How can I change my beliefs?

Hello guys hope you all doing at least fine lol :joy:

With this shift in consciousness and the drama and chaos all around us it’s really tough and super challenging for me to be at least fine and ok!!

I am starting my “self empowerment “ journey!

I feel like I wasted my life in toxic relationships not having money not being physically ok and i never been really happy!

I had moments where I was super suicidal and I had enough misery !!!

I want a CHANGE !

I want a constant flow of change !

I want to change with love compassion and I want it to be intentional!

I tried before to change all of my reality and I almost killed myself with Health issues!

I was sooo hard on myself!

Anyway… I need your help to understand how do we change our beliefs?

Everyone is talking about how our beliefs create our reality! And I am sick of it !!!

My beliefs to me and the only evidence I have to stable myself and deal with life you know ?!

My beliefs are my reality and I have evidence!!

How can I change my beliefs about life love money people relationships if I had enough experience to validate what I know to be true !

I would love to hear for you and what you think Seth said about changing beliefs?

Any exercises ?

Thank you
Samaha from the uae :united_arab_emirates:

You may find this interesting and helpful, it worked for us. The Story of Ron and Linda’s abundance creation using Seth’s proven principals.

…for the record, Linda and I met in 1974, in Miami, Florida, and soon after, a friend of hers in another state sent her a paperback copy of Seth Speaks. Well, we were both into Metaphysics and the occult, so we read Seth Speaks, and we were moved so much by the profound information Seth gave on attracting abundance as well as creating one’s own reality, that we soon married, and launched a most wonderful reality creation together. We wished to break out of the “ho-hum-drum” mode and do something challenging and exciting.

We quit our cushy, good-paying Miami civil service jobs, moved from Florida to Virginia, where, as photographers, we quickly discovered a niche market that was not being adequately filled at that time, and that was the sore need for beautiful scenic Virginia souvenir post cards.

So we became self-employed, capitalist entrepreneurs, and started Cards Unlimited, Inc., Virginia’s only state-wide post card distributor. The existing post cards sold throughout the state were “garbage” cards, and we almost instantly took over the entire State’s post card sales market, and we then expanded into a live of photo-related souvenirs based on our creative approach to super photography. We soon had 1,000 accounts statewide, and sold 2 to 3 million cards a year.

From year, 1975 to 2000, for 25 jamb-packed years, we worked our butts off expanding our presence and coverage throughout the state’s of Virginia and West Virginia. And it paid off with sales of MEGA millions of post cards and items, and in 2000, one of our customers approached us to buy us out because of the tremendous success we were having, so, we sold out for a huge cash payment and retired relatively young, me at age 55.

The Seth material helped us make million$$$, but we did it our way and figured things out for ourselves using Seth’s principals as guidance for attracting and creating financial and spiritual abundance…we developed our talents and challenged our creative abilities and our customers rewarded us with sales.

And now I am delighted and grateful to say that beginning in spring of 2013, when Laurel Davies-Butts and I came to a mutually beneficial reality creation agreement on my obtaining Jane Robert’s rocking chair that she channeled Seth from, along with the coffee table Rob rested his feet on, and in 2014, obtaining Rob’s iconic,1968 Seth portrait, and in the next year’s all the top-tier Rob and Jane artworks and many transcripts, ESP class sessions and a wealth of Seth “goodies,” and then a few years ago, the famous Ouija board that Seth initially came through on, I now possess The Seth Museum Collection, everything uniquely “Seth.”

I am proud to say that I am the loving and respectful curator, caretaker and custodian of these wonderful Sethian objects of art, and my intent is to share them with like-minded Sethians at future Seth events, like what was just held last summer at the Seth House, 458 W. Water Street, Elmira, NY, celebrating Rob’s 100th birthday hosted by Kate and Oshara, where I personally displayed The Seth Museum Collection, and visitors from all over were treated to beholding the collection, sitting in Jane’s rocker, viewing Seth-based art, experiencing the Ouija board and much more while mingling with other Sethians. I must say that there is something unique about holding and viewing the REAL thing.

The Seth Museum Collection did not just “fly” into my possession by way of some cosmic accident, as none of the items were ever for sale on the open market, never. This was meant to be as there are no accidents and no accidental meetings - you can quote Seth on that. Seth and Jane and Rob were smiling and delighted as they were fully aware of the connections here on the earth plane from their psychic psychological vantage point. I love the possibility of The Seth Museum Collection being some day, hopefully soon, reunited with The Seth House, apartment #5, when it is owned and administered by the team of Kate and Oshara and other Sethians. The Magical Approach approaches. – Ronald H. Card on Facebook and SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues, on Facebook.

Have you tried Christopher’s search engine?‘Changing+beliefs’~5/

This could be a basis for discussion.

I may have some useful information on why there seems to be a disconnect with our reality & our beliefs system.
We have differing levels of belief.

