How is Covid-19 affecting you?

This is for anyone that wants to share on a more personal note, rather than say, an intellectual note.

I am wondering how people around the world are doing? How are people with a Seth background and outlook taking all of this in? Is the virus affecting you and your life, or is it not quite the melodrama that the media is making it out to be?

If you are comfortable saying so, would love to know what part of the world you are from, a large city, or a small town, and what country.

I am from Bellingham, a small city in Washington State, USA, near the Canadian border.

Through reading the Seth material over many years I have created a model in my head to understand how this world “works” that essentially boils down to: Our lived experience arises from a series of extraordinarily complicated fields overlapping in extraordinarily complicated ways. In other words, we create our reality along with everyone else creating theirs.

I see the pandemic, the political shenanigans, the economic crimes, and the growing demand for civic responsibility from an increasingly unfit populace as elements of an important shared experience that we are all very much due for.

Personally, I have grown enormously since the start of the pandemic. I have confronted many of the lingering areas of my psyche that lacked discipline and discovered just how many more of those areas there are. I have taken stock of the relationships in my life. My priorities have crystallized. My confidence has grown. My physical health has improved. My spiritual practice has deepened. My relationships are more truthful and loving.

Overall, it has been pretty gruelling work and I find myself spending a lot of time managing the stress that arises from the shared field. But I know that this past year and it’s challenges have transformed me for the better. Lot’s more to do.

Even if things go very much wrong in the next couple of years, at least we were here to participate. What a time to be alive. :smile:


DEATH IS AN ADVENTURE IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Is death really the end of the road for everyone?

…ron speaks…We’ve all heard the old saying, “You can’t take it with you…(when you go)” How much truth is in this statement? Much, but there is, however, a caveat, to consider as there is more than meets the eye in death.

You’d be surprised at what you do, in actuality, take “with you,” and, of course, what all you have no choice but to leave behind – for the living to deal with, but, not to worry, that’s no longer your concern because in death you’ve embarked upon a new and continuing adventure in your future. But you may not have an idea of what all really follows you over to the “other side.”

In grand, Seth material philosophy, Physical death is both a change of worlds…the world you leave behind, and at the same time, death is a change of consciousness, the earth-bound ego framework of consciousness that, in death, swaps itself for a new direction in non-physical-awarized consciousness…a framework of consciousness, subconsciousness, that you had back on the earth plane, but it operated in the background, while your waking ego consciousness operated in the physical world of matter, objects that contained density.

Early on in the Seth sessions, Rob asked Seth why people only lived, on average, into their 70s and 80s, and Seth gave a quick and simple answer, “That’s long enough.” Seth went on to explain more here in the ensuing years of channeled information, but for then, Seth gave a quick and direct answer. It took Seth years to break into answering such simple questions because the quick answer deserved much, much more explanation.

So, what do you take with you when you “go?” A short, simple answer would be…intellectual capital – my term. Intellectual capital is your immediate past memory of the prior life you just had for you then become what I will call a survival personality, and the change of worlds means that you appeared somewhere else other than the earth that you vividly remember.

And along with your new world of the “hereafter” comes your new consciousness to deal with it…in effect, your “old” subconsciousness REPLACES your old waking ego consciousness, with a new approach to your future life…without a physical body.

You will be amazed at the ease in which your new awareness has greatly expanded and you can see “stuff” you never dreamed of, in a sense, your whole past life flashes before you, all at once, and you begin to understand it. But you need help here. At the same time, you are LOVINGLY approached by images of your passed friends and relatives, and even images of living friends and relatives back on the earth plane who have all volunteered and dedicated themselves to receiving you in the hereafter, call it the “after-death Welcome Center,” which, is, in actuality, a necessary “mid-plane,” a stopping-off, temporary destination whereby elementary education by the “old guard” guides begins. A dim corruption of this place exists back on the earth plane as the religious, purgatory, where sins are washed away by saints and Jesus, and so forth before the soul can travel on the the pearly gates of heaven, or…, but that religious creation does not exist in those limited terms.

