How Does Seth's Reincarnation Work?

Seth, to me, appears to present reincarnation in 2 ways.

First, he presents it in a typical linear fashion of 1 life after another, where in 1 life our current mother may have been our brother, or our wife may have been our father. This is to me the traditional view that 1 separate soul goes through a host of lives in sequential order, going from the most primitive to the most evolved. As Seth says, once all potentials are tapped by the person, the reincarnation cycle is over.

But secondly, he of course says that all these lives are simultaneous. Truth, in my humble experience, is often a paradox. My problem is this: if all lives are actually occurring at the very same time, how can our current mother have been our brother, since she would therefore be both our mother and brother at the same time! Or our “current” wife would also currently be our father. Does that make sense?

If reincarnation is simultaneous, I envisioned our entity, like a glowing orb. From this orb hang human lives, each dipping into another period of earth history. All lives are going on at once, just as all channels on a TV set are LIVE right now, even if you happen to be tuned into just 1 (my metaphor for an individual life). So again, how could anyone be playing multiple roles in various incarnations if they are all happening NOW at the same time?

If you can resolve this for me, I would appreciate it. But what I would really like is for someone to do this using their own words instead of just doing a data dump of Seth quotes. I want to know someone has thought about this and can explain it in current human terms instead of just dumping a load of Seth quotes on me and expecting me to just figure it all out. For the record, I am reading every single Seth book. I am taking cliff notes on them all by subject. I don’t need more quotes!

The way I see it, our oversoul is more than capable of being in all of these lives simultaneously. Think of it in terms of a spider web, with your soul in the middle. Or, to use your analogy, The TV set. Each of the lives is a screen; the oversoul is literally watching every screen in a room with perhaps hundreds of programs running at the same time. Have you ever watched a puppet master handle several puppets at once? A handful of puppet masters can be a whole crowd of puppets- but in our case, the “puppets” have their own conciousness- which can throw a monkey wrench in the middle of things, which is how we learn…

All 500 cable channels are running simultaneously, however, you choose to select the best channel or channels you wish to watch, and you can switch channels anytime. Now you may have three TVs side by side running three different channels, however, you can only focus and absorb one of those channels, you see. Same way with psychic spiritual information offered through various outlets like TV, or the internet and social media, if you are getting your information through outside availability, when, in fact, you can, according to your beliefs, focus on your own inner source of wisdom and information which is much more trustable than what is available on the internet, for example. Your inner wellspring of knowledge and wisdom awaits your attention…be there…ron.

Hi Will,
I always liked the explanation given by Seth that you can think of it as an apartment building full of people living their own lives in their own separate apartment. And into that mix, add multidimensionality.
What we are able to conceive with our physical human brain is not even a glimpse of what is going on. And that time is not linear.
It is a very plastic concept and at odds with what we are taught to believe as possible with say, the current Physics rhetoric out there.
You might try requesting past life memories. I did this years ago and it is a mixed bag of wonders, full of answers but also full of paradoxes and more questions.
Sometimes I think it is helpful to just realize that, that it IS difficult to understand an experience while embedded with the current cultural, socio, scientific thinking that all is linear.
I will always remember a story that Seth said about this, that amazing cave art will be discovered in a cave during the end of the 1990’s, that has not been found so far, because it has not been created yet in the past.
Talk about a paradox.

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The passage of time we experience when awake, isn’t related to the succession of incarnations. An entity can incarnate any-when in the physical time. Your previous incarnations might’ve been in the future, past, or contemporary, in any physical time order. Entities don’t exist in relative terms to the physical time.

“Simultaneous time” has a different meaning from what most Seth followers believe to be. It just means that from non-physical perspective your entity can enter any point in the time, space, probability hyperspace, and then from your personality’s point of present focus in that hyperspace, your subconscious creates physical reality in all the hyperspace directions, but advances only to one next point, then the next, and the next, …

Now, All of Seth’s nearly 21 years of work, like sessions, exist in simultaneous time, and each one can be called up and visited and experienced, and Seth will psychically acknowledge your presence and desire, all sessions are in sort of a psychic file case. I have visited quite a few such past Seth sessions…ron, SETH FORCE on Facebook.

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Believe it or not, I’m the prime incarnation of Seth.

It’s been difficult living in the modern Era. No one believes in me anymore.

Such a strange world now.

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Laughable statement. What did God say when he revealed himself to Moses?

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You choose disbelief.
Your loss.