Feeling-tone, what is it?

Hi all,

I have read about this feeling-tone many times but don’t actually understand fully what it is or how to ‘feel’ it. Sometimes I suggest to myself that I would like to uncover it but am
Not sure that what I feel at the time is my personal feeling-tone. Can anyone elaborate on this subject? Possible explain how you uncovered your personal feeling-tone?


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Also, I realise that our personal feeling-tones are highly individual and therefore may be hard to explain to another but any help will be appreciated. :smile:

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The best description I found for getting to this “feeling-tone” is from Frank Kinslow’s book Quantum Living - briefly: he says to let your thoughts wander for 10-30secs, notice that thoughts appear to come from nothing (you really are not controlling them, they just pop in out of nowhere, out of nothing) then, ask yourself “I wonder what I will think of next?” and see what happens. In that space of asking you will notice that you actually “pause” and you sense that space of nothing. Now, if you do that repeatedly, you will notice the “pause” getting longer and you will sense a peace in the pause. Then, if you are able to focus on the “pause” and feel it longer, you will notice it becoming more positive - something he calls a “eufeeling” like a euphoric feeling. After doing it for a while, you should be able to get to that feeling place at any time, in any situation. For me, that “eufeeling” is everything, it’s where I choose to go. My suggestion is to start here, and play around with it and see where it goes for you.


Wow thank you so so much! I will definitely give this a go! I think I’ve had a taste of it but had not got any further. And in following that pause I’m assuming that what’s Seth meant also when he explained it will take you deeper into yourself and your other realities.