Free will - The Early Sessions, Book 1, Session 36

Free will as I mentioned earlier certainly does operate, but you must remember that while it does operate, personalities on your plane are extremely limited as to choice . They can only choose between alternatives with which they are familiar. They can only choose to operate within their own camouflage pattern framework.

Free choice therefore is not the widerange experience that you suppose . The possibilities are certainly not endless in any real sense. That is, while in theory any personality can choose to travel extensively, this really has no meaning for a large percentage of personalities because of their own peculiar makeup.

Many similar, more or less obvious opportunities of this sort are equally impractical to a large number of personalities. These opportunities exist theoretically, and yet for particular personalities do not exist for all practical purposes. Within certain limits there is free will . Yet these limits themselves were set, or if you prefer, chosen, by the entity itself for any given present personality ; and at the entity level free choice or free will is much more extensive , and really has much more meaning.

So choices between various alternatives are narrow on your level because of other limitations set by the entity itself. In other words, the entity, using its own—

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