God, Jesus and the Christ

Seth on God, Jesus and the Christ:

…If I told you that God was an idea, you would not understand what I meant, for you do not understand the dimensions in which an idea has its reality, or the energy that it can originate and propel. You do not believe in ideas in the same way that you believe in physical objects, so if I tell you that God is an idea, you will misinterpret this to mean that God is less than real—nebulous, without reality, without purpose, and without motive action.
Now your own physical image is the materialization of YOUR idea of yourself within the properties of matter. Without the idea of yourself, your physical image would not be; yet often it is all you are aware of.
The initial power and energy of that idea of yourself keeps your image alive. Ideas then, are far more important than you realize. If you will try to accept the idea that your own existence is multidimensional, that you dwell within the medium of infinite probabilities, then you may catch a slight glimpse of the reality that is behind the word “god,” and you may understand why it is almost impossible to capture a true understanding of that concept in words.
God, therefore, is first of all a creator, not of one physical universe but of an infinite variety of probable existences, far more vast than those aspects of the physical universe with which your scientists are familiar. He did not simply then sent a son to live and die on one small planet. He is part of ALL probabilities…

…To say that physical life is not real is to deny that reality pervades all appearance, and is part of all appearance. In the same manner, God does not exist APART FROM or separate from physical reality, but exists within it and as a part of it, as he exists within and as a part of all other systems of existence.
Your Christ figure represents, symbolically, your idea of God and his relationships. There were three separate individuals whose history blended, and they became collectively known as Christ—hence many discrepancies in your records. Thesae were all males because at that time of your development, you would not have accepted a female counterpart.
These individuals were a part of one entity. You could not but imagine God as a father, it would never have occurred to you to imagine a god in any other than human terms. Earth components. These three figures worked out a drama, highly symbolic, propelled by concentrated energy of great force.

Seth Speaks, session 560.