So death is a change of worlds and a change of consciousness, and the further education of the survival personality permits the choice of probabilities within a new time continuum, a new life through reincarnation, back upon the earth plane for more continued education in a setting of choice that will afford the personality a physical field of greater experience and expression and the ability to develop new skills, meet new challenges and meet new friends and also to continue old relationships, perhaps under new circumstances, new family circumstances, whereby father becomes child and child becomes mother, and so forth, for example. You pick the century and the country, and the gender, that will work out best for you and you have assist of of your friends, relatives and “spirit” guides…of which, at one time, Seth was a guide, and still is in other circumstances.

Many, perhaps most, that enter the mid-plane are confused and immediately are disoriented in their new surroundings, yet to be adapted to surroundings, and yell, “Am I dead?” “Where are Jesus, Saint Peter, God, or some other “godly” figure?” "Am I in heaven or hell?? They scream for recognition and answers. And they are immediately calmed down by the voices and “masked” images of their guides wearing various guises, like Jesus and God MASKS, done so in order to comfortably relate to the newly deceased and the guides have their work cut out for them explaining what’s what in the hereafter. The guides are quite adept at this educational process, and the guides know how to work with the newly deceased’s earthly belief systems, in order to begin teaching.

Those immediate survival personalities whose beliefs are not as limiting and constricting, who are more open-minded and accepting of non-religious beliefs, for example, BY-PASS the mid-plane and their guides usher them immediately to new surroundings where a “liberal” education begins and new realities and dimensions present themselves, and many of these “spiritually-advanced” personalities - my term, are finished with the earth plane for good and are launched on their own, unique adventure in consciousness.

The world is unfolding as it should, and everything is right on time. You design yourself - that is the main rule – ron

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Hi Mel,
Thank you for sharing your personal insights.

I was doing better at the beginning of the pandemic than say later on when the political scene just seemed to turn into a dog fight leading up to the presidential election. Got so tired of hearing so many derogatory slurs coming from the sitting president trump, not to mention how many of his parties colleagues had chimed in. I have been trying to make sense of it, as interpreting it as if it were a dream, but am probably too close to the issue to separate and find clarity. So, I just enjoy the kittens I got in pandemic august, and do my art, and play my ukulele, ride my indoor bike everyday and try to find the humor in it all… I have yet to find the humor in it all. Probably will get the joke at some point.

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To interpret both dream and awake reality symbolism I work with my inner guide and my intuition. The inner guide points to the symbolism of the message. To find out the limiting belief that causes a certain experience I get into trance, focus / project into my inner-ego to open my inner senses, then intuitively identify the limiting belief. Then I give my subconscious suggestions to suspend and replace it with a beneficial belief.

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Hi Inavalan,
Seems pretty straight forward and makes sense. I think key for me, is not differentiating between waking and sleeping realities, in terms of symbolism directed at my person for growth and introspection.

I found a relevant, in my opinion, quote about the symbolism of our physical reality. Because it is off-topic I posted it under:
“Seth Speaks” Physical objects as symbols, method of expression of thoughts

Hi Inavalan,
I enjoyed the quote, my favorite part being…

“It is only by comprehending the nature of
this constant translation of thoughts and desires — not into words
now, but into physical objects — that you can realize your true
independence from circumstance, time, and environment .”

That we constantly create our experience as effortlessly as we breathe. Once when I was 23, I had been out of work and went through my savings, I found another job but it only payed once a month, and at the end of the first month so had no idea where I was going to get money for rent food ect, until payday. I was focused on that thought in a vague sort of way and went to the store for groceries I could buy for a couple of dollars, and when I came out of the store and as I was walking up to my car, a truck had just backed into my car with enough force to smash it good. The guy started to drive away, do a hit and run, but I stood before him and was blocking his exit and told him that was my car he just smashed. Long story short, his insurance paid me 500.00 for the damage, got me the check in 4 days, I fixed the car damage myself for 50.00 in parts. Had enough money to get me through until my first paycheck at the new job. That was before I knew about Seth, but I was struck by not only what was a heck of a coincidence but the very strong feeling that it was not a coincidence.