HELP:I feel like I am blocked and can't make any progress

I need some advice. The past week I have been reading The Magical Approach and have been learning so much and gaining many insights. Today being the exception. I woke up feeling disconnected, isolated and I have had this lingering anger all for seemingly no reason. I have had this intense feeling of ‘stuckness’ like I can’t move forward, like I am blocking some part of me (the magical/natural part?), my whole body literally feels like its constricted and suffocated, at some points I physically couldn’t move. The more I try to figure out what’s causing it the worse I feel, so I try to let go and just go about my day as normal, but then it’s like I’m trying too hard to let go and no matter what I do I still have this feeling of being stuck. When I go about my normal activities whether it be reading a Seth book or playing a game or going to the shops, I can feel some part of me saying “No this isn’t what you should be doing, you should be figuring out what’s wrong with you” and when I focus in on that voice I can feel this rage well up inside me, and the rage is directed at myself. It’s like I am furious with myself because I can’t figure it out. I am so confused and lost, it’s actually making me depressed because I can’t get back to the connected feeling I have had in the past week, I feel like I’ve lost something and there is no getting it back. I keep trying to not worry about it and just get on with my day but this feeling just keeps popping up. it makes me so irritated that even something as simple as my dog walking past annoys me.

Does any one have any idea what this is, any advice on what I can do to get out of this rut? Am I resisting a strong belief? Have I isolated my intellect from the rest of my being and am trying to force it to solve my problems on it’s own? I have all these possibilities in my head but I just can’t get anywhere, that’s why I decided to ask my fellow Sethians to help me. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance <3


Sure I’ve been in very similar scenarios.

I can think of a few points worth keeping in mind. These aren’t in any order, just as they come to me. Some of these you may be having no trouble with at all but I will type them just for a simple reminder.

First, a reminder that problems (challenges!) are not to be searched for their origin in the past - the issue is always a belief in the present, in the conscious mind. Sometimes the problem belief is unexaminated, perhaps not where we normally look, or mistaken as a fact of reality and not a belief. So when problem solving, look at the beliefs held now, in the present, with the fact that the belief is available to you - this is important, and also be mindful of things you think are aspects of reality themselves, but are in fact beliefs. Throw in some mindfulness that beliefs are things we have and not things that we are while you’re at it. :wink:

Next, let’s think about that anger. Well, anger, emotion, feeling, imagination, are driven by belief. Even simple small beliefs that when we stop and poke around in our conscious mind make us laugh as we realize them, and the anger drains away, even when strong!

Sometimes, speaking from personal experience, I will have a dream event that leaves me feeling angry, and occasionally I will forget why. :stuck_out_tongue: Anger can be constructive though! And some emotions are triggered from sleep intentionally to alter hormones and create other constructive body changes. Anger can be frustration which can be a natural aggression to fix something. :smile:

Here is another important reminder that may or may not apply. There could be nothing wrong! The false belief might be that you think something is. :wink: This is similar to searching the past for the origin of a problem, which is false. You may be following the problem solving bit quite well (problems are challenges!) but forgetting to spend the majority of your thought concentrating on what you actually want, rather than its opposite.

Or! You could indeed believe you are stuck for a particular reason. The anger is useful here for realizing that there is a belief involved. Have a conversation with yourself, as if someone else is speaking to you. Stay cognizant of the facts I mentioned earlier - beliefs are things we have, they are available and are sometimes mistook as reality itself. Converse with yourself, ask how you’re feeling, and why. If/when you come up short to an answer follow it up the same way you would if you’d received that answer from a stranger, keep the conversation going. You will hit on the particular relevant insight and laugh about it and feel a sense of physical and emotional relief, and it will be defused upon recognition.

Happy Sething!


This is all very very helpful information Chris! Thank you very much. I have noticed today that this negative state or feeling really only comes on when I think about it and focus on it, I was actually all good for most of the day today apart from the morning, but on my way home from work the feeling started to come back. I don’t think there is actually anything wrong but I’m unsure, I can feel some self-hatred involved. When I try to converse with myself it goes something like this “Why do you feel this way?”, “because I hate you”, “well why do you hate me?”,“because your stupid”, “why am I stupid?”,“because you don’t know how to solve your own problems”. That’s as far as I can go, I feel a resistance to saying any more. That last answer really sparks something, it’s like I don’t trust myself to be able to solve my problems or create the reality that I want. I can feel this sense of unworthiness, like I believe I don’t deserve the reality that I want, like I don’t deserve to be happy. When I question this further I get the feeling that I am separate from ‘god’(not the biblical god of course) and by creating what I want I am somehow taking ‘gods’ power. I feel tremendous guilt for even thinking that I am one with ‘god’ and then it comes back to me thinking that I don’t deserve to be a part of ‘god’, but I can’t uncover any reason why I don’t and yet the feeling remains. I will be honest I am not very familiar with dealing with beliefs in this way, I normally work it out quite easily but this feeling completely changes my reality, everywhere I look I can just see this hatred it’s like the world is turning on me. After all that I feel like I’m back where I started. A part of me feels stupid for asking for help, like I believe I should know what to do. The more I try to work this out the more confused I get, I feel like giving up(but I never will).


