Hello, everyone!

Hi, my name is Nickolai and I am new here.
Is the forum is still alive?

warmest regards and wishes from me to all of you!


Hi Nickolai,

How are yout?

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Hi Nickolai,
Sometimes a conversation will take off, but it seems not many people use this anymore or not very much.
I have tried to start conversations and have had moderate success. I would suggest you go for it and start a topic. I would be happy to participate.


Hi Nickolai,

I’d be happy to participate, too, if you’d like to start a conversation. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Nicholi! We are a small group who enjoys contemplating the extensive records of Seth’s teaching as channeled through Jane Roberts. There are several Seth scholars here. I am not one of them.

I like that we are a small group. It easier to follow threads and be able to “get to know” the contributors. There are some other Seth groups out there, and while interesting to visit briefly, IMO they are too big. You lose that personal feeling.

Welcome and enjoy!

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I just posted a question about whether Seth had any advice about fascism, how it starts and how do so many become hypnotized by the ideology or the strong leader.

Perhaps you’d like to join the conversation.