Feeling tones - and 'swimming upstream'

Hi guys. I’d like to start a thread on tones…the feeling tones that Seth talks about. A quote to point in that direction, from NoPR. Seth talks about two different kinds of tone - the day to day feelings, which come and go, and a deeper tone which he relates to our being.

Does anyone have experience with the difference between these tones? – and of course, any other spontaneous thoughts which come to mind when reading the quote are welcome too - :-))

Seth: "Basically you create your experience through your beliefs about yourself and the nature of reality. Another way to understand this is to realize that you create your experiences through your expectations. Your feeling-tones are your emotional attitudes toward yourself and life in
general, and these generally govern the large areas of experience. (Pause.) They give the overall emotional coloration that characterizes what happens to you. Period. You are what happens to you. Your emotional feelings are often transitory, but beneath there are certain qualities of feeling uniquely your own, that are like deep musical chords.

While your day-to-day feelings may rise or fall, these characteristic feeling-tones lie beneath. Sometimes they rise to the surface, but in great long rhythms. You cannot call these negative or positive. They are instead tones of your being. They represent the most inner portion of your experience. This does not mean that they are hidden from you, or are meant to be. It simply means that they represent the core from which you form your experience.

If you have become afraid of emotion or the expression of feeling, or if you have been taught that the inner self is no more than a repository of uncivilized impulses, then you may have the habit of denying this deep rhythm. You may try to operate as if it did not exist, or even try to refute it. But it represents your deepest, most creative impulses; to fight against it is like trying to swim upstream against a strong current.

These feeling-tones, then, pervade your being. They are the form your spirit takes when combined with flesh. From them, from their core, your flesh arises. Everything that you experience has consciousness, and each consciousness is endowed with its own feeling-tone. There is great cooperation involved in the formation of the earth as you think of it, and so the individual living structures of the planet rise up from the feeling-tone within each atom and molecule.

Your flesh springs about you in response to these inner chords of your being, and the trees, rocks, seas and mountains spring up as the body of the earth from the deep inner chords within the atoms and molecules, which are also living. Because of the creative cooperation that exists, the miracle of physical materialization is performed so smoothly and automatically that consciously you are not aware of your part in it.

The feeling-tone then is the motion and fiber — the timber — the portion of your energy devoted to your physical experience. Now it flows into what you are as a physical being and materializes you in the world of seasons, space, flesh, and time. Its source, however, is quite independent of the world that you know. Once you learn to get the feeling of your own inner tone, then you are aware of its power, strength and durability, and you can to some extent ride with it into deeper realities of experience.

The incredible emotional richness and variety and splendor of physical experience is the material reflection of this inner feeling-tone. It pervades the events in your life, the overall inner direction, the quality of perception. It fills up and illuminates the individual aspects of your life, and largely determines the persuasive subjective climate in which you dwell. It is the essence of yourself. Its sweeps are broad in range, however.

It does not determine, for example, specific events. (Pause.) It paints the colors in the large “landscape” of your experience. It is the feeling of yourself, inexhaustible. In other terms it represents the expression of yourself in pure energy, from which your individuality rises, the You of you, unmistakably given identity that is never duplicated."

Nature of Personal Reality, Session 613. - by Jane Roberts © L.Butts


I’ll kick it off.

I find a definite difference when my mind and emotions are busy with daily events and what is ‘happening’ in life - I easily relate this to beliefs by now, but there is also a deeper tone. One which I can switch to, by simply focusing inwardly, and that tone is very stable, and almost like spring-time - its joyful and smiles… :-))) … it has a depth to the feel of it which the others don’t - they seem more like the crust: cracking, falling off … they change as soon as I change my mind, or receive new insight into an ‘issue’ – …the deeper tone is just always - there…


If I turn inward and physically or mentally say the words “I am,” I find myself filled with a laughing, smiling, oh so powerful tone. I’m filled with it, and problems which might ordinarily bother me cease to exist. “I am” represents all my power, all my capacity to love and to act. It fills me and flows through me in all directions. Suggestions stated during this experience become reality more quickly than usual. I believe I developed this by concentrating on positive aspects of myself while experiencing a very strong, basic tone that I felt. I added “I am” as a way to call up the experience. Now I can call it up at will.


I don’t have specific words for the feeling tone, to call it up with, but I recognize the method. Sometimes when I am stressed, I say to myself: psy.time - and then i instantly switch to a non-linear time feeling - a sense of now, a psychological time which knows more about ‘time’ than clock-time does - and it is very relaxing – …


@Rachel and @clark - the comments that both of you made really helped to clarify feeling tones for me. I think I can start reaching for it now with the confidence of better understanding. I also liked the contrast with the transitory emotional feelings that go with our daily experiences. Thank you, both!!

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This ties in somewhat for me with what are my overall values in life, and what is really important to me.
The daily grind the is the static and noise of life, while the background is the overall plan and feeling tone to this lifetime, to the ideas and values I am committed to Being and sharing.

In no way am I saying that any experience is not valid, it all matters, and whatever daily surface feeling or deeper more subtle feeling are equally important and necessary.
Without the contrast we would be living a very BEIGE existence.


