjustment work a kick in the pants!