Fear of physical materialisation

When we fear something (an event), does this mean it will come true? And if not then what makes it not come into physical materialisation? What would have to be done to have it materialized?


That’s a great question. I have been thinking about this a lot in terms of an illness I experienced last year. I reread some of the Seth teachings related to illness, and this helped me a great deal. I don’t think Seth would recommend creating fear energy and focusing it on imagining the illness returning, but instead focus on changing the beliefs that led to the appearance of that illness in the first place. I’m working on that. The illness was a crisis I created, and it existed in a context. I am working on changing the context. I also went through the usual science-based treatment process, which was necessary and produced side benefits of beneficial interactions with individuals in the medical world and beyond. It’s been a very interesting process, though I would have chosen a more pleasant path if I had been more self-aware! Thanks.


A belief does not exist in a vacuum. They interact. If you believe you are the most incredibly talented painter in the world but society at large won’t understand your vision then you will only famous in small circles. Change that belief and many things can change, your internal choices, inspiration, and direction with your work, or the subtle choices you might make in marketing, or/also simply the actual response to your work.

You can believe yourself the most gifted in a field but believe that a [insert characteristic here] person isn’t afforded the same opportunities as the rest and never advance.

There are plenty of belief interactions that can occur, some can completely nullify others, which can be either beneficial or detrimental, depending. This is why it’s a good thing to cultivate some really positive blanket beliefs, and give yourself sleep suggestions in the vein of, “I suggest I only react to constructive suggestions”.

You might fear harm but also believe that you are well protected, and so perhaps the only manifestation will be alternative ways… dreams or video games, or who knows what. :wink:

Fearing something doesn’t “mean it will come true”, earthly reality does not work that fast. But if you persistently find yourself in a state of fear, that is what you are headed toward, yes. The fear itself exists because of one or more beliefs. Emotion is the product of your beliefs. So to ask how to fear something but not have it occur is indeed really not a valid question, you want to identify and change the belief that is generating the fear.