Thanks for starting this conversation @Rachel. It’s something I’ve often mulled over since reading about feeling tones. In sitting ‘quietly’ I felt nothing that I could equate with feeling tones. Mostly just mental chatter going in all directions. In hearing yours and the others’ comments I think I recognize it now!! Sometimes when driving, or doing something really mundane like peeling vegetables, or walking to my chicken house I will suddenly stop thinking and get a moment of utter sparkling clarity. It is peaceful in that there are no thoughts but it is a very joyful, aware, crystal-like, light, airy moment. It’s clearly recognizable and distinguishable from regular daily moments but unfortunately for me it’s rare and I’ve never been able to call it up at will.

Do any of you find that doing psy time helps with recognizing or experiencing feeling tones? I’ve never been able to do psy time but in using the Seth Talks search engine I’ve found some great inspiration on what it can feel like, it’s benefits and how how to do it. I realize now that it will take practice so I need to let the discouragement of never having achieved it go and just keep showing up to do it.


You most likely have already experienced “psy time” but just by another name or feeling, the label puts it out of your experience, as something to grasp at.


Just found this on the subject.

“In any body difficulty, the light and sound frequencies become out of tune, so to speak. The overall “true tone” is muddied. When Ruburt began Politics he experienced his “true tone” mentally and psychically; though he did not realize it, this gave him something to go by, so that now, having decided to be free, he is physically and unconsciously bringing about the physical equivalent of that true tone.”
—TPS3 Deleted Session October 20, 1975

I think of feeling tone as very simply put, the way something feels, the emotions and energy that surrounds a topic. I think it is a good thing to get in touch with. When I am needing a positive feeling tone to pull me out of any kind of negative feeling tone, I just think of what it was like to hold my son when he was a baby.

I love how you access your “feeling tone”. That is only one term for that phenomenon that has been used among many others. Every thought system throughout the evolution of man has named it in its own way. What I like about your way of getting there is that you don’t have to be sitting in a lotus position consciously meditating to feel it. That is a gift. I would not worry about reproducing it at will at this time. The fact that you recognize it at all is a virtual guarantee that you will continue to get there. Very cool. I think I better go pack to chopping my own vegetables instead of buying them pre-chopped as my lazy self has been doing for a few years now!

When I follow Seth’s instructions, I feel subtle surges of energy coursing randomly through my body. The feeling is like that of “free-flow” that I have experienced during vipassana meditation, althought not as intense.

It also reminds me of when I was a child and being pushed on a swing, and the sensation I felt just at the point when there was a change in motion between rising and falling.

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Hi, I really enjoyed reading all your comments. So very interesting, I’d like to share what happened this morning. I woke up feeling very anxious and worrying about something. I noticed that the thoughts were carrying big time momentum and i can literally feel the energy flowing from inside me outward along with the thoughts. I remembered how important acceptance is and to feel the feelings leave my body and then I actually had the ability to slow down and halt the energy thru visualizing and breathing… to a calm place and in that instant it was like I had gotten out of my head and became present. It was like a deep place and I felt like i was cushioned, stable and secure. I think this was my feeling tone. Im learning to appreciate the contrast that gives me the opportunity to learn how to handle my energy… That what it’s all about, a work in progress… I want to master this.

This morning in the half asleep state before walking up properly my mind was attempting to moderate how I felt while thinking of different subjects that would arise. From the process I began to become in touch with a stable, enduring feeling that I was learning to return to whenever another emotion or feeling would arise as I thought upon the various subjects that came to mind. Eventually I became very familiar with this basic feeling that seems to be at the root of my being.

I was a semi-conscious participant in this process and it was right before I finally woke up, after which I considered what I had been doing. I was reminded of the idea of ‘feeling tones’ that I had once read about in NoPR years ago. This lead me to look it up on Google for a refresher on what he had said and lead me to this forum post.
I thought I would post here since I feel like my experience this morning has given me some insight into what Seth was talking about and how to get in touch with the feeling tone he speaks of.

Since recognizing the basic feeling that resides and endures in the background of all other transient feelings that come and go I can return my awareness to it at any time almost as if remembering it by name. It has become very familiar to me and hard to mistaken.

I feel like in the moments around waking up is the best time to come in touch with this feeling because it is before the mind has a chance to become active and generate other sensations and emotions that stand in the foreground, making it hard to notice the subtle but all encompassing feeling that is in the background. Just before you wake up, before you come back properly into the body you seem to just feel like you are one harmonious field of a single smooth feeling and then as other sensations arise when you are coming to, your attention is drawn towards those feelings and out of the feeling of being one unified feeling. However that feeling doesn’t disappear with waking consciousness, it remains and is always with you.

I feel like it could be easily missed when trying to discover it while you’re awake because it is a subtle, unchanging feeling that sits at the background of everything else you experience and might otherwise be overlooked as being seemingly nothing at all. But when you notice the contrast between the simple whole field of feeling that you seem to be made of when you’re just waking up and then the waking state with all its other feelings and sensations you might be able to recognize that original feeling through that transition. Once you do recognize that feeling that always remains in the background though, it can become a familiar anchor to ground you in your own being throughout the day as other feelings come and go. It doesn’t seem to change and I feel like the more you are in touch with it the less likely you are to get lost in your emotions or in areas of feeling in your body.
Anyway that’s what I learned today, thanks for the original compilation of quotes at the beginning of this post. Hope this helps x

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