That sounds like a lot of progress. Your happiness and your fulfillment benefits everyone around you as well as yourself, and you also serve as an example for others that way.

The conversation with yourself is just one particular approach of course. Actually pretty much anything you believe to work will in fact work. You could sit quietly and suggest that revelations come to you and then just daydream even.

The solution is available. Your experience reminds me of when I was first learning to apply the Seth material. There can be some creative tension for a while as old beliefs are challenged and changed.

Remember that the world isn’t turning on you, the potent emotion you’re experiencing is distorting your vision. Sure, detrimental beliefs will eventually bring detrimental results but far before that you will start selectively noticing negative things and misinterpreting things to be negative. You can clear your vision.

Remember you can also rely on the unconscious portions of yourself. Might I suggest you tell yourself to work on this while you dream. You can also suggest that you work it out at deeper levels period, and then let it go. Doing so, and letting it go, is also an effective technique. You don’t always have to be hands-on with the problem, and in fact that will definitely work against you if you find yourself problem-focusing instead of solution-focusing.

It’s helpful to identify what exactly it is you do want to begin with. If we can quickly say what we don’t want, but it takes a while to think of what we do want, this kind of reveals just how imbalanced our actual focus is. At least knowing what we don’t want can help us via contrast identify what we do desire.

Make a point to imagine what you do want throughout the day, and hopefully it will make you smile. If this exercise is stressful instead, then don’t do it, but turn it over to a deeper part instead. This wouldn’t be a failure FYI, it’s simply taking the most appropriate course of action.


Thank again Chris, you have helped me immensely and I am extremely grateful. So far I haven’t really tried any other approach other than directly focusing on the problem. I will try some of the techniques and suggestions you have given me and I will let you know how I go.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating this website!


I agree with Chris that there could be nothing wrong.

One possibility: The feeling of guilty and hateful struggle that “you” could be fighting against god seems to indicate that beliefs that you once held are at least being looked at deeply now if not being untangled or thoroughly dissolved to reveal a much fuller and freer perception of reality.

That sort of thing takes integration, and sometimes our former “you” beliefs hang on for dear life until our inner selves reveal more and more truth and vitality.

That sort of struggle is fairly normal. I’d say get used to it, because there will probably be more to come.

Just check to see, eventually, what the rewards of such growth are—after the struggle period passes or is even forgotten. The more we grow, the more vital joy comes through. At least that’s my experience.


I think you are right about that voudPortal, I think there is a lot going on within me that my concious mind and intellect can’t fully comprehend. Me focusing on this “issue” seems to only make it worse because I am trying to work something out with my concious mind that like I said can’t fully comprehend what it’s trying to figure out.

As Chris said, I can rely on the unconscious portions of my self. I have tried the technique you suggested Chris which was to turn this over to a much deeper level of my self and then let it go, that seems to be the most effective approach for me right now and it has worked wonders.

As you said voudPortal there will probably be more of this sort of struggle and there is, because it often comes back throughout day and I think my best option is to just accept that, look at the feeling of struggle as much as I can with my concious mind when it comes up in the present moment, without causing myself any stress and then pass it over to a deeper part of my self.

The rewards of this growth after each struggle period are very self evident, the joy that I feel always seems to heighten and the state that I get in seems like a much higher one than before the struggle period.

Thanks a lot for your advice guys, I really appreciate it.


Hi everyone! And how exactly we turn our challenge to the deeper part? I tried it for awhile and see no results. I am in a quite difficult situation that spread all over different issues. Looking forward to your thoughts, guys!

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Hi Nickolai,
The general technique is simple and easy. You can do it by using your conscious mind to name your “issue” or challenge and explicitly tell yourself that you will let your subconscious/inner self handle it. Consciously let go of your thoughts on the topic. If you catch yourself worrying, gently let it go again.

Regularly achieving a deep state of relaxation is very important. Daily practice is best. If you have trouble with relaxing, you can try easy self hypnosis techniques. When you get good at relaxing you can use positive visualization to help your inner self solve challenges.

Hope that’s of some help.

selfhypnosis.pdf (242.3 KB)

This is an old text but a useful, freely available guide to self hypnosis.

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I can only speak from my own experience so I will. First off you ARE the magical/natural part of you and there is literally no way to disconnect from that. So worry not on that point if possible. Second. When I feel strong emotions in my body, as you are describing, and I cannot distract myself from them, I switch off all thoughts about them and just feel them. Like just focus on the physical sensations of them. I don’t try to intelletulise them in anyway, just feel, and they move through the body and release. What your feeling COULD be something stored from ‘earlier’ that your ready to deal with in your new frame of mind. Just my two cents. Loves, I can totally empathise.

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