Hello my fellow psyche explorers

Just wanted to say a fond greeting to you all. I have been reading the seth books for a few years and slowly working with many of the fine suggestions. Life is a miraculous thing is it not?


Hi Cate,
Yes it is, life is a wonderful and miraculous thing! And the more awareness/control I have over it, the more fun it seems—conscious creating, absolutely loving that.


Me too whirled peas. It’s wild. But all strangely familiar somehow… :wink:

I think one of the funniest manifesting stories I have heard was a friend of mine that really wanted these certain leather loafer type shoes. He swears this is true, as he was walking along the street, he gets to this corner and right on the corner were the very shoes he was wanting, he just slipped them on, left his behind and walked off. I love that Source has that kind of sense of humor.

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That’s an awesome story! I have a similar story, only with a sofa. I really wanted a corner sofa for my new living room, so I went to the salvation army to have a look. We’ll, the only one they had was part of a three piece suite, and try as I might I could not convince them to separate the sofa from its chair buddies. So I left, deciding that it wasn’t to be. That afternoon I decided to go visit a new friend I had made (incidentally one of the few people I k ow who I can openly discuss the seth material with) and upon leaving my two year old wanted to go for a small adventure. I decided to let him roam free, and we ended up around the corner from our house at a bit of the complies that we hadn’t been in before. Bet you can guess what I found… Indeed, a nearly new corner sofa that had been left out for the bin men to take. It. Mustv just been put there too as it had been raining that day yet the sofa was dry. Luckily I have a 14 year old son who helped me carry it round to our flat in three trips. Oh the joys!!! :joy:

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the details of manifesting, one of them seems to be letting go of the intense attachment to a particular thing. Not the easiest thing to do, it seems like you have to want something and at the same time, almost not care if it happens or not.
I love that your son was the instrument that the universe worked through to show you the way to your sofa.
What part of England are you from?

The Scottish part :joy::joy::joy: I can get away with that joke as I’m half English, but I’d never repeat it to a full blooded scotsman. They’re all still greeting (crying) because Scotland remains a part of the UK. Well, most of them are. And totally, it was all the more a manifestation magic due to the fact that he decided where we’d go, and I didn’t argue with him for once (“no Samuel, we can’t go on an adventure, mummy has to cook the dinner/pick up your sister/clean the house yadda yadda yadda boring boring boring etc”). I was discussing the magic of manifesting recently, and that definitely seems to be the crutch of it. Trust and nonchalance. I’m amazing at manifesting houses. I put forth what I want, forget about it, and get it (always in line with my beliefs). The flat iv got just now was acquired in such a way. We were in a homeless situation, and being in the UK were well taken care of. Was in temporary accommodation (a flat given temporarily by Glasgow City Council until one of the housing associations comes through with a permenant tenancy for me and the kids) and all anyone else could think about was WHEN I was gona get my own place. Not me. I knew it was there waiting, it just had to locate me. Got the call may 2nd after a nine month gestation (how apt) and we were given a brand new built flat in the most expensive part of the city within walking distance of everything our wonderful Glasgow has to offer, and being that its social housing the rent is a third of the private let’s in the same area. Amazing. Now, if I could just be that nonchalant about the million quid I want to manifest… :joy::joy::joy:

My family is from the UK, Scotland and England, and yes, that was a good joke.
Manifestation Magic is a good topic, kids do seem to have one foot in the metaphysical and one on dry land at just about any given moment. Once, I was looking for a camp site that friends of mine were at, at a large state park and the park ranger told me he could not give out that information incase I was out to cause them trouble of some sort. I just rolled my eyes and thought, well then, I will find them myself. The place was a maze of campsites, since my son was with me, I just told him to quickly pick a direction, right or left, when we got to a fork in the road. He led us right to them after about 12 direction choices. I just trusted his magic. He is also very good at manifesting parking places. I love the magic of children. Mind you, he is all grown now, but still full of magic.

Beautiful story. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: