How is your climate changing?


The Magical Approach is the natural method…ron


I don’t know if I can separate it out that way, Byron.

But, I do think in terms of ABAR’s or ACCURATE BELIEFS ABOUT REALITY, and I let go of my IBARS, or INACCURATE BELIEFS ABOUT REALIY. So, I would say I strongly value ABARs, and that is what I concentrate on, and I find it works quite well. Is that game enough for you?
I value spontaneity, creativity, vitality, playfulness, exuberance, great timing,
etc., because those are the qualities that I think are the most accurate descriptors of reality, but I’m open to others as well!


Good point there Joanne


I found some more info in Book 8 of the Early Sessions, session 336 which I wanted to add.

"As far as the effect of weather upon the mood of individuals, we do have something else. For the weather is created by you, on a subconscious level. The weather, at any given time, is a direct physical interpretation of inner mass mind. You do indeed react, but you have already created the conditions, you see, and you then react to these in both psychic and physical ways.

The inner state of each individual mind is projected outward. The inner state causes chemical changes in the physical body. Chemicals are thrown outward into the atmosphere. Hormones are released of particular varieties. Very definite and unique electrical change occur in the skin, which change on a mass level the atmosphere at any given unit.

All of these conditions merge to create the peculiar weather with its innumerable and constant changes. These exterior conditions then affect the individual physical structures and individuals react to the peculiar conditions which they themselves have created.

The process is constant. The weather causes psychic activities, to some extent assassinations and accidents. On the other hand, the atmosphere was originally mental and the weather originates from this mental level."