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This is what is available currently ( 2014 ) on youtube for anyone interested- you probably need software such as clipgrab to covert from MP4 to an MP3 file ( if you want to download )and they are not small files- search and ye shall find- I’ll post what I find when I find it .

The seth material- summary - a very good profesional reader
Seth Speaks- complete
The Nature of personal reality- complete
The individual and the nature of mass events-complete
The unknown reality- not complete
Class sessions - not complete
Dreams evolutions and valuefulfillment- not complete
The God of Jane- not complete
Emir and the proper use of magical power- not complete
Oversould seven- not complete.

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Seth Sumari Dark Arts-5: Multidimensional Self, Racism, Beyond Culture, Seth Material, Inner Senses

Seth Sumari Dark Arts-11: What is Dream-Art Science?

Probably the best reading-Seth Speaks- I have come across, I do not know who the reader is or if he did any other readings- The complete version is on youtube this is part 1


Great advice, this clipgrab works well and now I can listen to all the material as a podcast ( while walking f.i.) Thanks !

Hi Anne, the free youtube to mp3 converter from dvdvideosoft works well too in windows. It takes less space on your devices because it really converts to mp3

Seth “Dreams, ‘Evolution’ and Value Fulfillment Vol. 1” Preface - complete reading available on his channel

Seth “Dreams, ‘Evolution’ and Value Fulfillment Vol. 2” - complete reading avialble

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events 01- complete reading available on her channel

SETH SPEAKS by Jane Roberts CHAPTER FOUR talk 5 22 14 I CAN BE QUIET AND PERCEIVE WITH MY INNER Senses___ [Bill and his seth material videos can be a bit of an acquired taste! )

【Dr. Tien-Sheng HSU / Seth】2010Seth Conference in New York

【Dr. Tien-Sheng HSU / Seth】2011Seth Conference in New York 紐約賽斯大會(I)

Dr. Tien-Sheng HSU / Seth】The Most Powerful Way to Healing Cancer

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Seth Dances to ABBA

who knew?

Seth Exercises from The Seth Material , there are 7 in the playlist- the sound is so so, but if you go to any seth group, you probably find a text of those exercises…

Out of Body Presentation at the CA Seth Conference 2013 [ not sure if there are full vedio recordings of the conferences yet, I have seen a few online posted by the presenters themselves- there maybe more coming.]

Seth’s suggested Prime Belief

of all the belief exercises this is probably a fav of mine.

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Rick Stack: The World’s #1 Expert On The Seth Material
Rick personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given in Jane Roberts’ classes in Elmira, NY in the 1970s. Seth, a non-physical entity, who spoke through Jane, is credited by many to have kicked off the New Age movement, with his central thesis that you create your own reality (which is similar to the more recent ‘Law of Attraction’). Seth said that our own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs construct our reality, and there is now scientific evidence that the power of thought can affect matter.
Seth also talked about how our souls are part of a larger identity, and that all time is simultaneous such that the whole array of our past and future reincarnated lives exist together, and we can potentially interact with them in dreams and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). In books such as The Nature Of Personal Reality, Seth guides people to understanding their belief systems, finding joy in their lives, and seeing themselves as gods-in-training. Interestingly, Stack reported that currently in Taiwan,Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu is using the Seth material to help heal people.
Seth said people could spiritually evolve through lucid dreaming and OBEs (he did not make a large distinction between the two). Stack shared some of his personal OBEs, and techniques for achieving them. For instance, he’ll wake himself up after 4 hours of sleep, and then sit in a chair and give himself the suggestion that he will have an OBE and bring his waking consciousness with him wherever he goes

P.S Rick stacks book on OBEs is available on kindle

“narrated by Scott Turchin”