How to get guidance from my entity

Is it possible to get guidance from a higher being? I’m working on my intuition, but is there a way to sort of have a one-on-one conversation with my entity or at least any non-physical being that would know the answers? (Could be in dreams too but I want non-symbolic dreams.) Otherwise, i’m likely to take the insights with a grain of salt, so I would appreciate it if Seth mentioned anything about it. Thank you for your time.

Jane and Rob started with a pendulum and a ouija board, and in time, they established a better connection through Jane’s subconscious. It is described in TES1, and in other books.

There are many exercises that Seth recommends, in his material, meant to improve your connections with your inner reality, for example the “psychological time” exercise.

I believe that you should always take all your perceptions with a grain of salt because you filter everything through your beliefs. For example: the Seth material. Everybody who reads it understands it according to their own beliefs. Even Jane and Rob did so. To minimize distortions, to some degree, you have to keep this in mind, always.

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I’m reading about it and will be trying it. I guess I wanted a sort of guide, a consciousness that knows more than me and I could have a conversation with. Instead of having to piece together the meaning of things, but yes, I agree that it still be subjective and not objective reality. Anyway, thank you for your time.

There is a “Compilation of Exercises by Seth and Jane Robertsi” that might be of interest to you, that can be found for free read / download in several places.

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Thank you. I do have it already, but last time I checked, I couldn’t find anything fitting for my current situation other than the feeling tone exercise, which felt grounding, but that’s all. I probably should have persisted in it now that I think of it. I will be working on strengthening my connection with my inner reality using psych time for the time being.

Not that there is anything wrong with following the written guidance, its a great place to start. But also, there is never a bad time to just jump in and go for it. What I did was after reading “Conversations With God,” it occurred to me that communication with ones higher spirit was easier than history, especially religious history, would have us believe. Start by meditation. Once you can comfortably sit, with a quiet mind, you will find that you are in the listening or receiving mode. Before the meditation write down on a piece of paper, a question or a topic you would like clarity on. Just one at a time. Then once your mind is in that quiet meditation place, you will begin to see solutions or a solution, an answer will pop into your head. New information and insight. Information, answers and insight you didn’t have before. Key is listening. Approach with intention of contacting your higher self. You will recognize the voice of truth when you hear it. Your higher power is never petty or larcinous, unkind or mean. You will feel like you are in the presence of love, peace, kindness and wisdom. Trust yourself to know the difference.

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I appreciate the insight; I will try it. So far, I have actually believed that I would get my answers one way or another and coincidentally started meditating again after a long time; perhaps this was the reminder I needed. The book “Conversations With God” peaked my interest, as I have been meaning to read, learn, and apply more from different perspectives. Would you recommend the book?

“Conversations With God” was interesting on a few levels. It was a quick read, and caused me to realize that anyone could do this, consciously connect with conversation to ones higher self or power or spirit guides. For me it felt like I was jacking in to universal truth and knowledge. But with the caveat that it will speak your language. It will speak to you, with your belief system. I also noticed that the more you converse in this meditative state, the more fluid the conversation becomes. I went through this alone, before there was so much content of this sort on the internet. It would have been helpful to have had others to share the experience with. So you are lucky in that respect. Back to the book, I thought the questions the author asked were not so interesting or spiritually challenging. My take away was the gift of realizing, if he can do this, anyone can, I can … you can.

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