How can I know who’s meeting me in my dream?

Hi guys !
I had few dreams very vivid and I was seeing a man ( a teacher i know ) in my dreams teaching me always always always!!!
I had one dream yesterday it was sooo delicious :massage_woman:t2:
And I wake up today and I asked him ( the teacher I see) if we are meeting in my dream state but he didn’t answer!

He is a very advanced teacher he do all things Seth talked about !( time travel seeing probabilities and so on)

My question is: WTF is happening!:smile:

Just last night I was in my dream setting in a circle of 3 students including me and my teacher
And I was asking him: how can I distinguish between my own projections from other realities I should be allowing? (It was about me projecting my fears and beliefs into reality as we all do and how to distinguish between projections and receiving a reality from others!)

Anyway it keep happening!
It used to be with teaching without human identity but now it’s my teacher ( the man I know in real life)

Most my lucid dreams includes teachers and me being a student! being with a kind if teacher teaching me something about reality!

Just a moment ago this appeared on my YouTube home page without my searching for it:
Listen to the words guys :smile::coffee:

How can I make sure I am not meeting other portion of my being dressed in someone’s clothes!
Is this teacher other part of my being ?!
Is it me trying to help and teach me but using my teacher in real life as a symbol!

Any idea?!

Hi Samaha,

My response is, why should it matter? What is real? What is imagined? Why would one experience be less valuable than another, and who is to say what is real anyway?

I too have had “teacher” dreams. Spiritual teacher dreams, as well as a lot of piano teacher dreams. I was at a keyboard in one dream I vividly remember, and was aware someone was looking over my shoulder. I turned my head and saw this woman and asked her, “are you my teacher, is this how I am able to play the piano without having taken lessons?” She smirked and said, “what do you think?” I smiled and went right back to playing the piano, thinking, this is really cool, I have a teacher. (My family was too poor to afford lessons, but we did own a piano.)

So, “real” or “imagined” is just the label we give an event to accept it or dismiss it’s validity.



Omg !

I had many many teachers dreams !
They are sooo real and reality !

In one dream I was with other students and my teacher was setting with us and for a moment I was with him and I was sssooooo focused and I told him: “ this is so real and we are doing it ?”
I was soo attached to him fearing that my focus will drift away from our gathering in the dream!

I remember helping other students to focus and I was telling her to follow my sound !
It was amazing!
I felt like I was playing games while I am a sleep!

I am absolutely amazed!

It was something I can not explain! The feeling like you can function in many realities and many focuses is wow!

Definitely gonna do so much more!

Maybe we can do it together so we can practice?
What do you think !

Hi Samaha,
Yeah, I would love to practice together. I think practicing with other Sethians is very productive and when I have done so in the past, it always seemed more information came at me at any given time.
One of my more interesting spiritual classroom dreams, was finding myself in a classroom like situation with tables and chairs and the teacher was a woman who is a spiritual teacher down San Diego CA way, Sarita, that was a long time ago. She asked us to send our consciousness to the edge of the Universe. I found myself on a very large rock/boulder floating out in space. I looked around and sure enough, one direction you could see stars and the other direction, nothing but pure blackness. I returned to class and when it was over, walking out the door, someone asked me to phone them when I woke up from this dream. They gave me their name. I looked them up in the phone book, I called them and they were really there. Very interesting. So, yeah, we should meet up in dream time.

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Wow !!
This Seth Material is magical lol :joy:!

Just by reading it you already expand

About the table and the chair :chair:! My god I had it too ?!!

I was sitting :chair: and before me a white board and a being was teaching me about the lay-off consciousness within the small particles!

I remember laughing and saying did I care in my waking state about partials !

Any way
I want to meet you for exercise
May be you need to hold an object in specific color and will try to guss it here after hopefully meeting you !

Ok, I will hold an object, with a specific color and you can let me know what you see.