Fridays For Future

Recently I stumbled over this little excerpt in the Early Class Sessions Vol.2:

Some of you will face two generations from now problems that you do not now accept, and you will be the younger generation once more, out with fine, bright and gaudy banners to show your elders and fight for right, and I wish you luck! You will need it. […] And then what a hue and cry you will set up against your elders. And how you will protest that the elder generation has ruined the world.
Session 3/17/1970

One generation is about 25 years and this was said 49 years ago, now we’re seeing the growing Fridays For Future-movement among young people with Greta Thunberg as a center focus. I think especially the last sentence in the quote is very striking.

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Hi Khris,
Interesting find.

Occupy Wall Street, to me, seemed the last big movement that had my attention. But I don’t find myself having much attachment to politics these days. On one hand I care, yes, but on the other hand, isn’t everything we see around us just a gestalt of the mass consciousness, an effect but not the cause?.

As I see it, this world, right now, is just a kindergarten playground and it is recess, and what kind of mischief we get up to, is always interesting, but it is and always will be kindergarten on this planet.

What do you see coming down the pike, something interesting I hope?


Hi Whirled_Peas,

you’re right, everything is an effect, but it’s effects that show society what challenges we have to solve collectively. I’m not sure about the kindergarten-metaphor, I’d say we’re at least in middle school now. :grin:

I’m quite fascinated by the patterns of the world and in the different ways they can be mapped. The main pattern is the slow breaking of the old rational and materialistic world views which are responsible for the global problems/challenges we have now and which those young protesters are raising awareness so that it further and further gets into the mainstream of consciousness which is slowly starting to accept them. Given the global severity of the issue it’s one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. We’re also experiencing the divide directly in most if not all western societies, everything is being put on the table now which I find absolutely exciting.

There is also another fascinating undercurrent emerging now into the public eye with Jordan Peterson as one of the focal points. One more prominent part of that is so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” which is a loose group of several diverse individuals from different sides of the political spectrum who actively challenge orthodox mainstream views in academia and politics.

Also in this undercurrent but not identifying as part of the IDW there are several highly intelligent, unorthodox and wise thinkers like Rupert Sheldrake (author of The Science Delusion), Iain McGilchrist, Ken Wilber, and many more who are seeing more attention now than before.

I’m not focusing a lot on precognition but when mapping the current reality on the maps provided by Seth I think it will in the turn out well, albeit I can’t tell if there will or will not be some big catastrophe before the convergence and stabilisation of the emerging mode of being. I do have the feeling of a strong probability that something might happen on or around June 20 though, a natural disaster maybe.


The bright and gawdy banners somehow makes me think of lbgt+ pride. I think it’s probably all the movements which are exploding right now. And enough downward pressure always creates an explosion, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The general movement away from any kind of oppression.