Hippocampus - spatial recognition and memory

I am taking a course on mapping, and we are learning about the hippocampus and making mental maps. This area of the brain, that looks like a sea horse by the way, is responsible for important functions, like how we orient ourselves in space and memory of physical locations. I have not read anything that I can remember about the hippocampus in the Seth material - I would think it might act like an antenna for the multi-dimensional mind somehow, orienting us in the space-time continuum - I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this brain activity and how it relates to the multi-dimensional consciousness theory.

I don’t have any specific answer on that topic.
But my thinking is that Seth would perhaps mention that the “mind” as we think of it is not based in the brain, but is part of the entire body.
Even when one part of our brain may be damaged, other parts take over and do the “job” the other part supposedly does.
I find reductionist science tries to label the brain into part and bits, rather than a cohesive holon, that is part of the larger holon of the body, which is part of the larger holon of spirit/overself etc.
So the labels etc limit our thinking and beliefs around the topic of “brain”. However I greatly value the fields of study of neuroscience, neuroplasticity etc and it’s very worthwhile investing and finding your own answers using intellect and intuition in equal measure, but not limiting yourself to any finite definite answer.

If you look at the work of John Anthony Edwards “Magical Egypt” documentary series, he talks about the Egyptians ideas around this topic, and you may find something there, as he (the ancient egyptian society) had quite a lot of data on the internal organs, brain etc particularly the non-physical data, receiving mechanism or whatever term you wish to use.

Thanks, there has to be physical links between the body and mind, something that “holds the mind inside the brain” if you will…I will continue to research my Seth material for that knowledge.

Interesting question to research. So I gave it a try on the new search engine and I got a lot of results, such as the following excerpt from TES1 Session 19 January 27, 1964

“The brain deals exclusively with camouflage patterns, transforming vitality into physical environmental camouflage patterns. The mind deals with basic principles inherent on all planes. The brain is itself part of the camouflage pattern, and can be interpreted and probed by physical instruments. The mind cannot be probed by physical instruments. It cannot even be found by physical instruments. The mind is the connective. It is here that the secrets of the universe will be discovered, and the mind itself is the tool of discovery.”

I know you are going to find what you are looking for!

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I hope you find what you are are looking for, just remember that the brain is a virtual brain in a virtual body, as Jim said it is part of the camouflage reality. And so any exterior tools we use to look at / measure the material reality (other than our own inner senses) are again virtual tools in a virtual reality, as they are part of the camouflage, whatever we use to observe or measure what we are looking for will not influence and/or change what we observe.
So I would say be open to the wave of possibility and look within yourself, rather than outside yourself, but of course keep learning all you can with whatever resources you have available to you.

EDIT: A further note (and feel free to disagree or explore other options). From my point of view, the mind is not in the brain, nor is it even contained to just the physical body. However, if we look for evidence of a particular belief, rather than to explore without pre-conceptions - then we will no doubt create evidence that confirms our already held belief.

so the Q then becomes, am I looking for evidence of my belief, or to go beyond the belief itself into new territory where the specific answers I want may not exist?
I have run into this issue many times with the Seth material, and again trust my inner self to guide to something that makes sense to me, in whatever form is satisfying.


You might find the quote from my post over here: Where is the line drawn between manifestations of belief and accepted root assumptions? helpful, Doreen.

I’ll re-quote it here:

In somewhat the same manner, your physical brain is a doorway that triggers activity in your mind. Your beliefs then are largely responsible for the areas of the brain that you activate, and for the resulting nonphysical action of the mind.

Session 671, Chapter 20, The Nature of Personal Reality

This particular excerpt was actually pretty eye-opening for me in helping me understand the mind/brain relationship… which helped me with my original struggle from that topic.

The beliefs (mind) can affect the brain, which then once more affects the mind.

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I’m not good with quotes. Mostly rely on memory.

But the “non-physical” part is what I was attempting to get at.

" and for the resulting nonphysical action of the mind."

Thank you Chris.

Rather than physical organisms, if we could see with different sight, we would see ourselves as bundles of information, vibrations and patterns of different intensities, and condensations of light/energy giving the appearance of form and physicality.

The physical eye does not see, but interprets information, and we often see what we want to see, likewise the microscope does not see “reality”, it is made of the same camouflage, and sees what we want it to see.

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Thanks for those thoughts everyone! It is amazing to think of the channeling into a physical being that happens with Seth-Jane, there must be a door in the brain, a process, for that to happen - that tangible link between the virtual mind and physical brain, not withstanding the complications of it all being part of the camouflage system, like a catch-22.