  • Our inner conscious holds beliefs that we have formed from our physical experience that we have built up since childhood. These are enhanced & modified by our inner thoughts to form the basis for our day to day judgements. These can be changed with new information as the belief evolves.
    But in order to change your experience of matter your Core beliefs must change. You can still get sick from covid if you are vaccinated simply because your Greater self, the Overself, has a specific lesson it is trying to bring into your life experience. We, our Overself, creates our reality. Situations are presented that compel us to learn something new or remember something old in order to resolve an inner dissonance. The more connected you are to sub & super conscious the less confusion.
    To change our core beliefs then, we must look deeper than our own inner mind & into the subconscious realms.
    When an untoward event imposes itself into your sphere the seminal point is how it can be made a learning experience. It is not just good or bad; it is an opportunity for enhancement, empowerment for evolving your spirit. If we reject the opportunity, the Greater self will simply throw another situation in your path until you get the message.
    Sometimes we never do get it; core beliefs are devilishly difficult to discover. Meditation is the key.

I think in similar terms; using a different terminology.

If by meditation you mean getting in touch with your subconscious and your inner guidance (or whatever call those) then I agree. If by meditation you understand blanking your mind, or such, then I disagree.

…ron speaks…As Seth states many times, that all time is simultaneous, that is, the past, the present and the future, the infinite probable futures, all exist now, in the present, separated by perception, also meaning that the personal point of power for the individual is now, in the present, it is always now.
Seth also referred to the future year, 2075, as major changes in store for earth revolving around the return of Paul, or Saul, a portion of the greater Christ entity, having an important impact upon religion and world history, as other associated changes will also occur by 2075. Paul will appear wearing a guise and a persona and using a different name and different approach to his work, and team members of his entity, or aspect–counterparts will also participate in the changes, but the details are still being worked out…in simultaneous time…no future events are predestined, they can and cannot manifest as previously planned as there is always change.
The following is what I’ve been getting in my dream state about the future and year 2075, bits and pieces over the past two to three years, and the dream is jelling and taking cohesive shape, but is still not finished, due to the possibilities of change.
Renaissance II, the coming of SmartPeople
The operating system of the mid to distant future, which will be fully operational and in place by year 2075, or possibly sooner, will consist of a vast, mental platform, a psychological medium, encompassing global paranormal access ability right from birth, and used by, “SmartPeople,” who will fully mature by age ten, and who will all communicate, inter-communicate via ESP, thus obsoleting all then current forms of human physical communication, including cyber–internet, social media, print, phone and TV-radio systems. As result, the human inner database “veil” will be individually psychically lifted, thus allowing the new human species of SmartPeople self-access to their vast, inner being storehouse–reservoir of knowledge and wisdom that has always resided within each and every person, although mostly unacknowledged or ignored due to negative programming and restrictive belief systems. Leading up to that time frame, religion and government will be in shambles and will no longer exert any power or influence over people, SmartPeople.
Other global changes will also be jelling that will contribute, setting the stage, so to speak, for the coming of SmartPeople, and that is that the world population will have dropped significantly due to the combined mental–psychic agreement of women on a worldwide basis to voluntarily becoming sterile for several years while the natural attrition of death takes its toll on population.
When world population has stabilized to a few billion, then women, on a global basis, will once again become fertile and give birth to the new species of SmartPeople and they will welcome the new religious approach of Paul, and company, but it will have nothing to do with Christianity.
Woman, the world’s creators, psychically understand that world population reduction need not be accomplished as done before for centuries and millennia, under the severe rule of egotistical men, hellbent on greed, gain, power and control, who have done much to destroy the planet and its ecosystem, by, for example, starting wars, building nuclear arsenals and armies and enforcing oppressive restrictive governments that subjugate and kill their people.
2075 is here and now, available for psychic perception, and the events are forming and being worked out in the psychological state and the dream state. The future is unfolding as it should and everything is on time. You create your own reality. Be there.

What will happen Ron in 2075 ?
I didn’t read what Seth said and I don’t think I get it?

Can you simplify for me please

Go to the Seth search engine at…findingseth dot com and putting 2075 in the search box. I vist Seth University, Dream Campus in the dream state where a faculty of no-name teachers present the endless Seth material, or, the material curriculum to the open minded…ron

Wow ! I want to visit this library in my dream state ? Can you give me your tips to be awaken in my dream ? And how you direct your dream reality?

Hi Samahaseth, In answer to your question…Hi, sure, before sleep, I make dream suggestions and requests…to visit Seth University, Dream Campus, and I fall asleep in the process and I’m there in an invisible desk, and I’m all ears…ron.

Hi, sure, before sleep, I make dream suggestions and requests…to visit Seth University, Dream Campus, and I fall asleep in the process and I’m there in an invisible desk, and I’m all ears…ron.