How is your climate changing?

These are some quotes about the weather, from Mass Events and Personal Reality

“You might say ‘of course, I realize that the weather affects my mood’, yet it will occur to very few of you that your moods have any effect upon the weather. You have so concentrated upon the categorization, delineation, and exploration of the objective that it surely seems to be “the only real one”. It seems to exert force or pressure against you, or to impinge upon you, or at least almost to happen by itself, so that you sometimes feel powerless against it. Your myths have given great energy to the OUTSIDEDNESS of things.”

“Physically, portions of you leave your body constantly and intermix with the elements. You know what happens when adrenalin is released through the bloodstream. It stirs you up and prepares you for action. But in other ways the adrenalin does not just stay in your body. It is cast into the air and it affects the atmosphere, though it is transformed.”

“Any of your emotions liberate hormones but these leave you as your breath leaves you, and in that respect you an say that you release chemicals into the air that then affect it.”

“The weather faithfully reflects the feelings of the individuals in any given local territory. Overall, weather patterns follow deeper inner rhythms of emotion.”

“Earthquakes are very often associated with periods of great social change or unrest, and from such locations the fault lines ORIGINATE and are projected outward.”

“There is little difference between the currents of blood that flow through your veins, and the wind current, except that one seems to be within you and the other without.”

“This may sound unbelievable to you, nevertheless, the same effects that cause emotional outbursts also cause physical storms. The basis is the same. The manifestation is different.”

Me- So, we have 7.5 billion reality creators on this plane, many of whom deeply expect deeper and deeper climate crises and problems. I absolutely love challenges, but I don’t know how to wrap my mind around this issue, and sounding alarms is not something I like to do or I do very well. I would much rather apply the concepts, and visualize solutions and open scientific minds so they don’t concentrate so heavily on a dismal future.

I would really like to hear other Sethies take on the climate issue, and any thoughts or beliefs which give them reason for optimism. I know I am astounded by human abilities and ingenuity, and that takes me far, but I really want some more input on this issue!




Psychological climate emerges as meterlogical climate. Rain within, rain without. Sunny within, sunny without, on an individual and mass basis…ron


Undersea volcanic eruptions cause the ocean to warm and the climate to change.
We have had 2 such events in the last 35 years, links and info available upon request.
Human activity also has a small effect :wink:
And of course, collectively en masse we create our own reality.

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I remember finding it very interesting to read from Seth that the fault lines originate in areas of social/economic/political strife. But where the earthquake has its greatest impact can be quite far from the underground origin of course. But I imagine this data is becoming easier and easier to collect, correlations should one day become possible.

Perhaps worth remembering that the source may not always be in the same location as the effect. Although I think I do recall Seth saying the generation of weather is localized…


Ron, I love pairing psychological with climate, those two words will now be forever linked in my mind!

The quote that best sums up my occasional future worry, aside from having a 5 year old, is
"What concerns me is not the way things are, but the way people think things are" by Epictetus. I can dwell on how many people truly believe the world is MELTING, and BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! WE HAVE PROOF!

I just want to laugh. I want to. But, I can’t. YET! Yet, not yeti

Joanne, The world is, indeed, melting for those who believe in and create such a negative world for themselves. They have not learned to see beyond the surface, the ego, see beyond the pre-packaged reality those who think they’re in charge want their followers to see and believe.

Keep reinforcing to yourself, especially in dream request suggestion, that you live in a safe universe and that no harm can possible come to you because you know better. You trust in the inner self, that wellspring of wisdom that has seen you through thick and thin so far and it is fully capable of continuing along with your help. Your personal guides, physical and non-physical are available…ron


I think out of everything, this is the hardest to swallow, especially since we have information regarding weather. We had weather during the days of the dinosaurs, did their emotions change weather patterns too?.

The only way I can square it is by saying that yes, the earth has a natural weather system that has nothing to do with humans, but like any system, it can be changed or effected, in this case, by our emotions. Kind of like Storm from the X-Men. She can change, influence or manifest natural occurring phenomenon, but left alone, the weather patterns return to their normal activity.


You bring up a few good points, Byron. I know Seth says when spontaneity does its thing in terms of earth consciousness, it produces the seasons and the weather, the clouds, the landscapes, etc. But, I know he says somewhere we(humans) have the ability to be conscious weather producers. I don’t think the dinosaurs had this ability.

I think it also boils down to whether you see phenomena as internally or externally generated. I strongly believe it is all internally generated, Matter comes from mind, period! Or it doesn’t, period! There is no in between!


