Healing yourself and pets


I am new to Seth material. I would like to know if it’s possible to heal yourself and others? Specially, I want to heal a dog I have who gets sick frequently.
Could you refer me to any specific Seth books on healing? I know there is a lot of material and I have only read Seth Speaks.

Thanks for your help!

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I have healed a cow with an eye infection, a cat with an eye infection and my son who was born with a palsy arm. Using very, what seems, standard techniques.
Key is your vibe, if you are panicked and feel desperate, it does not seem as effective as if you feel confident and able to do this.
I used a visualization technique, while feeling very strong and feeling love for the patient, picturing the body healed. I spent what seemed like a day on the cow, feeding it grass, out by the fence talking to it, picturing its eye healthy, and it was healed by the following morning. The cat only took hours and a burr appeared out of the corner of its eye, and I was able to tweeze out the foxtail burr. My sons arm took a few weeks, but results were noticeable after about a week. I moved his arm in a normal movement way, while picturing my arm in his as if I was showing his body how to engage the muscles and arm. The palsy arm never returned.
So, know that it is totally possible and people heal all the time, with or without intervention from another. Every time you get a cut or a scrape, your body repairs and rebuilds, it is normal and best to think of healing as ordinary and easy to do.
That is my 2 cents worth.


NoPR has a lot of examples and explanations of pet health and behavior as a result of the owners (in ways unique from mainstream thought). Good stuff in there.


I wonder if you have some insight for me. I would like to be able to heal my husband’s injured arm. Would I need his conscious consent for this or would imagining a healed probable him allow him to telepathically agree or disagree to this without actually speaking about it on the physical plane?

Hi thirstykirsty, I am so sorry to not have responded sooner, just saw this as have been ignoring emails and computers in general lately, But must say, although I have done healing am not sure totally how it works. I have heard that if someone does not want to let go of an illness, said illness will not go away. But I do believe that we can have conversations with others on the astral plane so to speak. I also, helped my roommate who believes this stuff is nonsense, and brought him round to the idea that there is such a thing as meditating away injury. But many times an injury is caused by odd things and carelessness not always something intense and cerebral, so I would say, go for it. And yes, if he rejects it on another planes, well, not much to be done for that , but I would still put out that love healing energy to help his healing along.