Consider the immensity of the psychological realm within which we exist. Time is simultaneous. Every moment expanding outward. The weather and planet is in fact a part of the creation we are all involved in :sunny:


Yes, Mike, and you don’t ask a baby to paint a room or do something else you know it can’t do. But, we who know better, and who are gaining more understanding of how our consciousness works, surely we can take on this realm, albeit in small steps. I know that is what I want to do!

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Byron, In a spiritual, psychic manner and in very practical terms, the earth is a living, breathing organism, self-aware of every singe atom and molecule…ron


Good one Ron!!! :smile:

If you want to help the world
Improve your little corner of it :smile:

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Seth will not cut your grass for you, however, he will show you where the weeds grow…ron


Id like to pose a series of questions: With the amount of emotional energy twirling around in the middle east, why dont they have more turbulent weather? Or is that energy being burned off in violence. Are there frequencies of emotional energy, and if so, do those energies have to reach a certain frequency in order to change weather?

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Byron, That particular part of the world was, at one time, ancient times, a lush, tropical place. Atlantis comes to mind and before. The world constantly changes as the poles and magnetic vibes shift, and with it, consciousness shifts on a grand, almost infathomable scale.

The so-called turblance is manifested within and expressed on a conscious level not actually as climatic involvement in that case and in that part of the world. Those pedrsonalities are working out beliefs and the ramifications and spiritual and physical ramifications of those beliefs. Major lessons are being learned as event dramas are being played out.

There are personalities emerging in human garb for the very first time in that region, as wellas in Africa, and many are energy-use-challenged as far as learning to use their energy in peaceful ways. They are learning human expression at an early stage. They have a long way to go. They will eventually progress and will learn not to kill, not to violate. Their guides have their hands really full now.


I agree with Ron about the middle east. The beings who incarnate at the particular place know what the general climate is, and the conditions of living. They don’t all have to be newbies, they can be souls who are stuck in the destruction/revenge cycle, and that corner of the world gives them a great chance to express their personal dramas. I also happen to think hellish heat is kinda right as a local weather expression.

The culture that fascinates me most weather/earth wise is Japan. Their culture values politeness to the nth degree, and no direct expression of aggression is tolerated. And, they have this backdrop of extreme earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoes, all of the raging variety.

The weather fits the locals. Lessons are learned, easily or with great difficulty. Consciousness develops. Even humans, who can absolutely stay stuck for the longest time, eventually get it and get on with it!

Said with background of heavy rain, a real nor’easter going on! My lights are on, and I’m home!


I think Seth also mentioned a vortex being in that area and it also being responsible for religions popping up in that area in the world. I’m not sure I want to label them as being stuck in a destruction/revenge cycle though because I dont think that development happens evenly, ie one life after another, getting better and better. This is where simultaneous time trips me up because how can an entity pop up a life to make up for lessons not learned in another life if all lives are happening at the same time? But that’s another topic. :smile:

I do agree with you; consciousness takes advantage of whatever it can in order to grow.

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Byron, it is my understanding that while an entity is committed to the space-time system, it does experience things in a sequential manner, that is how our brains perceive reality, and even when we are in the afterdeath environment, my understanding is that action still appears sequential, although differently from this plane. So, technically, even though it happens all at once, perception can’t take it all in at once. Consciousness grows by being able to transform greater and greater amounts of energy into something it values. And, all consciousness is predisposed towards growth, and seeks the avenues of greatest fulfillment.

I just had a dream last night of being in a situation I judged to be “impossible”, 2 parents working full time, 2 year old child that I knew had cerebral palsy, and another child on the way. I wanted to tell the parents, let them know their child was neurologically impaired, but the mother would not listen to me for anything. Had a feeling of hopelessness to the situation.

The first thing I read this am, on an index card by my bed was this:

“The magical approach takes it for granted in the simplest terms, that the life of any individual will fulfill itself, will develop and mature, that the environment and the individual are uniquely suited and work together. This sounds very simple. In verbal terms, those are the beliefs of each cell. They are imprinted on each chromosome, in each atom. They provide a built-in faith that pervades each living creature, each snail, each hair on your head. Those ingrained beliefs are, of course, biologically pertinent, providing the impetus for growth and development.” DEV1

I know I was trained by parents, peers and society in general to think very differently than the magical approach above, to rely on rational reasoning, even within myself, as my primary way of thinking. It is what I’m perpetually trying to unlearn. But, I feed my intellect with new information, and slowly, it’s getting new messages and experiences!


What a great quote!! It would make an excellent core belief because in order for it to be true you’d have to believe in alot of other very positive things. As a game, would you care to pick out all of the other beliefs you would have to believe in order to make that statement true? :smile: